Tuesday, September 30, 2008 | 15:14
usurper of my reality
One of the reasons for my very long overdue update posting, is because of the advent of the return of the many, many shows after the very, very long hiatus. I miss them all. You name it, I probably am downloading them right now.

My two new favourite shows are 'Greek' and 'Entourage', which both are awesome in their own rights. But more importantly, it is the return of 'Gossip Girl' (XOXO!), 'Heroes' (Milo!), the CSI franchises (Grissom!), 'House' (Hugh Laurie!), and 'Supernatural' (El Deano and Darling Sammy!) that have me reeling from excitement and being all preoccupied by the too many shows bombarding me almost every day of the week now. Who doesn't love some drama, comedy, and scary sci fi looking stuff every week now, eh? TV is looking good this season around. There are other shows that I am keeping up to date with, like 'Prison Break', 'Monk', and 'Dexter'. And then some.

Anyways, things are floating around. Happenings, goings-on and stuff. I'm much too lazy and tired to recap them from the deep recesses of my brian brain so I'm just going to extol some shallow fangirling type writing to keep things light since I've already started the ball rolling about my fave shows this season.

OMFG GG XOXO!! I love, love the second season of 'Gossip Girl'! How much do you love their clothes, their cattiness and the sheer awesomeness that is GG? It's so over the top but you can't help but salivate over the insaneness and suck up all the craziness of it all. Half the things that they do don't even fathom in reality simply because underage kids for example can't just get a drink in a bar so easily in NYC. I don't care how rich they are, you just can't do that! In any case, then there's also the lavishness of their clothes, bags, heels, and hair which don't make any sense in a private school no matter how lax the dress code is. But I guess a girl has to make do with what little leeway that they can get out of making their uniform as slutty perverted individual as they are able to without being told to go home and change. And that without even mentioning yet the mad dramaness that these kids go through on a daily basis, from slutty blackmailing MILFs, an evil genius plotting a Queen Bee overthrow, and playing truant with fashion houses to sleeping around with toy boys and a stepson.

Dun dun dun, then there's 'Heroes'. The first episode of the new season doesn't seem to be as suspenseful and tight as they could have made it but nevertheless I am still going to be watching the show as closely as I can, only because of the hotness that is Milo and Weevil from 'Veronica Mars' making an appearance. Wee!

And of course, not forgetting my other love child, 'Supernatural'. God, it's been way too long Dean and Sam. You can't put down a Winchester kid for too long before an angel comes and pluck them out of the burning inferno down there. I can't believe it's taken them four seasons to finally come around to dealing with the concept of angels and God and the Devil. I can't wait for the supposed Apocalypse to come at the end of the season and see what happens to the kiddos and the world.

Okay, I think I've rattled off for way too long already. Time to get back to sucky reality where the pretty clothes are way too expensive, I don't get to fight evil bad guys who cut off the top of your head to look into your brain or black smoky demons who inhabit innocent peoples' bodies, and I don't live in West Hollywood or NYC to check out the fancy schmancy celebs at the local Coffee Bean or hip Greenwich Village.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008 | 19:23
voyeuristic living
So most people in the known Christian world would probably already heard of this story being repeated and told all over by now. If you don't know, just google 'Michael Guglielmucci' to find out more. But to just recap a bit, I pretty much speak for most of us that we are all just disappointed, angry and pissed off that such a thing like this could happen.

Me personally, it's just a huge disappointment. It amazes me how anyone, no less a leader of a huge Christian church, could do such a thing to supposedly fool his family and everyone around him that he was suffering from cancer but just a few days ago confessed that it was all a ruse.

This is one of those things that is going to be talked about for years to come now. Non-churched people will have smugs on their faces and I don't blame them. If I was on the other side of the fence, I would probably be laughing and mocking the God followers for their faith and where it has got them so far. This only allows for more shaky ground to develop that Christian people are all money suckers and nothing more. People of this faith will have their foundation rocked and questioned as to why and how someone like Michael would even orchestrate such a thing like this.

Guglielmucci was the one who composed and wrote the song "Healer" in his "time of dying" which is really a great and inspirational song. I think it is an awesome song, no doubt, but I don't think this song is going to be played during future services for a while now as it's going to be akin to opening up fresh and old healing wounds. I don't think I can listen to this song with the same feeling and emotions as previously but with time I believe that we can take away from the song with a positive message and not feel like such a jackass because of what's happening to the song writer.

According to the news around, most churches all over Australia will be reading Michael's statement regarding the hoax he's played everyone for almost two years now. I really don't know what to make of all of this yet but hopefully the aftermath of this won't be as bad as I feel it's going to be.

I feel sorry for him and his family who has to go through all of this so personally and being scrutinised now for every move they're going to make regarding the handling of this circus act. I can only think that what with Michael being put on the pedestal because he is a leader and because he wrote such an inspirational song, the crucifying of him will be most brutal and painful in the worst possible way. I can only empathise for his current situation and yes, I will be praying that he gets help, which he is supposingly doing, and that this does not affect the Christian faith too much as it is already. It will take time to heal from this as it feels almost like being told that the next Harry Potter film won't be coming out this year. Oh, wait, that's already been done. Damn it. Okay, maybe more like being told Christmas is not coming this year, except about ten times more hurtful.

Posting this video of 'Healer' is not a spiteful thing but more like a healing process. I don't want to associate this song with Michael's fake cancer but more with the powerful message within it that it is supposed to be and hopefully will be for future years to come.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008 | 10:30
outside in looking glass
When was the last time I actually talked about anything else that didn't involve the topic of me, myself and I? I mean well, since this is my blog, I suppose it's natural and a given that the main subject of this blog would be ME. I don't even like talking about myself outside of this blog with friends, family or a stranger. But here, I can blab on and on about anything and almost everything that involves myself in it even though someone might get hurt from reading this. Not that I've intentionally wanted to hurt anyone with my writing which I really hope I did not and will not do at all.

Anyways, the point is, I guess I'm just tired and bored of simply replaying my life in slow motion and put in writing when some remotely interesting and sometimes exciting event happens in my life. I want to return to my previous life of blogging where I can simply talk freely about anything and everything that didn't necessarily involve ME in the picture. It is definitely a hard thing to do and keep up, I can witness to that, but it's worth a try, eh?

Last night's prayer and worship meeting at my local church was a good one. For the special reason that it was the last meeting of the course thing that I have been attending weekly since four weeks ago. It recapped all the things we have learned and applied to our lives of what worship really is, was, and should be. I guess I still have a lot to learn about attempting to live a (w)ho(l)ly virtuous life. It's definitely a learning and ongoing process even for the senior pastor who's half a century old already but still look about ten years younger than other people his age.

It definitely can be stressing and awkward to explain to people of why I go to church, why I serve in church, and what I do for the life of the church so willingly even when I really don't have to. I try to keep it simple that I just figured that I could help out in some area of it and along the way make some cool new friends whom I would never have had the pleasure of talking to if I just simply attended Sunday morning service every week like it was a ritualistic event. It's a very organic experience, if you want to put it that way, as in that you grow as the people and the church grows.

It's taken a long time to get to this point in my life where I can comfortably say that I follow God and not a religion. To understand that it is not Christianity, the religion, that I subscribe to, but it is about having a relationship with God that is what we all strive for. Identifying oneself as a Christian is a straightforward and nonsensical way of telling others the fact that you have a relationship with Him and that you can then explain to people that way. Frankly, there are Christians out there that terrify the hell out of me with their ritualistic, superiority attitude and condemnation of everyone who doesn't read the bible.

I confess that I was one of those lacklustre followers of God that didn't attend church or read the bible but would admit that I was a Christian albeit not a very good one if someone should ask. There would be that moment of hesitation to explain why I didn't attend service regularly and of why I was one even. In all honesty, I didn't understand it myself either and I would just go along with it that I was born into a Christian family but that we just weren't very strong in maintaining that relationship with Him. It doesn't mean that we lost our faith, it's just that we the spectating Christians who look and listen but do not do.

Alright, see how this has become another boring post of ME. Pfft. Maybe I just can't ever escape this cycle. It is MY blog and if I actually started writing about other people and stories and events, it will just turn itself on me about what I think and I should do about it. It's oxymoronic that I should even want to attempt to do anything but write about what I know because that is all I know and should write about.

With that said, my life of course doesn't revolve around the church. I do do other things and meet other people and want to explore new things every day. Attempting to strengthen possible future relationships and obtaining new skills are the only vague outlook of my life that I can share right now. So run off and do something unorthodox in your life now and maybe you might discover some sort of revelation that you never thought even existed.
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Monday, July 28, 2008 | 11:26
darkly daring drama
I would assume that most people would have gone out and watch this little movie called 'The Dark Knight' by now already. Like so many others, there would be millions of blog posts out there discussing the movie, its thought provoking struggles, the actors' performances, and the direction of the film. I might or might not talk about them here. There will be spoilers throughout so take heed. Or not.

One of my favourite scenes in the whole movie was actually the "disappearing pencil trick" scene that the Joker did in the beginning of the movie. I almost let out a tiny shriek but managed to keep it in for the sake of the packed theater. It was definitely one of those moments where you don't know whether to laugh or cry or scream, so you nervously snicker and smile but think at the back of your head that that was just so disturbing you actually laughed. From that moment on, you knew that TDK was not going to be just another Batman movie. It's not even just another superhero film. I can sing all the praises in the world for this movie but I think the rest of the world has already done that. It goes beyond of what you would expect from a superhero movie and creates another class of it that enters the epic and classic and reinvents our usual perception of the loud, blasse, empty, and air popped popcorn filled categories of superhero films. I definitely want to watch it again in an IMAX theater to savour the whole experience again.

I loved almost every moment in the movie. Except for those with the Rachel character in them. I actually found out that she was going to die before I watched the movie so I didn't really care and I still don't. She was a waste of script and film eating into the other main characters' screen time. I never knew what to expect from every scene to the next which kept me excited, intrigued, and riveted throughout most of the time. I say most of the time, because at two and a half hours, I think it might have been a little too drawn out and could have cut down a bit more of the melodrama played out specifically by the Rachel person. I may be biased but I really did not enjoy those Rachel moments at all. All I was there for was Christian Bale, Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart, whom were all awesome in their own way. Christian looked hot as usual, both in and out of the Bat suit and subtly brilliant, Heath owned the Joker and became the Joker that that was not even Heath anymore but the Joker, and Aaron was wonderful in orchestrating the degeneration of Dent to Two Face seamlessly. Gary Oldman also deserves praise for playing a great character so well. He is Jim Gordon and I can't see anyone else be Gordon anymore in possible future Batman movies. It was quite creepy to watch Heath Ledger's last performance on screen with him being not in this world anymore and I can definitely understand why so many have loved him and really Heath made TDK. Heath made every scene he was in his, and delivered on such promise that it's a crying shame that we cannot see him anymore except on screen.

The story was told really well that it was not bogged down by the craziness of the Joker's antics or the insane goings-on with the Batman trying to keep the city together while it's tearing itself apart with crime. The action sequences were really quite awesome and amazingly well executed. The Nolan team totally reinvented the Batman movies and created two movies worthy of being the equivalent of what the comics and animated shows have portrayed Batman to be so far. Dark, moody, dangerous, and simply stunning all the way. I would love to watch a third movie be realized but the question of whether the Joker will return is so up in the air, it's scary. The ending left open a good storyline to take place next so that would be very interesting as to who the villain would be to terrorise Batman next. There's really no one that could take Ledger's performance and improve anymore on that. It's totally unfathomable to me. But that's just me. As long as the Nolan team are in the next Batman movie, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.
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