Wednesday, September 20, 2006 | 12:46
love and loathing in somerset
Seeing as I couldn't find the internet software CD for me to connect online at the friend's place that I'm renting out for the week, I'm here blogging, blog-hopping, assignment-researching, and generally online-ing from the semi-comfortness of the uni's computer lab facilities.

Yes, dear readers. I am living by myself. All alone. No one to catch me when I trip and fall or help with the dishes and cook or fetch the extra key in case I managed to lock myself out. I am independent. But only for the week till I leave for sunny Brisbane and Gold Coast on Saturday.

The location is perfect. I'm on the highest level of the apartment I'm residing in, there's electricity, water, television, DVDs, bed, kitchen, and privacy. Let me reiterate that. P-R-I-V-A-C-Y. It does feel nice living by myself for a change. Being able to make my own pre-cooked meals, going out in my lousiest of clothes to get a cup of skinny Mocha that I couldn't be bothered to make myself in five minutes tops. A street away is a shopping mall, and down the other way is another shopping district with abundance of food and drinks to wet my palette and ensure that I never go hungry.

Downside of course is that I don't get to see much of society and or my friends as I usually am used to back in IH. But I can adapt.

The Royal Melbourne Show is opening tomorrow and a bunch of people including myself will be going to the show grounds tomorrow all day. Should be a bit of fun and all that jazz with rides, shows, performances, food and drinks all day.

The new 'Fifteen' restaurant by Jamie Oliver is opening today in Collins Street, Melbourne. I really want to experience a posh dining style of eatery but doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. Seems like the place is packed but hopefully I get to glimpse a little of Jamie tonight when I pop over there to sneak a look. I'm such a foodie whore.

I really want and is in desperate need to go to a concert. Any concert will be fine. I've already missed out on Kanye West, Dashboard Confessional, Snow Patrol, Jason Mraz, and John Mayer who've all been here since the past two or three months. I am so deprived of any cultural or social interaction with the outside world besides uni and IH.

What is happening to me? The next band or singer coming here, I'll be there with cam in hand and lungs to scream.

Anyway, I have to be going now. Work is beckoning to me and I can't afford to slack any longer. Ta for now.
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Saturday, September 16, 2006 | 02:38
dressed up story
Spring break has officially begun. Yeah, I know it's actually fall/autumn in other parts of the world where four seasons exist but not all in one day. I'm loving the sun and soaking it all up as much as I can for as long as there is sunshine and I can walk long enough that I don't work up a sweat.

It's going to be a rather bleak but also interesting break where I'll actually be working on assignments that are due in the first two weeks right after the break and heading off to Brisbane next Saturday with one or maybe two people for a few days.

I don't want to remain in IH and fork out an extra $420 for the one additional week that I'll be staying here before I depart for Brisbane. I could actually rent out a friend's place for the two weeks that she won't be here as since she'll be in sunny and humid Malaysia; Malaysia where the good food and late night shopping reign. Maybe I will. And should. But then again, it'll be rather hectic having to tidy my room and moving the bulk of my things to her place and especially where I have work to do and all. Blargh. Convenience costs. A lot.

Often times I really wish I had a little interesting and witty anecdote every week to entertain the readers but I just don't. Hopefully, something eventful comes up this break that I can ramble on about without meaninglessly bore people about irrelevant uni and or IH related stuff like the quality of IH food being on a steady rise in the last two weeks but seemingly dipping again to its previous atrocious state.

There was an article in the July edition of this year's Reader's Digest magazine about dreams and how we can actually control what we dream and remember a lot more things about our dreams in order to interpret their hidden meanings better. I suppose there were a lot of things in there that did make sense to me except for certain parts like how colours can tell you what the dream's settings are and lucid dreaming, which is a state of dream where you actually know that you are dreaming and able to determine what's going to happen then without any real life implications simply because it's just a dream.

Oh, imagine the possibilities of being able to control your dreams even if it's just a little. I just want to learn how to remember my dreams better in order to record them and reflect on them later. I want to be able to also make sure that I do dream of a particular something or someone. Okay, I think I'm going off track here. In any case, I'm in much need of some dream interpreter person to help me decipher the true meaning of my dreams and let me learn how to dream better adn recall them more accurately.

Dream on.

Edit because I want to:
Just got back from a joint 21st birthday party held in the PWR in IH. Lots of alcohol and food involved with several tipsy and sometimes drunk people dancing away to R&B and sometimes odd 90's music that should have stayed forgotten. I didn't feel like the drinking kind tonight so I'm actually feeling quite awake now at 2.31 am after having my fill of chips and dips and chocolate coated fruits.
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Saturday, September 09, 2006 | 13:17
zoned out within
Apathy is slowly creeping into the comfortable and lesser known existence of my own and within IH where assignments are struggling to be completed and midterms to cram for. I hate looking in from the outside of the glass bowl, observing the scurrying life flitting away while I stand by the sidelines and snigger when one of them trip and fall or hide my obvious happiness for them.

The all-consuming burden of work, work, work, is getting to me. I don't want to be one of those persons who complain all the time about how much work they have as compared to everyone else's work load and that they have to get round to doing it soon after they're done with their current bunch of assignments and midterms. But I think I am. Whatever happened to the laidback self that I knew once and thought existed last semester. Now I find myself burried beneath piles of incoherent lecture notes, half-heartedly completed tutorials, half-assed assignment results, and burning the midnight IH MeeG oil (though I do not indulge and or eat it) almost every night for the past two weeks.

The grey-eye-bags and dark-circles monster has emerged from its former shell that is me and transformed into one who couldn't be bothered with making fashion sense work and practically lives out of her IH rugby jumper and litres of coffee each day. I'm just barely surviving and clinging for some sort of social interactivity by shoving down breakfast and dinner opting to forego lunch and random romps in the city for hot chocolate during weekdays, caffeine infused intimate conversations and occasionally supporting IH related events and sports during weekends.

I would like to say that I am having a good half semester but I can't really because there're just some things lacking and some things unobtainable therefore returning to the lacking part. Literal translation = Catch-22. One dream just says it all.

Last night's dinner to celebrate a Japanese exchange girl's 21st birthday was one of the nicest and most proper fun times that I've had in a long time. It was an overdue thing that I've been meaning to get to doing. So yeah. Enjoyed a Korean barbeque slash Thai cuisine with the birthday girl alongside half of Melbourne's population who dropped by the restaurant and trickled out again after wishing her a happy 21st and all that jazz. It was fun. In a civilised kind of way.

The AGM is on Sunday when the new IHSC aka IH Student Council board will be elected. A bunch of people who I know will do a good job are running but some I'm not too sure. It's going to a be long night that one.

It's already past my usual post-lunch fruit munching session but I'm not hungry for some yet. The rest of the day will be spent crouching over the notebook's screen and keyboard working deliriously on my Corporate Law assignment due on Tuesday so that I can actually start studying for Accounting for Corporate Entities midterm on Tuesday.

What? Do I hear gasps of abomination over the injustice of having a midterm AND an assignment due on the SAME day? That's university life for you.

Shameless plug of the day:
IH made it into the Intercollegiate football slash soccer finals tomorrow morning after narrowly beating St. Hilda's 3-2 with a golden goal finish and I won't be there to support the team like I actually did this morning due to self-help brunch committments. Here's a mini shout-out to the team to kick -insert whatever college team name-'s ass tomorrow morning and claim back IH football sporting glory.

Jill |


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