Sunday, December 12, 2004 | 19:16
shopaholics unite
I like to think myself as one but unfortunately I don't have the cash or credit to be one. Me mom, brother (Joshua) and I left for KLCC at around 10.30 am and reached about 11 am. Took us long enough even though there was no jam leading to the complex.
Anyways, I think I had a good run since I returned with a pair of darling earrings with 40% discount for Isetan card members, which I fell in love with the moment I saw it, a maroon suede jacket from Diesel (20% off and oh so soft) and a formal looking button-down and collared pinkish, purplish and white, striped top from Isetan. I'm happy. Can't remember the last time I shopped so happily like this.
For lunch, we stopped at the food court. I got myself a crepe from this joint called Robert Harris's or something like that. Inside was tuna filling with chilli sauce. Yum! I was so tempted to get a super sandwich or a delish baked potato with sour cream and bacon bits on top but I wasn't feeling that greedy today. The baked potato was just begging to be eaten!
We went back after that escapade and of all things, get stuck in this massive traffic jam leading away from KLCC. It was bumper to bumper for a full 20 minutes or more maybe. Joshua and I kept dozing off in the car while my mom kept cursing and scolding the construction people, who were doing some work on the roads, for not finishing it sooner so that we all wouldn't have to waste our time sitting in the car listening to crappy radio music when I can be at home in less than 15 minutes if not for the jam watching movies or catching up on my reading. I'm so pissed now. Jams put me in a crabby mood. I feel sorry for all those KL-ites who have to take that road everyday to work. Thank goodness for the LRT. We should've taken it today instead of drive to KL.
If I somehow ended up studying at ATC Kemayan, located along Petaling Street, I'll never, ever drive even if you wanted to pay me to. That's how horrible driving a car in KL is. Let's all support public transportation! LRT! LRT! It really amazes me how some people can tolerate all that driving.
Nothing more can be said, I suppose. I had a good shopping day off and next week I'm gonna tackle the Mont Kiara flea market and maybe Cat's Whiskers if my mom can stand up for it. I need some new pants because some of mine seem to be a little loose around the waist. I hope that means I've lost weight and not that my pants have become worn out. Ooh, two more days till the LOTR: ROTK DVD is in my hands!

*hums the Happy Tree Friends theme song*

I'm still kinda stuffed from eating that crepe thingy. Maybe I'll just skip dinner tonight or have something really light. Like waffles! But without the ice-cream.
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