Monday, January 31, 2005 | 01:05
carrey's nightmare
Ooh wee, one more week of classes and lectures and tutorials before another week of non-attending classes befalls me. I love holidays. Especially those where I don't do much or sometimes nothing at all.

My weekend was pretty bland with non-exciting stuff happening. The family actually went out shopping two straight days in a row. Saturday at 1Utama and today at KLCC. It's a record for nothing like this has ever happened before. If we go out it's usually just me and my mom and that's probably only once a month or less than that. Wow. And all this after just one week at HELP. I'm shopping again. I hate this habit of mine.
Report on weekend purchases. I somehow persuaded my mom to get me that British India bag in the end. It's sitting prettily on my bed right now because it's my new love in my life. At least till next week. One of the main reasons I probably got it in the end was because my dad was shopping with us yesterday. I sound like a rich brat now but whenever my dad goes shopping with us or me we usually can get what we want on our never ending shopping lists. Like every other man or father, he goes into one shop and buys almost his entire wardrobe for the next six months or so. Seeing as how generous he was being at that time, I immediately took my golden opportunity to sneakily ask him if I could procure that elusive bag. My mom was pretty reluctant at first but I told her that instead of getting me some expensive jewelry which I'll probably not want to wear till I'm 30, I'll readily accept the bag as my early birthday present. It was my moment of triumph. I could almost hear the bells tolling away signalling my victory. No more bags for the rest of the year for me. But I don't mind. Not at all.

Today's shopping endeavour was quite the same as the day before. My dad and brothers bought out almost the entire Lee's and Levi's stores from Isetan while for one brief moment I felt totally incompetent as a shopping person as I ought to be. Well, I did get a brand new top from Top Shop today (30% off) but compared with my younger brothers and dad, it seems rather paltry. My shopping mood seems to be wearing off. Or maybe it's just the size and weight of my purse that's dropped considerably.

Jim Carrey has just become my favourite actor of the moment. He was the guest on the Oprah show tonight and coincidentally HBO was showing "Bruce Almighty" at the same time. Very weird. Anyway, I started reminiscing again about all those Jim Carrey movies that I watched years ago. The following are just some of the notables.

1. Liar Liar - The first time I watched it was God knows how long ago. I just remember being so entertained and laughing myself silly and having my stomach in stitches and aching all through the night. Very classic Jim Carrey movie.

2. The Cable Guy - I love this one too. Very creepy and black comedy type but I still enjoyed it. Jack Black, Matthew Broderick, and Owen Wilson were all great in this too. Another classic Carrey film.

3. Me, Myself and Irene - This was the first movie I remember watching Jim Carrey stare in. Hilarious as usual but sweet at the same time. Love this for its witty script.

4. The Mask - Some people may see this as a stupid show but I really thought it was quite original in a sense not unlike to that Roger Rabbit movie. It's got that funny yet perverse cartoonish vibe going on and yet it feels strangely related to real life.

5. Batman Forever - I know he's not the real star here but who really remembers the rest. Carrey as the Riddler was great. His green suit was mesmerizing. Though very tacky as all supers' and villains' outfits are.

6. The Truman Show - Definitely an original in itself. I loved the ending. This is probably the best "reality" based show I've ever watched.

7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Not his best film ever but I applaud his portrayal as the Grinch and his ability to actually don that furry outfit. Looks very painful.

I think I seemed to have listed down most of my fave Jim Carrey movies unintentionally. I need to include "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and, though I haven't seen it yet but I will, I'm sure "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" will be just as good as well. The former was not Carrey's most hilarious work but nevertheless still great. He can definitely play dramatic and funny roles as demonstrated in this film. The latter one is based on that books series which I will not tell here as most will already know by now. I'm just really curious to know what's it all about since I have nary a chance to read that series which I heard has 13 books in all. Yikes. Imagine all the money I'll have to spend to get those hard cover books.

Tomorrow is yet another gruelling day of lectures and my first tutorial to attend at 8.30 am. I need to sleep soon. Gosh, I'm being generous with the links today, aren't I. I think I'll go read my books now.
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Saturday, January 29, 2005 | 01:18
crepes on ice
I seem to have slumped back into my boring routine of sleep, exercise, eating, bumming in front of the TV and of course the occasional photo whoring that every one of us have to go through in one time of our lives.

I didn't really do much photo whoring today but I just wanted to point that out that it's human nature to want to snap photos as much as you can before you don't want to be in front of the lens anymore. Personally, I hated taking photos when I was younger. I avoided the dreaded lens and photographer person like the plague or in this case like a viral infected diseased monster. But now, I've transformed into this crazy and obsessed photo snapping person. I remind myself constantly of those Japanese girls who go all "kawaii" and do that peace sign, or "V" sign as some might call it, whenever a camera's nearby so that I don't go all over board and stuff.

I became a temporary chef today whipping up this crepe as you see below. It was a spur of the moment thing where I felt so desperately bored that I had to do something besides watching the TV that I reached for the flour, eggs, milk and mixing bowl to finally creating this. Not very nice looking but nonetheless it tasted alright for someone like me with mediocre cooking skills. It tasted rather bland to me but when spreaded on with peanut butter, it's good to be consumed by even me and my brother.
I could even market these out at some pasar malam if I put more work into it. Though his response was somewhat different. He said it tasted like roti canai. Right. Well, I admit it does look like roti canai now but does not taste like the oily stuff. Which I so happened to have been guilty of eating the aforementioned oily stuff before at least once a month.

It's not of the best quality photo that I could've taken since this was snapped using my handphone. I was just too lazy to get my real camera from my drawer at that time.

I didn't have any lectures going on today as I've mentioned in a post before that I don't have any on Fridays. Woot! It was back to my usual routine since I don't have any text books with me to read or peruse through for the tutorial on Monday. We were supposed to get something through logging on to the HELP MyPride website but I received no less than a few notices and outdated assignments from as far back as 2003. Ah, well. I'm sure my other classmates probably don't have internet access or haven't even registered for their MyPride thing yet so no worries. I can't believe I'm still enjoying myself like it's the holidays. I think the expectation of CNY to come is creeping up on me. Yikes.

I was actually thinking really hard and pondering thoroughly about something today. I haven't done that in a long time. Not since the SAM finals as least. I was wondering about whether I should have a birthday party. Ever since L suggested the idea on Thursday, I must say that I am rather piqued about celebrating my 19th in good old grand fashion. Usually, it'll just involve the family and relatives since my b'day will fall somewhere along the CNY holidays and my friends will be out of town and out of reach. So, yeah. Birthday bash. I was thinking about just having a few friends over and going out for a night on the town or in this exception, Kuala Lumpur or Bangsar. I just realised that I've never really hung out in KL and experienced it as a KL-lite should. Heck, I've been out late in Orchard Road in Singapore a few times already but I've never officially done it in KL. I feel so out of place with the world right now.
The plan would be to book a hotel room or suite in the middle of Bangsar or KL and then just having fun on a Saturday night (preferably since this is when all the action and everything supposingly happens) starting with a sumptious and classy dinner at some swank restaurant, followed by hopping around the city ala "Sex and the City" style and topping it off with "clubbing" and then finished with late night supper or a drink back at the hotel before bumming out on hotel sheets till the wee hours of the morning.
I'm feeling kind of ambitious. Though I have no fortune telling powers to peer into the future to see if this actually works out as well as I imagined, it is an okay plan, I should think. Hopefully half of the things will happen according to my wonderful scheme of a girl's night out.

Alright, I'm done fantasising about my "birthday bash". Back to reality. I've got nothing to do after this so I'm going to continue reading Chronicles of Narnia until I fall asleep between the pages and drift off into dreamworld.
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Friday, January 28, 2005 | 01:24
goodbyes and beginnings
Apologies for the non-blogging yesterday. It was due to excessive being-out-of-the-house from 9 am till 11 pm. Well, I did return home for an hour just for a quick freshen up session but I was out of the house again in due time. So, when I got home all I wanted to do was fall to my bed in my soft pjs and drift off to slumberland.

To recap my day yesterday, it was basically lectures the whole morning till later afternoon. I must say that I am getting rather used to this whole shuttle bus business minus the hot and stuffy air and sometimes crowds of students for lack of space. In due time, I hope to ride those other red buses which look like that they would have proper air-conditioning, even if the ride is a short one.

After that, I shot straight back home to take a quick shower and change out of my sticky clothes to meet up with my high school mates. It was Lik Yang's farewell party/gathering as he was leaving for Adelaide, Australia soon. Before the dinner, we watched "National Treasure" on screen. It was not a bad film actually. I thought it was going to be all cheesy and corny stuff but it was pure entertainment that even the most dim witted of people could understand. I'm just surprised that Nicolas Cage is doing an action-adventure film. I thought he was more of those serious actors along the lines of Sean Penn and Denzel Washington and Tim Robbins. Looks like I was mistaken.

So, then, the after movie dinner was fun as well at TGIF. A grand total of ten of us were there to wish the guy a safe trip over the sea into the distant beyond. Well, not so beyond, but still rather far away from Malaysia. I really liked the TGIF's mustard dipping, which didn't really didn't taste like mustard but more like it had a hint of mayo in it. I should try concocting the special sauce myself one day. Anyways, dinner was delightful. It ended on a rather emotional and touching note with each and every one of us having to give a toast to Lik Yang by saying a farewell message. And, yes, I shall never forget of those embarrassing drawings of me during the early high school years. So, yeah, it was quite a memorable night to recall by when one is feeling slightly nostalgic.

Sigh. How one wishes for those yesteryears of frolic and fun without (almost) a care in the world.

Ah, third day of lectures and I had only one today. Accounting with Mr. Gooi. I realised that I've been doing Accounting for five years, 2005 being my fifth one, already. I was introduced to the wonderful world of Accounting in Form Three, but that year was a shameful one where I had nary a smite of interest in balancing accounts and all that stuff which I later learned in greater detail in later years. I know of some who abhor this subject to the bone and wish that it was altogether banned from this world. The lecture today was basically a recap of everything I've learned since my brain was exposed to this meticulous and calculative world of numbers and theories. The time was pretty much spent on idle chit-chat with the people sitting beside me. I have to say that talking with (let's call this person L because I don't want to invade on or insult other people's privacy or feelings) L was quite intellectually stimulating, who coincidentally was sitting right beside me. I never knew L to be a fun and interesting person to chat with. Making fun of adults and small insignificant things is always amusing and sweets for the mind.

Now this is where today's ranting really begins.
I've decided on something already. Reality shows are the bane of all things that make television so great. Well, it was never so great before but now the standard of prime time watching has really gone down the drain and into the sewer. They infest in the deepest, darkest and most rank places in the world to come popping out of the idiot box to feed on our minds to turn them into putty. Or something like rotten mashed potatoes. Though there are some exceptions to this stereotype like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Amazing Race, and America's Next Top Model, they usually suck the living essence from you like a sponge so that your ability to think straight is wittled down to nothing. The atrocious ones are just too difficult for me to begin to express my loathing for them. I blame Survivor for this epidemic.

My posts always seem to drag on forever. I can't help that I prefer bragging and ranting my opinions in writing than I do vocally. It's just so much easier to lie about something on paper or in this case keyboard than it is to do it to someone in the face. Not that I've ever lied about anything big before. Of course not.

I seem to have indulged in a slew of cartoons these few days despite being all ranty and spiteful of having to go to college and stuff. The following are just the few shows I've been watching shamelessly for the past few days/weeks.

1. Codename: Kids Next Door - I just really like this show. I started watching this just last week and I got hooked on the kids' weirded out perception of the world around them. I sometimes feel like them. Number 3 is funny and I like her extra longish sleeves.

2. Teen Titans - Think OC/Gilmore Girls/One Tree Hill meet Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman type of show. What I found most appealing about this show is its use of anime-esque traits such as the ever so famous big sweat drop and veins popping out of one's head. The changes in their facial expressions just make for some funny moments especially when they go all anime-eyed, as in big eyed.

3. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy - Well, this is quite an old show actually but I've just learned to appreciate its almost gothic and macabre look and jokes. The trio work so well together it'd be hard to imagine them being separable. Mandy's snide remarks and sarcasm make for some cool food for thought.

4. Foster's Home For Imaginery Friends - This show I just adore. If not for its colourful backdrop and excitingly crazy characters the whole concept would've just fell flat on its face. The theme song is cute and fun all the same but not too annoying that you'd want to smash the TV with a sledge hammer every time it comes on.

Sometimes I really wish I could turn back the clock and go back to when I was ten and just relish all these cartoons in its techni colour glory. Back then we only had Transformers (though I do get nostalgic thinking of the show too sometimes), Thunder Cats, Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny to keep us happy and occupied. I'll just have to settle to being ridiculed and laughed at for the moment for as long as my child-like ten-year-old brain soaks up these brightly coloured and witty cartoons.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2005 | 00:00
educating misters and missus
Okay, first day of lectures and lecturers.
Accounting was the first lecture to be given on this morning. Mr. Gooi was the designated lecturer for the two hour session and he wasn't as boring as I thought he'd be. Though I was nodding off in the last half hour or so. It was practically the same things being reiterated today as they've all been, since I was 16 doing Form 4 and then 5 followed by SAM and now this. Hopefully, this third time around I won't have to suffer so much. By now, all that stuff being forced fed into my brain should be enough to churn out a good grade by the end of the year.

Next was a Marketing Principles lecture by Mr. Liew. He's definitely different from any lecturer or teacher that I've ever encountered before. For one, he's frank. That would be the word I'd use to sum him up in a single word. And he has this slightly off American accent thing. Maybe not even American but something very Western-ish about his voice and the way he talks. Marketing seems fairly interesting so I'm quite intrigued about this new subject.

Everything seems to be whizzing by so fast. Text books need to be bought, tutorials to be signed up for, and subjects to take up. I'm already quite steadfast and confirmed on the subjects that I plan to be doing this semester. The three are Accounting, Marketing Principles, and Microeconomics. Business Statistics seems rather bland to me so I'm thinking off skiving that off for next semester only. I might just do four next sem too if I find that the work load is not too bad. Then I can kind of relax a bit in my last and third sem with only two final subjects to complete rounding that off a total of nine subjects. I should enroll quite soon too as well. I have decided pretty much on what I'm doing this sem already. Procrastination is the key to mind sublimination. Right.

I'm having my first Microeconomics lecture tomorrow. I'm just hoping it won't bore me to half death. I love leaving after 9 am for 10 am classes. I get to skip all the hectic and massive jams that come with the morning rush hour. Hopefully most of my classes will be like that in future.

Let's see what else. Oh, I'm thinking of joining a club or editorial board. I just emailed an editorial committee team called A-Voice about five minutes ago. It seems rather, um, "small". I can't quite describe it actually. It seems that with every institute of education that I attend, these editorial boards seem to get smaller. The Nostalgia board that I worked with in Form 5 was the biggest I've been with so far. Not that I'm being all proud or anything. Just stating a fact. I could be wrong about this A-Voice though. I just feel that I need to do something other than studying. I'd go mad if I didn't do anything else. Hoping that I won't need to do so much stuff at the same time too. Maybe writing an article in a few months or so. I'm a lazy writer. Learning a new language is quite out of my plans for the moment because it would mean more tuition money to be laid out and also getting to that centre would be quite a hassle. Though I still want to learn up the Japanese and French languages very much now. Maybe more than ever even. Le sigh.

I need help in reading my timetables. It's crazily set up and lectures are clashing with each other. I don't know what tutorials I'm supposed to attend to and I have yet to get my text books too. I think my lecturers are trying to intimidate us or something by threatening us with tutorials beginning as early as next Monday. I don't want to spend so much money on more books. But I've no clue on where to get second hand books. I hope the book store house cheaper or at least less expensive books for us poor students with shallow pockets.

Anyway, deviating away from the subject on college or uni life for now. I've started on the sixth book of the Chronicles of Narnia called "The Silver Chair". Err. That's it. Damn, my real life sucks.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2005 | 00:43
disoriented me
Sleep goes me. Orientation day was, in a word, exhausting. And since when did orientation become the time to disorientate people like me.

I felt like a dumb mule or sheep being herded around from 9 am to 4 pm today. It's been the longest I've ever been out and about, sat down on my arse for hours end, and listened to speeches and intros for what seemed forever.

Okay. What shall I start with? I'll try to retell the day in chronological order but maybe with some smatterings of oddities that happened then as well.

Reached HELP University College (as they're now called that too) at approximately 8.30 am. I could've reached there earlier if it had not been for busybodies Malaysians slowing down and peering to see the not-that-small car accident that happened on the road. I really don't understand the mentality and logic that most of us have. Maybe it's better if I try not to understand it at all or risk having my brain damaged as well and then turning into one of those mind numbing idiot drivers and road hogs.

In any case, reached there safely with lots of time to spare. I thought that there was going to be about only 20 students this year but apparently most of the "lost" ones were waiting idly at some other area instead of the designated lower foyer. Why don't people read instructions?
To cut things short, we were then ushered along our way to this theaterette at 9 am where briefings and all that formalities were to be held. Four of my ex-classmates from SAM apparently made the same choice as me and decided to come to HELP, whom were Huai Yi, Melissa, Susan, and Justin. It was nice catching up a bit with them and they changed quite a bit. Especially the crowning glory part. Also, Rui Chiang, an old school mate from the bygone days, turned up there as well. That was a bit of a surprise for me too as I thought that he was doing something more along the lines of science or bio thingy or something like that.

Thus, more yada yada yada and blah blah blah were forced down our throats and weary and lack of sleep eyes till 10.45 am. Sometimes these things can be a bore but then again, I'm quite surprised that HELP's staff was really very formal and punctual. The whole thing actually ended at 10.45 am as stated in black and white in out little orientation brochure. I remembered vaguely about there being clubs and societies and sports available at HELP. I'm actually thinking of joining one but then again, my ability to be so dedicated to a single club or society or sport has been pretty petty and unfulfilling. Maybe I should just stick to reading and picking up more books.

Next, was the grand tour of the main campus, which is a giant building of concrete and stone. Not exactly a proper university campus but I'm not complaining much. After the first five minutes of dragging our stubborn asses along the corridors and our tour guide (who incidentally happened to be the Biz Council's president as well) shouting over our voices about what was what and which was which, I lost track of almost everything he said the five minutes before. It's going to be another long year of getting to know the place better. And after getting nicely acquianted with Taylor's, another building is thrown at me. And HELP actually has a roomfull of high tech looking Apple computers with flat screen monitors and cool illuminating PCs. I don't think I'll ever be able to use them but seeing them just makes me want the iPod even more. More walking and more talking infused with errant lame jokes make a walking tour jolly and funner. I'm tired.

So, yeah. Where was I? After that, we boarded the shuttle bus to ferry us to the other two buildings where our classes and lectures and exams would be held at. One is called KPD and the other Wisma Perdana, or as they insisted on calling it, Wisma HELP. Apparently the main campus is just a building like a bridge of medium where we hang around for a bit till we get on the shuttle bus to our lectures at this other rather old and decrepit building. Okay, I'm exaggerating, not that decrepit. Though the stairs were dangerous as the railing had this big gaps between them where anyone could slip through it unknowingly. I didn't pay for all not getting to use the main building and instead being hauled away and tossing us to other out of the way buildings.
Oh, and did I mention that the main building has a student lounge too with Astro and foosball. I don't play foosball but at least there's Astro. Hee. One of the main things I like about the main building is that it's air-conned and stays cool all the time. It's one way of getting out of the hot and scorching sun.

It was another walking tour yet again (surprise, surprise) and this time my stomach was just grumbling and arguing all the way till 1 pm when we were served with free nasi lemak for lunch. Yum! Satiated and filled with sambal and rice, more "briefings" were held and this time it was more for real. There would be lectures starting tomorrow for the following two weeks till Chinese New Year. After CNY, then the tutorials and more lectures would begin officially. At least that's what it felt like to me. I'm still rather confused over the timetable that they've given us but at least there'll be friends to get confused with me as well. That I don't mind.

There's actually quite a lot of food places to stuff our faces into. And if HELP students just flash our ID cards, we can get dicounts off dine-in and take outs (certain ones only) at places like KFC, Subway, Starbucks, Rice Bowl, Pizza Hut, Dunkin' Donuts and more. Though the discounts only apply to the Pusat Bandar Damansara outlets only. But, it's still cool. I love these student priviledges. Though I'm more likely to get all paunchy and chubby by the end of the year if I keep eating at these places. Or maybe even broke. I think going broke is the more likely outcome.

To continue, ice-breaker games were played as well. There were trivia quizzes, charades and another one where you hit a person with a rolled up newspaper if they can't get your name right. That's the first game to kind of get the students to know each other better. Right.

Soon, it was time to go at 4 pm. And again, HELP is punctual. It actually ended at 4 pm as stated on the brochure. I like this punctuality thing too. Hopefully it'll stay like that permanently.

I haven't got my student ID yet but I did get exempted from taking horrible LAN classes this year. Muahaha! I only need to attend classes from Mondays to Thursdays now! Three day weekends sounds so good. Woot!

I think I'm going to take up only three subjects this first semester. I might just do four in my second semester but who really knows, right. Which would leave two more subjects to complete in the third semester. This is a totally different system of education that I'm being exposed to so if I'm being a total "jakun" at being new at this, please forgive me. I feel so adult. That translates to being old. Sigh.

Tomorrow, I have lectures starting at 10 am till 2 pm so I think I deserve a well rested sleep tonight. I've cut out some unimportant stuff from today's news but it's nothing really, since it's um . . . unimportant as in irrelevant.

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Sunday, January 23, 2005 | 02:36
uneventful meanderings
I've been kind of overeating for the past few meals. I feel extremely bloated and greedy at the same time. This cannot be good.

Nothing's much has been going on for the past few days. That's why my posts have been rather scant and not at all exciting as I'd like them to be. I'd like to slam my head on the keyboard now except that I don't want to destroy the keys.

Wonderings and ponderings. Well, at leat I know what I'm going to do tomorrow.
Let's see.
First, straighten my desk and get rid of all the junk that's been cluttered for weeks. Next, I think my wardrobe will need some sorting out as well. Um. Yeah. That's basically it. Oh and get ready for Monday.

Oh and Queer Eye is on soon. I don't have much else to report actually. I feel that this post has been a complete waste of my time and yours. Hopefully Monday will bring more news and better things to report on. Bye for now.
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Friday, January 21, 2005 | 01:19
i am an INTP
Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving.
If you're a blogger or just bored, which I were both, take this bloginality test. Takes less that five minutes to complete it and get your results. It's actually quite accurate and I think the last line of the description really suit me best as a blogger.

Pushing that aside, my rendezvous with playing around with flour, eggs, and fire was not as successful as I'd've hoped it would've turn out. My apom didn't come out as apom at all but more like pancakes. The batter was too hard and mushy and not at all more liquid as it should've been. I feel sad for letting all that good flour and eggs and baking powder and sugar and salt go to waste. Not to mention the cooking gas too. Maybe I should deviate to other less messy and adventurous culinary expeditions. Any takers or suggestions?

Anyways, I've been doing a bit of what you might call "soul searching" and through exploring some more of this INTP thing, I've discovered that it is freakishly true about who I am. But then again, some of descriptions are just way over the top that I can't believe that it's even remotely accurate lest even true at all.

"A relentless learner in areas that hold your might seem "lost in thought" to tend to connect unrelated would rather be the architect of a plan than the implementer of need a private, quiet workplace that allows for flexible independence... would rather organize ideas than people."

The above was an excerpt from this obscure website. I think that it is very true that I tend to let my mind wander into other worldly places. Me and my blurness.

This site probably has the most accurate description of me. I am a "truth seeker", "have very high standards for performance; which they apply to themselves", "independent and original, possibly eccentric", (um, not too sure about that eccentric part) "work best alone", "have no desire to lead or follow", and I at least like to think myself as "usually brilliant and ingenious" but we know very well it's otherwise.

I have no clue as to what this site was trying to tell me. I think it's somewhat like a physical description of me and how I perceive myself or other people to be. Something like that, I think.

I'm not too sure about this site though. Some points sound like really bogus while some of them describes me almost too accurately.

"INTPs live in the world of theoretical possibilities. They see everything in terms of how it could be improved, or what it could be turned into. They live primarily inside their own minds, having the ability to analyze difficult problems, identify patterns, and come up with logical explanations. They seek clarity in everything, and are therefore driven to build knowledge. They are the "absent-minded professors", who highly value intelligence and the ability to apply logic to theories to find solutions. They typically are so strongly driven to turn problems into logical explanations, that they live much of their lives within their own heads, and may not place as much importance or value on the external world. Their natural drive to turn theories into concrete understanding may turn into a feeling of personal responsibility to solve theoretical problems, and help society move towards a higher understanding."

"They may seem "dreamy" and distant to others, because they spend a lot of time inside their minds musing over theories. They hate to work on routine things - they would much prefer to build complex theoretical solutions, and leave the implementation of the system to others. They are intensely interested in theory, and will put forth tremendous amounts of time and energy into finding a solution to a problem with has piqued their interest."

The above quotation sort off sums me up almost as if I were made to be like that. It's kind of scary actually. The rest of it was too long to post here but take your time and precious moments to read more into who I really am if you want. I think I'm done with this "soul searching" quest for now. The following three links are additional INTP descriptions.

INTP Profile
INTP Relationships
Life as an INTP

Today has got to be the most times I've linked to any amount of websites in a single blog post. Phew. Anyways if you ever do decide to do that little quiz, post your results in the commentary section. I'd love to know what type you are and if you're really whom you're made out to be.
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Thursday, January 20, 2005 | 01:18
american bridget breaking her diet
I want to eat more beef curry! Specifically the mutton curry from this small nasi lemak store found at this pasar malam at Paramount, near Taman Bahagia. Gosh, I sound like a real glutton. Yum! The curry sauce is extremely addictive and it just makes me water thinking about it. I can eat it only about once a month, which is never enough, so just savouring and enjoying it is already a luxury for me. Mmm. Beef curry from nasi lemak store at Paramount pasar malam. *speaks ala Homer Simpson when he's daydreaming about food and whatnots*
There. I'm done with my obsessing over specific food items for today.
Oh yes, what I did today besides talking about food. Went to 1Utama to catch Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Wasn't too bad a movie. Quite funny moments in it, especially when Hugh Grant and Colin Firth were all fighting each other ala school kids kind of way. I really like Colin Firth now too. Of course Hugh Grant is cute as well, but Firth is growing onto me now. Another actor to make it into the list. So, yeah I think I'd give the movie a B+ for its cute story line and actors.
After that I thought of checking out the place where they do tattoos and piercings to enquire about that navel piercing thing that I was so hung up upon last month. Well, the price itself just sort of wore me down a little with that one piercing costing up to RM130. RM50 goes to the stud. Yikes. Not only will I hurt physically but my purse too. I guess I'll have to save up a lot more and at the same time get the courage to do it as well. Sigh. My talk about being all "rebellious" and all getting that piercing just went down the drain.
American Idol, fourth season, just started today. Mark McGrath was the first guest judge in the preliminary rounds. The usual singers or non-singers were on stage. Some were just truly bad while I thought that some of the rejects were actually not half bad. Ah well, the fickle minded judges and their decicions.
Gah! I hate these slow days. I mean, going out and breaking my rotten mould was good, but I think I'm still in this kind of stupor where I need to do something really drastic or out of my own shell. That is why I'm going back to 1U tomorrow (or maybe to Atria if I'm too lazy to drive all the way to BU) to get some food ingredients to make apom. That pancake thingy with either banana or corn fillings in them. I know I said I wouldn't touch flour for some time, but I can't stay away from getting my hands all dirty. I like the feel of grainy flour between my nails and sticky fingers. So, yeah. Grocery shopping for me tomorrow is the plan. I just hope it won't be too sticky or big of a mess before it's all over. And I just hope someone else besides myself will eat it this time.
I'm starting on the fifth book, "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader", of the Chronicles of Narnia tonight. So far, the books have not disappointed me. I can happily say that they're fast making up the way into my top ten list of favourite books. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for all things fantasy and magical.

Don't mind the boggling title of today too. There's no deeper or inner meaning to it so there's really no point in trying to decipher it. I just wanted to twist your minds into thinking that it has a more profound meaning to it. Looks like I failed with this footnote. Good night.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2005 | 01:30
chomping on some anecdotes and savouring anime reruns
My last week of spare time seem to be consisted of mostly lounging in front of the television while eating my breakfasts and lunches out of tupperwares and tiny plastic bags and also the occasional dreaming off into slumberland and reading the book of the moment, the Chronicles of Narnia.
Sigh. It's going to be a long week and weekend, I expect.
Monday seems so far away now. I can't believe that I'm actually longing for that dreaded day to come by my way. I never thought it would happen to me so fast and early but evidently it did.
Has anyone ever had pesto sauce with pasta? I did. For dinner. And it tasted not half bad actually. There's still some sourish tinge of it in my mouth still. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that.
Pertaining to news about my life now. Tomorrow's agenda will involve a movie about a woman named Bridget Jones and her diary. Well, second diary actually. And also thrown in will be two suave English gentlemen and maybe a bit of popcorn for some good movie watching fun. So, yeah, Sharon and I are going to meet up at the cinema to catch an early movie since all the other movies are kind of being shown at a later date and we can't make it for those times. I can't believe that the Phantom of the Opera has stopped being shown in the cinemas, well the 1Utama screens in any case, before I can get to watch it. Damn it. Damn those over-commercialised films that continuously shun and cast their dirty shadows over lesser known actors and actresses in rather good and worthy films. *Bleep* them. Poofy.
After that I'm kind of a free girl. But since I have no more extra cash to spend on meaningless items that I don't need (but want. Really, really want) I'll probably be heading back home to my books and television once again. What would I do without Astro and the DVD player and my collection of DVDs? Probably reading and rereading my old and worn out novels until my eyes pop out of my head.
Once again, Astro has managed to save me some money. How, you may ask? Well, for the tenth time, AXN is once again showing Rurouni Kenshin at 6 pm to 7 pm from Mondays to Fridays. This has then allowed me not to save up money to procure the ever elusive DVDs that I've been trying to obtain for several months now. So, instead of having to blow about RM200 or more on 2 sets of DVDs detailing the life and story of Himura Kenshin in classic and pure unadultered Japanese anime style, I can savour it all in through daily watchings on AXN every evening for the next few months. Yay for Astro once again.

I just reread the title of today's post and it makes no sense whatsoever. But I'm still retaining it for its weird and funny eccentricity that is my ability to make up nonsensical titles. Look me up for more unwitty and unfunny titles if ever you need any.

Kenshin in his manga-ish form glory.
Himura Battousai with the first elusive cut to his left cheek.
Young Kenshin who was once known as Shinta.
And a funny twirling chibi form of Kenshin.

You're probably wondering why I'm not posting the actual pictures here. Well, I just thought that they're a little too big and I've got more than two today, so.

Want to know more about this mysterious swordsman? Click here. And here as well.

Today's a slow day. Forgive me for spoiling your night or day if you were expecting something fantastic and great to be reported. I'm really trying. Really.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 | 01:10
randomitis is a disease
Something's wrong or happened to Unkymoods. Very strange. It's coming on and off very erratically. I should rethink this whole current mood business.

Anywho, I'm getting on quite fine with my 7270 so far. It's actually much nicer to text message with the Nokia than it was with the Sony Ericsson because the Ericsson was just much too slow and lagging. So much for good and bad publicity.

Oh, and Nic made me a button for use in my blog now.

What do you think? Quite cute eh?

Update on my reading the Chronicles of Narnia books. I've just started on the fourth book already titled "Prince Caspian". So far the story is pretty interesting and very LOTR-ish at some parts and then very reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland style too.

Pepperidge Farm cookies taste so good! Yum! I just got their white chocolate with macadamia nuts soft baked cookies and they tasted devine and just so yummy. The downside to eating them is that they cost almost RM10 for eight palm sized cookies in a packet. But yeah they're the kind of luxury that I can only afford once in a while. Just got to savour them slowly and relish every bite of it.

San Francisco hot chocolate is one of the best tasting hot chocolate I've ever had. By far. Mmm. Chocolate. *drools ala Homer Simpson*

And I seem to be in this phase where I have to try everything I see or have a brand name. Which is really bad as it involves money. The momster and I were at 1Utama just this evening and we came across this shop where they claim that they "specialize" in making paus. The shop's called Baoz and each pau costs at least RM1.50 ++. And they're not even as big as the ones at the dim sum restaurants. Here they're tiny in comparison to everything else that I've eaten. This one black sesame filling pau costs like RM1.70 I think. I feel fleeced. But I suppose that's the price you have to pay for brand names. Sigh. I feel very bad and cheated.

I think I've developed a craving for anything which has black sesame filling in it since that dinner on Saturday. It just tastes really sweet yet not too sweet like sugary sweet and is best consumed when warm but not steaming hot or cold even.

British India, the clothing retail shop, has this casual woven sling bag that I'm dying for. Except that it costs about RM189 or something like that which just leaves me with the only choice of staring at it whenever I can and imagining myself carrying it to college or even just showing it off. It's so unfair that my Dad gets to buy his RM350++ button down red shirt from British India but I can't get "my" bag. Parents. It's their world and we just live in it.

I want to eat Kayu Nasi Kandar's mixed curry with rice or plain roti canai! So deliciously hot and spicy. It's my current fave curry to dunk it in bread or slather it all over hot white rice or "roti kosong". I can just eat it like that for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mmm. Curry.

I think that about wraps up my randomness rants for today. My brain seems more scattered than usual. Hopefully it'll be back on track tomorrow.
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| 00:33
This is a test post from
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Monday, January 17, 2005 | 02:57
my neverland
Ooh! Finding Neverland was so good! I highly recommend it to everyone. It doesn't really matter if you've actually read the actual novel "Peter Pan" by James Matthew Barrie or watched the Disney adaptation version of the book. Though it really helps that you know the actual story of Peter Pan and not just the sterilized version that Disney created it to be so. Just go watch it when you get the chance to.
It's very rare that I get teary eyed during a movie but this one had me nearly crying towards the end. I didn't bawl my eyes out of course which would be terribly embarrassing but I did get tearful and had to wipe them away a bit. Sigh.
I applaud Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, and Freddie Highmore's performances. Freddie Highmore plays the actual Peter who sort of inspired the whole story for Barrie to write. I can't give away too much but oh such a wonderful performance. I hardly ever rave about anyone else's acting skills apart from Depp, Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Edward Norton.

But it is true that sometimes we do grow up way too fast for our own good. Why can't we ever just enjoy a simple afternoon nap or snack without having to worry about the consequences that might befall our work or destroy our strict and colourless diet. I've been a victim and sometimes act all stressful of sorts over the very same things. Though I really wish I didn't.
My mom always abhor the way I enjoy watching cartoons and all that silly stuff on the telly. I know I am nearing the last year of my teenage life but I still can't stop myself from being immersed in simple and fun cartoons like the Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack, the Fairly Odd Parents, Rugrats, the Simpsons, and of course the occasional Disney movie as well. Sometimes I find cartoons much more fun and entertaining than some of the junk that most of us watch on the television. Though cartoons may more than often be very unrealistic and preposterous but so can TV drama series and soaps. Sometimes even more so, I think. At least cartoons portray the more innocent, naive, uncomplicated, and rare emotions that we never see in TV nowadays. Simple and uncomplex. That's how I like my plot and stories to be. Not all dramatic and plastic like the Bold and the Beautiful, which has got to be the worst soap ever. (Not that I watch them of course. God no.) I still don't see how anyone with a sane mind can watch such garbage. I like cartoons and as long as they keep making it I'll keep watching them.

At the same time, I'm not encouraging the fact that I should remain all childish like and a child forever. Just that we should let loose and not restrain oneself to being so serious and mature all the time. I can watch serious films. Definitely. Not many teenagers I know can truly claim that they actually watched "Mystic River" and liked it. I did and I did like it very much. It's because of this film that I can professly say that Sean Penn and Tim Robbins really deserve their Oscar awards they rightfully received last year. Even my parents haven't seen it. That's got to be saying something now.

I just had to get that off my chest. That whole cartoon thing was being such a weight and I feel loads better getting that out. Sometimes I truly wish I could be nine again. Nine is such a lovely age where you're not too ignorant to be fooled nor mature enough to understand everything around you and get sucked in it all. I'd hate to be pulled in stupidly into buying into everything that the next big franchise is shoving into the people's mouths and ears. So there.

This whole post doesn't really make much sense to me. I must've switched on my child persona there. I'll be off now to continue imagining the world of Narnia and of all its inhabitants. Yay for all children's books and its authors for creating them and continuing to do so for many more generations of children to come. And may fairies never drop dead as long as a baby's first laugh forever rings of joy and wonder.
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Sunday, January 16, 2005 | 04:07
one week and two days away
Whoo. I'm still having fun playing with the handphone though the novelty has worn out a little too.
Orientation day at HELP Institute for my first year Bachelor of Business/Commerce will commence next Monday. I can't wait for it actually. I was absolutely dreading the first day of SAM last year but now I can't wait to start this uni type of life. Going to classes at odd hours rather than attending classes ala school system. Maybe because I had a fairly short time of holidays last year and didn't get to enjoy it as much as I wanted to. Oh well. I have a feeling that I'll be seeing a few of my college mates from SAM at HELP too. It'll be fun getting back together as well. Hee.

Today was my grandmother's birthday dinner and the family together with my other two relatives families went to the Ming Room at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Or is it Complex? Anyways, it was a nice dinner where the topics of conversation ranged mainly from cars to handphones and of course focusing some of our attention to the baby of the extended family, Kye-Li, the beloved cousin of mine. Oh and I finally get to watch Finding Neverland with the DVD the cousin lent me today. Yay! Ooh, and I think I got a new favourite kuih to enjoy now. The round, soft and sesame covered ball and stuffed with warm black sesame filling kuih tasted really good as desert for tonight's dinner.

So only nine days to go before my so-called break is over. What to do? Oh what to do? Seeing I am running out of cash, I can't really do much shopping anymore. That's sad. I suppose a little spring cleaning and getting ready for next week is in order. But then again I'll only have classes for like two weeks before it'll be the Chinese New Year holidays and more gluttonous eating and snacking wil resume. The major filler of my last week of freedom will be frequent sporadic reading sessions of the Chronicles of Narnia. I like the name Aslan. A lot. Very strange of me to like a name so much actually. And I actually finished reading the second book in this seven book series thing, "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" in a day. I didn't realise I actually finished it and couldn't believe it for a while. It was a nice story. It'll be fun to watch it being immortalised on screen. I can't give much away but I can say that C.S. Lewis's writing style is like a mesh of Tolkien and Lewis Caroll's. By the way Lewis Caroll was the author of the famous children's classic, "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass". I have a feeling I'm going to be raving about these books for a while now. Just look away when the words, "Narnia", "Aslan", and "White Witch" appear.

It's been a slow week and not much to report. I feel strangely strained having to come out with witty one-liners and clever anecdotes. I think it's called blogger's block. So, goodbye and goodnight. Tonight's Queer Eye episode was really fun and funny. I feel like eating stuffed turkey and seedless grapes in whipped cream with marshmallows now.
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Friday, January 14, 2005 | 01:02
new handphone
I can't stop fiddling and playing with it. I feel like a little schoolgirl all over again. Clicking and snapping photos away with this new handphone. This time it's a camera phone too. Yeaps, I got the Nokia 7270 today.
It's actually really nice. Playing with it was the highlight of my day. Pretty dull, but not to me. It was fun configuring this and that and playing the games as well. I just spent the last hour transfering cropped and resized pictures from my notebook to the handphone via infrared. I should get paid for promoting and advertising this phone so much. Tch.
I feel so sophisticated and classy holding this clamshell phone. I sound like such a biatch now, flaunting and pouting ever so often to snap a *cute* pic of myself. I can't help it. This phase'll probably go on for the next few days before I tire of its novelty and proceed to treat it like any other handphone.
I'm planning to sell my Sony Ericsson T68i soon. Any buyers out there? I'm willing to sell it for as low as RM300 or 250. It's quite an old model but it has a colour screen and workable functions.
Nothing else to say here. This has got to be the second shortest post I've ever written.
Oh and edamame, which is Japanese type snow peas, taste really good. So sweet!
Excuse me while I return to being semi-obsessing with the 7270 now. Woot!
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Thursday, January 13, 2005 | 02:09
gone are the years
The years of adolescent teenage angst and rage seem a million miles and years away now that most of my peers and me have reached this so-called height of maturity. The little insecurities and angst ridden feelings towards parents, teachers, lecturers and molly-coddling adults have not yet gone but at least have dwindled down significantly so that they don't affect one so much anymore.
I just realised that I am one month away from celebrating my 19th birthday. Not that that's such a fantastic or great number even but I really am getting, dare I say it, old. No more cartoon watching and laughing at nonsensical and witty comments made by animated figures in the television. Withered are the happy days of sleeping in on Sunday and Saturday mornings like a tired old horse after a hard day's work at the race track. (Okay, I'm terrible at making clever and cute analogues.) I have responsibilites now.
I'm an adult.
Well, I've been an adult for quite a while already actually, but in Japan, a girl is not considered an adult till she reaches twenty. Anyway, that's beside the point.
Reflecting back on past tween years and on those bordering years of teenage-ism where you're not a girl but not yet lady, I noticed how childish I really was back then. Whining and pining about being slightly chubby or short or too tall or wearing glasses or braces. I don't understand how our parents tolerated those damned teenage years. I think I'd've gone crazy if I were faced with one of my own. I supppose that's why they're called parents. Yucks.
Now that I'm here now, all those things seem so trivial and small and insignificant that I don't understand myself anymore about why I bothered with those things in the beginning. Everything was all overblown and preposterous and immature. Gossips and tattle tales about who's with who and who broke up with who. Thank goodness I was not one of those people who those people talked about. At least I hope I wasn't. Since you never really know, do you?
We've come a long way since those crazy and mad high school years. Ludicrous. That's how I would sum up high schoool in a word. Fun, mad, crazy and absolutely ludricous. Maybe six words, would be more adequate. Those days have passed now. Time to push them aside. Time to seal those thoughts and recollect them from dog-eared yearbooks and yellowing pages of timeless nostalgic memories.

I have no clue what I was thinking spewing out all that gunk above. Forgive this horrendous act of allowing myself to force you to swallow that nonsense. Please proceed to purge those words out of your memory right now or forever be scarred.

Mindless bantering in session now. Is it just me or is Jude Law just so darn cute? Watching the "Alfie" trailer on MTV Screen earlier this evening, I couldn't help noticing his enticingly cute smile and deep eyes. NO!! I'm transforming into another one of those zombie fangirls now. Get it off! Get it off!
*Proceeds to purge all images of Jude Law's charming smug of a face*
Phew. That's over with now. I'm much too lazy and pig-headed to continue telling about my non-exhaustive day. Just that I'm craving for more carbonara sauce right now. Yummers!
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Wednesday, January 12, 2005 | 01:47
I'm tired and I don't want to think anymore. I wish that our brains had this switch that we could just shut it down like a computer shuts down or hibernates or go on standby mode so that we wouldn't have to be constantly thinking so much most of the time. Even when we think that we're asleep, we're usually unconsciously thinking about something or there is something in particular that is bothering us behind in our minds. Silent moments in thoughts would be nice once in a while.
So back to life. Nic has now officialy moved out of the house. Heh. I mean not that I'm celebrating as in popping champagne or anything like that. It feels kind of lonely actually now with her not living under the same roof as me for the last two and a half weeks. I suppose this has been sort of in preparation mode for me to get ready to room-mate life when and if I study abroad. Which will most probably happen next year at the very least. But yeah. Sigh.
Oh and I just found out from Sharon today that Monash Uni actually offers this exchange student program thing where the first year of your degree course will be spent in Malaysia, of course, followed by the second year at any country overseas of your choice as long as the country is in that particular list of Monash's, and then the final year back in Malaysia and finally completing the Masters in Australia. It doesn't sound too bad considering that the course fees will be paid as in locally (Malaysia) with the exception of paying for the overseas accomadation and extras of course. It sounds almost too good to be true. But yeah, so now I'm tempted to check out Monash, again, this Friday or Saturday. Maybe I should just submit my application since I can always reject it if I decide otherwise. The best part of going to Monash will be the later starting date in February 15th. That's more than a month away! Triple sigh.
I have just double and triple checked the details and I just realised that I have been too swayed by the glamourous possibility of being able to study in a student exchange program. If I do take up on this Monash offer I don't think I'll be able to do the major I want to, which is and always has been Business Law. I mean I could do it, but it'll have to be in Malaysia. What would be the point of me studying there now if I'm just going to be stuck here for the next three years? Choices and decisions like these are going to be the death of me soon. Grr.
There, I'm done ranting for the night now. I have just started on The "Chronicles of Narnia" by the famed C.S. Lewis. Okay, fine so I just read one chapter last night but I was tired. I'm excited that I'm finally going to be reading this acclaimed book now. The movie is supposed to be coming out this year, though I've no idea of the exact date. I'll be looking forward to that as well.
There're a whole list of movies I'm dying to watch. There's Depp's "Finding Neverland", Zach Braff's "Garden State", "Chocolat", "Sideways", and Bill Murray's "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou". Whee. It's going to be a good year for movies. I hope at the least. That's all for tonight I suppose. There's nothing much I'd like to blah about which I can pick at the top of my head now.

Edit: I forgot to include Jim Carey's "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" movie in the above list. So here it is now. Go click here now.
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Monday, January 10, 2005 | 00:26
a hairy ordeal
My hair's as straight and flat as an uncooked spaghetti. Okay, maybe just as straight as it but not as hard as it though. And maybe my hair's as flat as a flattened pancake.
Yeps, I went and did it. Got my hair rebonded or straightened as it's more well known as. The fringe is falling all over my face and it's annoying me to no end. I suppose this is what I have to put up with together with the perks of having lucsious, straight and kempt hair. I'm praising myself too much. Hee.
So yeah the hair salon was where I spent most of my day at today. From 12 noon to 4 pm, my ass was seated down firmly in a cool and comfortable chair in "A Cut Above" salon at Mid Valley Megamall. Thank goodness for cool leather chairs. My rear only got to be relieved from being seated too long with 5 seconds walks to and fro from the wash basin. This is only the second time I've done this hair rebonding business. I suppose it's not too bad if I only plan to go through this process once a year. My stomach was growling for sustenance by the second hour already but luckily I had "Chocolat" to accompany me and keep my mind off food for a while. Actually, not really, since the book contains some rather scrumptious and lickable descriptions of food, wine, champagne and chocolates. Sigh. I think I'm getting hungry again.
Anyways, when I was being pampered and preened by two hair stylists, my mind began wondering again, as usual. Where and who do hair stylists go to to get their hair done? I mean, they can't possibly do their own hair by themselves right? And if not, then they would have to get better and more talented hair stylists to get their precious hair prepped and ready for show, now wouldn't they? If that were the case, then there would be no one best hair stylist in the world. For he or she would have to get some other better hair stylist to touch their hair now, wouldn't they? Unless they were bald then that would be a different story. So, yeah that was what went through my wandering mind today when chemicals and hands kept on touching my hair. Pretty messy deal, I think.
I have gained a whole new respect for hair stylists today as well. They have got to have such extreme patience and tolerance to go through layers by layers of hair and brush all sorts of chemicals and paste onto the hair with nary a complaint or even breaking a sweat. I could never be a hair stylist. My arms and hands would give way before I could even finish the job. I'm better suited to sit down jobs and typing away like what I'm doing now.
In other news, Nic is back in my house again for the next two nights before going over to Sharon's again for one last night I think. I got my black nail polish from the pasar malam, finally. I did find some black nail polish in the regular shops but they cost way too much for me to part with my money and there's no way I'm going to spend a good twenty or forty ringgit for a tiny bottle when I can get the same thing for RM2, albeit of lesser quality but I don't mind it.
Tomorrow, the momster and I are going to be hitting KLCC. I'm going to be visiting three different shopping malls in three consecutive days. It gives me a sense of surrealism, just realizing this now. Wow. Go me! The negative side of this is that I now depend on my mom for the financial support of my shopping spree. Or the lack thereof.

P.S: I forgot to mention this P.S. yesterday to Laine. And I'm much too lazy to log on to AIM to tell you this. You can wash the lomo camera film at a regular photo shop since you're using the normal analog camera film. That's all.
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Sunday, January 09, 2005 | 01:54
popcorn and apples for dinner
Plus coke as well of course. The most unhealthy yet healthy dinner I've ever had. Ever. Nevertheless, it's been a while since I've had caramel popcorn. The smell was just too tempting for me to avoid its delectable taste. Yum. Add in the apples and you've got a kind of a balanced thing going on.
Based on the above huge hint, the family decided to catch a movie today. Ocean's Twelve was tonight's pick flick. It was a so-so movie if you ask me. I didn't exactly watch the previous one so I didn't really get the big buzz surrounding this movie this time around too. I guess the idea of seeing Brad Pitt wooing and making women fall over his feet has lost its novelty on me already. So long, Brad, and hello to a new breed of other men for me swoon over. Well, maybe not swoon over but just enough to tantalize me a little into going into that almost swooning state. So, yeah. Ocean's Twelve. On a scale of one to five, I'd rate it a three. Only for it's smart and cool camera angles, catchy music, some funny moments, and also a bonus for one particular shot of Brad's cheeky smile, which I have to embarrassingly say did make me semi-fall over for. (runs away and shields self from finger-pointing fangirls)
For once, I didn't shop. I did not spend a single cent or dime. It felt kind of weird coming back home with nary a shopping bag in hand and with my purse's financial contents unchanged. I finally managed to restrain myself long enough not to spend some more on clothes which I make up lame excuses to get it. But I did do a little bit of window shopping. The new Nokia 7260 and 7270 handphones are out. I can't decide which one I like best because both look really good and feels good too. They're not too bulky nor are they too tiny to fit in your hand. I'm torn between these two beauties. I need help. I've been sort of semi-obsessing over these phones for a while now and so I think it's time I make a decision. It's either this or that. It's been a long while since I've been all over a phone. I'm still pretty attached to my Sony Ericsson T68i too at the same time. Sigh.
Ooh, and in other news in my life today. I've just applied to HELP Institute this morning. It's finally done and over with. Now I just have to wait for the offer letter and then I can accept it and I can be on my way to uni life. I'm getting pretty excited about it too as well. It's going to be three semesters in my first year with a maximum of four subjects to be taken in one sem. I don't think I want to strain myself doing four subjects but who knows, right. Then I can choose the majors I want to do in my second and third years. I'm just glad that the air's cleared up a bit on that matter. As I said before, my dream majors would include Business or Commercial Law (depending on which uni I'll be attending in Ausland later on) and either Accounting or International Business. An Accounting major would be sort of like a security blanket for me to fall back upon but I'm really all over for Business or Commercial Law. I have only two weeks and two days left of unadultered holidaying before I'll be slogging it again.
I feel like cooking and experimenting again. Enough with the dough making. I think it's time for some real cooking and slaving over a hot stove kind of thing. I've got less than two weeks now soon before I can really get cracking. Let's get adventurous! The only real problem will probably be getting enough people willing to sample the food I prepare.
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Saturday, January 08, 2005 | 00:48
warring words and worlds
Had a rather un-exciting day today. But not complaining.
The morning and afternoon was spent lounging in front of the idiot box. It feels good just lazing around with nary a care in the world. I watched the 1953 movie adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel "The War of the World", which is not to be confused with the 2005 one with Tom Cruise in it and directed by Spielberg. It was short by today's standard of movies, less than an hour and a half long, believe it or not. The shortest non-animated movie I've ever watched. It was quite interesting. The way the director portrayed the Martians was actually pretty cool. I liked the ending as well which seemed to make some sense to me in any case. This is so unlike me to be watching a sci-fi movie, but this was an exception. Mainly because this was a book adaptation so I had to watch it of course. Now, I just got to read the book. Yeah, weird I know. So, the movie. It was the typical old and classic type of movie with grainy type film and exaggerated movements and acting. I can't believe people actually acted like that before 1996. Anyway, the story line was pretty much straight forward. How forward can one get with Martians attacking and invading planet earth? It got mildly boring towards the middle of the story with some soppy love story going on at the same time, this being Hollywood and all. Sigh. But I liked the ending. Very . . . sensible. I can't imagine the earth being taken over by aliens, which might be far more superior to us in terms of knowledge and technology. So, I guess that's why we have the movies. To help us imagine it all so that we don't have to do the hard work ourselves.

There. That was how I spent my day today. Pretty uneventful for a change. So, yeah, Nic went to spend the next two nights at Sharon's place now. Oh, and I can finally use my bedside lamp to its full effect tonight. Nic and I visited our old high school this morning to get my official SAM results certified and also pay a visit to the old alma mater. (if that's how you call it) The school changed a lot in just two years I have to say. It looks so much more neater and there're new paint jobs everywhere. Even the management at the canteen has changed and more types of food are being served now. We didn't get to enjoy roti canai two years ago. Other than that, the teachers mostly seemed the same with the exception of a few new ones of course.

I'll be applying to HELP Institute tomorrow. I'll feel so much more relieved knowing that there is some place that I'm heading to in the near future, rather than to be a wandering and aimlessly floating around with no college or university attached to. I just hope that the uni I want to attend next year will allow me to twin with them and will let me study the majors that I want. My dream majors will include Business Law or Commercial Law (however you want to call them) and Accounting or International Business.
I don't mean to brag or sound like I'm bragging but I just realised that I am actually good at accounting. The sucky thing is that I don't like doing it. But you know what they say about playing to your strengths and so here I am. I'm going to be sticking to the safe route. I remember swearing that I'll never study accounting after SPM but I got an A for it when I did my SAM finals. And now I'll be doing a major in it. Sigh. It's funny how future can take a totally different turn and send your words hitting right back at your face. Okay, not so funny actually.

Oh and 1Utama shopping and movie catching is on the agenda for tomorrow. Yay that I get to get out of the house again. And double yay that I'll be getting some OJ from DQ as well. Gosh, I miss their fruit smoothies. Further good news. My hair will be straightened or rebonded on Sunday. I think I mentioned that already in my previous post. Umm, yeah. Three to four hours of rear sitting, here I come.
Jill |

Thursday, January 06, 2005 | 23:21
tired feet, tired hands
I'm tired. Well, my whole body feels tired. Been out the whole day.
Train rides are fun. I feel independent riding it. It feels cliched, but riding the train while listening to music blasting into my ears is extremely liberating. I felt so student-like and all. Exactly like those uni students you see in the movies with their headphones plugged into their ears or playing with their handphones and reading novels and magazines. This may not be new to most people but I feel like I've been traveling by train quite often for the past few weeks. Trains are strangely quiet too. I imagined the trains to be noisier or at least more bustly. I suppose this being Malaysia, you can't expect too much from the trains here emulating the style and feel in New York or London. I should've brought a camera along with me today. I could've snapped away happily at the nuances and goings-on on the train. You observe a lot of things when you've nothing to do but lull away to the relaxing music pumped into your head. I should remember to bring a camera along with me more often whenever I go out. That way whenever I get the urge to take a candid shot or just a simple random shot of anything, I'll always have my trusty camera with me. Photographing is fun too.

That's the boring part of today's post done. What did I do today?
Visited Alwin and Wai Chuen's Uniten campus today at Kajang/Serdang. Adelynn, Nic and I, I mean. They managed to rent a Kancil car to drive us around. Good thing that five of us could squeeze into it. Got the "grand" tour of the place before lunching at this "champion" place (as Alwin dubbs it). The salad "kai" or chicken tasted particularly good and tasty along with the fried tofu and chili sauce dipping. After that, we headed to this new shopping mall called Alamanda at Putrajaya. I didn't get to buy anything, though there was this red linen pants that I was eyeing for, because I didn't have enough cash. I've never felt so broke in my life before today. Sigh. Even spending another RM10 for my fave Orange Julius smoothie would mean burning a hole in my purse. That's how broke I was today. Double sigh. Anywho, I got two facial masks in the end for my own selfish pleasure for when I've nothing to do and I need to feel pampered a little. We scoured the mall for an hour plus browsing through shops without buying anything more. I think the salespersons felt slightly offended that I went inside this shop twice but came out with no purchases. Oh well, I could've showed them my empty purse to prove that my purchasing power is really zero.
Ended the day with a long train ride back listening to more music and looking (trying to look) all college-student-like with my sling bag and appearing nonchalant and ignoring the stares at my black nails. Ah well. Oh and Gabry's white grape juice tastes good. All sparkly like and kind of sticks to your throat after you finish it.

I need a full day tomorrow to recuperate after today's adventure. Will probably be spending it lazing around at home while soaking up television and computer rays and reading my delicious "Chocolat" novel.
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Wednesday, January 05, 2005 | 23:47
splurge fest
I went shopping. Again. I've started spending this month's allowance already and I've blown almost RM100 on a long black skirt, a Baskin Robbins fruit smoothie, and a light bulb for my bulb-less bedside lamp, which is not so bulb-less anymore.
But I'm happy with my skirt. It's been what I've been looking for for so long already. I can't believe this but I actually miss wearing my baju kurung skirt from my schooling days. It was so comfortable and nice to sit and relax in. But it would seem absolutely silly and ludicrous if I wore it out on normal shopping trips or out anywhere else for that matter. I'm steering away from my main topic of today again. Well, Nic, her sister; Denise, and I went to Sunway Pyramid today along with the cousin who incidentally wanted to go to Pyramid too before heading off for her classes at college. Finally, the raviolis have left my house and has probably been digested by Laine already. I'll be awaiting the full review of it soon.
I've never spent so much in such little time before. The first half an hour there and already I spent RM72 on the skirt which is much too loose for my waist because it's "free size". Got to get it fixed and altered soon.
I'm going to straighten/rebond my hair this Saturday or Sunday. The last few weeks of roughage hair and unkemptness will finally be over.
I'm having another adventure tomorrow. Adelynn, Nic and I are going to visit Alwin and Wai Chuen and possibly their friends at Uniten at Kajang. Long story short, we just wanted to visit this "fantastic" place which the above two have been sort of raving on about. We'll be taking the train again which should be fun except that the train ride'll be boring too. Whatever.
Will be applying for HELP this Saturday too. But will be enquiring some more a bit since I suddenly got these college-uni-questions in my head now which I need answered before I venture on to the next phase of my uni life.

I'm running out of quirky and inane titles for my blog posts so if anyone has any suggestions I'm an open book. Or blog if you like.
Jill |

| 02:58
going, going, gone to sleep
Woot. Just felt like saying that.
My left finger nails are painted in black nail polish now. I like it. I think I'm going to go get a bottle of my own soon.

Last night's slumber party at Pui Yen's party was fun. Just plain, unadultered fun. Sharon, Nicole, Yen, and I played Taboo and "cho tai ti" almost the whole night long. But before that, we headed to the SS2 pasar malam and munched our way through the crowded and sweaty streets of the biggest pasar malam I know in PJ. It's been a long time since I've been there so it was fun and interesting as well to visit and eat all the foodies. We met, or rather bumped, into several old ex-classmates from our schooling days. It was weird because we've never seen each other since we received our SPM certificates which was a year ago. Okay, maybe almost a year ago. Anyways, we stopped, chatted a bit, then strolled along our way again. I had four fishballs with chili sauce, (yum!) a cool cup of "air mata kucing" with ice, and then for dessert we stopped at this "tong sui" shop where I had a bowl of hot peanut butter soup. Very sweet. But quite nice and refreshing. I had to resist the temptation to start snacking on more foodies. The outing ended at my place where we ate again and talked some more. It's such fun hanging around with this group of girls. We only get to really do this once a year which is a sad thing but comforting as well that we know that there is something of a tradition to look forward to at the end of the year. Adelynn was the only person missing last night due to her obligation to work.
After that second round of dinner, we headed back to Yen's place and played Taboo and card games and talked even more. This somehow triggered off our snacking prowess again where we had supper at around 1 am this morning. I'm going to be getting indigestion very soon as I had this chili paste thing on its own and only one biscuit to go with it. It tasted really good. I'm addicted to chilis and anything spicy in case you haven't noticed. We watched a bit of telly and then continued playing more games well into the night, punctuated with a DIY mask and facial and crazy madcap photo snapping away with us posing in outrageous positions and laughing our heads off in between shots. This photo shoot ended at around 4 am this morning. Whew. I remember waking up at 4 am to study when we were having our SAM finals at 7 am.
Woke up at 10 am later and had dim sum for breakfast at this restaurant only a walk away. I suddenly had this craving for char siew pau this morning. Strange. Anyways, it was a good girl's night out which I'll be waiting to do it again later at the end of this year.

Nic is bunking in with Sharon tonight leaving me alone for this night only. I had raviolis with spaghetti and the Prego mushroom and tomato sauce for dinner tonight. I'm surprised that the cheese and spinach still kept its taste after being frozen for a week already. The dough was not too thick this time. That's good.

Me mom and I went to Ikea just now and returned with a myriad of what I think are stuff we don't really need but I really wanted. There's a fine line between wants and needs. I finally got a bedside lamp except that the package didn't come with a light bulb. So now the stand is sitting prettily attached to my shelf and I can't use it at all until I get a 60W bulb. Sigh. I feel silly and stupid. My bed is getting too crowded now with another pillow addition to it. One can definitely have too many pillows and huggables on the bed. Aside from that we got mugs, table place mats, and some other little stuff which I forgot already. My memory is failing me everyday.

Tomorrow's agenda is pretty simple. Going to drop my hand made raviolis at "the cousin's" house (I'm so proud of my raviolis!) before going to Taylor's College to try to dump my text books and notes off some gullible SAM student. I should do my evil laugh now. After that, going to shop around Sunway Pyramid with Nic and her sister for a few hours before going back home. I feel accomplished somehow. I'm actually going to do some stuff I was planning for so long already.

I've ranted enough for two whole blog posts already, so bye for now.
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Sunday, January 02, 2005 | 20:58
outing scoutings
Second day of 2005 feels good.
Woke up feeling slightly heady but strangely contented.
Last night's party was simple but nice. Had loads of food and drinks leftover but that's alright. Leftovers are good because it means that we won't have to plan what's for eating the next day. Anyway, pizzas, brownie walnut cake and chocolates were all around and card games was abound in the house as well accompinied by an EPL football match. I think it was Liverpool vs Chelsea last night. I don't really care for footie so I don't bother. Heart attack, the card game, was fun. Screaming is good for burning off the calories after consuming brownies and coke. Met a few new friends and had great fun talking about anything under the sun.

Thank you so much for coming to last night's gathering slash party to whoever who came and is reading this now.

And I was being all stressed up over it. I feel silly. Well, we all have to eat up our own words one time or another.
Today was another productive day out. Went out with Sharon and Nic to the Mont Kiara flea market, Ikea, and Cats Whiskers at Damansara Perdana from 11 am to 5 pm. Purchased a pendant necklace from the flea market and a dress and soft pencil case from Cats Whiskers. Ikea was too rich for my purse today. But I must go there again before the sale ends next week.
Nic will be staying for another two weeks but will be bunking in with Sharon for a few days in between these two weeks. School is starting again for normal school children tomorrow while some colleges and universities will be starting soon as well. Not much time left for catching up with people.
I want to visit Sunway Pyramid. I need to alter my dress because it's too big at my waist. I can't wait to wear my hand painted pendant necklace. I need to apply for HELP very soon.
I'm being so selfish today. Sigh. Woe is me.
Tomorrow is our annual sleepover at Pui Yen's place this time. Another sleepless night is abound. I'm feeling excited about it. Hopefully Adel can make it.
Need to get a few things done to before uni starts on the 24th. I'm 99% certain that I'll be driving to HELP soon to start my course. So long Monash.
I've ranted long enough. Goodbye for now.
Jill |

Saturday, January 01, 2005 | 16:10
firsts in two thousand five
First thing I ate in 2005. Roti canai with dhall curry and another spicy curry and teh tarik which tasted quite good actually.
First thing I bought in 2005. Corn cushions felt for that annoying bit of corn growing in my left foot since yesterday.
First thing I ordered in 2005. Six large pizzas, one free regular pizza, two breadstix and four bottles of 1.5 liters coke from Domino's Pizza for the party slash gathering tonight.
First hard work I did in 2005. Mopping the floor in the upstairs hall and rooms of the house.
That's a lot of firsts in 2005.
Sigh. Hey, my first official sigh in 2005.
Okay, I'll stop now.
Anyways, yeah, the party slash gathering of friends; old and new, tonight. Hopefully things'll go well and alright and not much of a mess will be made. I hate cleaning up after people who eat and dribble bits of food all over the place like five-year-olds. Hope the food will be alright and ready for tonight without causing much distress in the family. I don't know when it'll end but I hope it doesn't go on till the wee hours of the morning. We didn't set an exact end time for the party so I hope they don't expect free flow of alcohol or something like that to be served. I'm not running a night club.
Sigh. I never realised how stressful organising a small gathering like this was going to be. I mean, it's not that stressing but thinking about how it's going to turn out and end is. To be honest, I can't wait for the party to be over and done with. I don't mean it in a bad way, because I do want to see all the old friends again which will be nice and all. I think I'd feel very relieved once tonight's over and I wake up in the morning with a huge weight taken off my shoulders. Sigh.
I'm sighing a lot on the first day of 2005.
Gonna have to get used to writing the dates using 2005 now.
Update on university decision-making: 90% leaning towards business and commerce at HELP and 10% towards everything else.
Jill |

| 01:30
the closing of an old year
2005 is approaching. And quick too with barely two hours left.
What have you achieved? What have you got to be proud of in 2004? Did you manage to stick to your 2004 resolutions? Did all you hoped for came true? So many questions, aspirations, and dreams. So little time left to relish it all.
Well, back to reality.

Today, I had quite a field trip you could say. Went to 1Utama again. But this time, I spent almost the entire day shopping and eating and walking and talking with friends. Nicole and I reached 1U at around half past 10. Walked and browsed around the shops for a while like an hour plus before meeting up with Wai Chuen, Sharon, Choon Hoong, and then Michelle for a while at noon at McDonalds. Haven't had their fries in a long time, so was quite alright with it. Haven't seen most of them for a long time so was good to see that they haven't changed much and yet changed a little. Chatted over fries, burgers, and coke about almost everything under the sun, from college to our current lives and to the ever elusive topic of boyfriends and girlfriends.
Sharon had to leave after lunch to pay a visit to an "old and slightly sick friend" of ours. Michelle had to go too with some other friends of hers, which left Nic, Wai Chuen, Choon Hoong and I on our own to more shopping. Can't believe that I splurged again. Almost RM150 was burned today on three tops and a PJs set from Tangs. Sigh. Oh well. At least, I kept to one of my resolution of not buying any more jeans or books till next week at least. I think FOS is making a lot of money out of me. I've been visiting the place a lot these few weeks. Anyways, to cut things short, we ended up at Italianis at around three and hanged with Adelynn till half past four where we indulged ourselves in tiramisu cake and Addie's fettucini carbonara. The cake was good. Really good. And the carbonara was tasty as well. Will definitely visit the place again for dinner or lunch. I'm giving free advertising now. We got soft drinks and paper cups, plates and plastic spoons for the party tomorrow at the supermarket. Baskin Robbins ice-cream was bought as well. The espresso and cream ice-cream tastes really good. I'm happy that I made the right choice on that decision.

While walking around 1U today, there were these posters and banners advertising tonight's party and countdown celebration at 1U. But they were all cancelled for respect to the mega tsunami victims in Asia. It was a real downer looking at all these announcements pasted on the posters. It just totally ruined everyone's anticipation for the new year. Everyone will be quietly popping champagne bottles and cheering themselves to 2005 while mourning at the same time. I find this extremely depressing, which is putting me off the mood to do anything exciting as well. I'm so glad that we're not having the party tonight or else there'll be nothing to be really happy about. It's such a contradictory of events. On the bright side, at least the world didn't start off 2005 with this tragedy. But ending 2004 is equally saddening at the same time. Seeing all these celebrations cancelled is enough to put anyone in a foul mood even if they don't want to be in it.

In any case, here's to a another good and prosperous year! Cheers and Happy New Year world!
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