Thursday, January 19, 2006 | 16:52
epitomes of an epiphany
Yeah, so I've been awol for the past week but I've got two good excuses for that. Well, I don't know if you can really count them as good excuses so much as good lame excuses but they were good enough for me to separate myself from the real world and enter two other different worlds at the same time. But before I elaborate further on the secret life I've treaded and left, there are some real world facts that I need to clear up first.

I can safely announce that all the pre-departure stuff have been settled and that just leaves me with departing and arriving in Oz safe and sound. The student visa, plane tickets, confirmation of enrolment, accepting an offer of placement in International House, and the little miscellaneous things to tie up are done. I feel like a huge weight has been cast off my shoulders and I can relax a little now. All I have to do and place my concerns on are the packing of stuff to lug over there and getting the credit exemptions for the Business Law and Management subjects. Oh, and also arrival services when I finally touch down. The dawning of all this has yet to overcome me but when it does, be sure to watch this space on that moment of realization to be materialized in condensed literal form.

Alright now. Confessions abound. The dormant fangirlism in me awoke when the youngest brother sneakily introduced me to this anime called 'Bleach' which got me kind of (which could be the understatement of the year for me so far) addicted to it. I promised myself I wouldn't go and get myself too into another anime show again after Yami, Kenshin, and a few others but of course the secret anime fangirl in me could never pry my own self away from my number one guilty pleasure. At first I thought I might get away with just watching a few episodes without getting too caught up in it but eventually I was soon trapped in the evil Bleach web. The whole love-hate relationship I have with anime can seriously deteriorate my hold on reality in time. But I have no intention of severing my ties with anime just yet.

So what do I think of it? Well, it's obvious isn't it. I love it but not so much as to say that it's my ultimate favourite show yet but it is in the top five. That title still belongs to Kenshin. Another orange-haired, sword-weilding character. Action-packed, hilarious, silly, irreverent, sometimes touching, and filled to the brim with stereotypical anime caricatures. There're the serious-calm-collected-cold one, four-eyes and sarcastic one, brash-loud-reckless one, well-endowed in the chest area (busty if you know what I mean) one, the red-headed one, (there always seems to be a redhead in every show) the intellectual one, happy-go-lucky-and-constantly-cheery one, and of course the main protagonist who everyone can't help but like even though he or she may not be the best one out of the lot.

I just realized I didn't really talk about the plot and stuff yet. But I'll leave it to you to find out for yourself why don't you. Keywords are Kurosaki Ichigo, Kuchiki, Shinigami, Hollow, Zanpaku-to, and Soul Society. Now currently awaiting any future manga-to-anime episodes to surface in the Bittorrent realm because I absolutely abhor filler episodes and think that they are the most evil of things to befall the entire television series community.

Now on to the next not-so-very guilty pleasure. 'Point Pleasant' is a good show. Interesting plot, pretty looking characters, cool background but obviously there's a downside to this all. The main plot deals with the grand idea of ultimate good versus ultimate evil namely Christ against the anti-Christ which is the Devil. If it's too much for you just imagine a cross of the OC and Charmed and you've got Point Pleasant. But there's just a bit more of the Charmed elements in it than OC. If only it wasn't cancelled, it would have made a great show to continue watching. Ah well. That's television cencorship for you.

Anyway, that's all for the recap of the past week on what I've been up to. Being glued to my notebook screen really took up most of my time now, didn't it. My next foray into television la-la land again will be 'Nip/Tuck' season 3. The anticipation of getting my hands on the full season three DVD that I got my aunt to procure for me is getting to me. That void of Christian and Mcnamara will finally be filled again once more. I am such a telly geek.

I am feeling so educationally and academically retarded. The brain turning slowly to mash is getting to me. Someone quick, teach me something educational but what I'll never apply to daily life in the next ten years!
Jill |

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 | 23:57
keep it mum
Most people know that I'm not one to trash talk or gossip or just plain blank gripe about someone to others. But I've had it. Today was the absolute limit that I could take it. With regards to the title of this post, I think you will know who I'm referring to without having to name names. We shall refer to this said person with the initial M from this point on.

Why does M have to always treat me everyday like a walking and talking scolding post? Like my only reason for my existence in M's pitiful life is to provide someone to scold at because M can't vent frustration at anyone else except me because I'm the same sex as M. If she weren't M, I'd most definitely be hating M even more than I do right now. That sounded totally abstract but I'm hoping people will get my meaning. What I meant was that if M was anyone else like say, someone my age, I'd most likely be the person backstabbing and gossiping about M every chance I get just to get back at M for all the mean stuff M's said and fought with me. I try to be as nice as I can possibly tolerate to M but she just doesn't seem to get it or simply wants me to hate M more. I honestly now cannot wait to get away from M for the next ten months after February. Then M will have to find someone else to torture with the scathing and rude remarks about everything we do. The whole situation is only made worse that I still have to live in this crap hole till I get to fly away finally. Not only that the torture will still continue in Oz as well as M's going with me too for one week. Like I don't get enough verbal bashings and fights here already. There're too many things that M's done to me or made me do which just got me into more trouble than I already was in.

Take today for instance. Thanks to M's poor memory and lack of common sense, she directed me to Terminal 3 instead of 2 to get my passport renewed where I spent nearly one hour just driving there and then backtracking to Terminal 2 where I finally got my number and waited there another two hours for my turn to hand over my old passport and the necessary documents. And M didn't even have the audacity to apologise for misleading me and sending me on a wild goose chase for a ghost building. If M was anyone else in the world, I would have blasted and screwed the person upside down so bad that there would be nothing left of him or her that could torment me anymore.

And that's not it either. There's just too much and too many situations in which I simply asked a simple and honest question and M retaliated with a snarl and a half hour lecture on everything else except the matter at hand. Just because you've had a bad day at work, someone's told you off, or embarrassed you, doesn't mean you have the bloody right to take it all out on your next of kin. What really pisses me off is that when M's ticked off about something, M'll find any excuse to tick me off as well just so M can feel better about M's self. Now you've had a glimpse into what a day in the life of me with M feels like. Welcome to hell.

There. I've said it. It's all out. I don't care, world. Think of me as a bad person, I don't give a fuck. This is the strongest I've ever felt before. If I didn't let it out now, the coroner'll find me lying on my room floor with my guts spilled out the following morning.

So, how was your day? And don't tell me about how your mother scolded you again for not checking the mailbox. I've had enough stories like that to last me a lifetime and a half.
Jill |

Monday, January 09, 2006 | 23:10
oddball in action
It's been a dull, dull weekend. Really. Long and dreadfully boring. Here's hoping to a better week and weekend.

Today's probably the most outer-bodily experience I've ever had the chance to enjoy. Not necessarily enjoyable but just being in the moment. It was a really unusual and odd and weird funny feeling. I've never been so disconnected from the world before. I mean, there were and always will be periods of my own disconnectment from the world, but today was just absolutely unplugged and so very far away from the other world. I was totally in my own little world with hardly any human contact except for the occasional waves and grunts to the brothers shuffling in and out of the house. My brain felt lighter than any other times I felt my mind begin to float away. It was intense yet lighthearted. To add to the numbness of it all, human population normally populating the roads outside my house seemed to have ceased for the moment of today. It could be due to the school holiday today explaining for the absence of everyday life moving up and down on any usual weekday.

But I like to think that it was my own temporary period of blackoutness attributing to my own unplugging from the natural world. Kind of like the Matrix, if you will allow me to compare myself to contemporary pop movies.

Deviating for a moment while on the topic of movies, watch 'Memoirs of a Geisha' if you haven't read the book, do not watch it if you've read it. Readers will probably be as dissapointed with it as I am, non-readers might just almost likely enjoy it. Go watch 'Kong' again or just save your cine-fare for afast food meal.

Today's post really serves no other purpose than to record my own little glitch in the world where I actually managed to detach my self from my body almost wholly. It was a momentarily cool and surreal experience which lasted no more than fifteen minutes. I wonder when I'll get the chance to experience that again.

My mother made me realize the other day that I'll be carrying eight newly acquired novels begging to be perused, lovingly battered, and read longingly, along with the other 50 kilos of luggage to Oz.

Breaking News: Visit link. Or just go directly to this one.
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Tuesday, January 03, 2006 | 20:09
keys to the club
2006. Well now. Feels just like 2005, wouldn't you say so? Doors are opening so grab the opportunity before it slips through your fingers. I should make that my motto this year.

I don't really want to start off the new year with some boring recount of my ongoing preparations to Melbourne but if you must know then I shall reflect on some of the more interesting bits.

The school life and college students mingling around cafes, halls, and registry counters are back with a vengeance. I'm glad for once that I don't have to experience this till late February only but I still have to return to the dreaded college to get the academic transcripts sorted out and certified and stuff. Driving back and forth to the IDP centre in Subang is starting to be a pain and annoying me as hell. Why can't there be an IDP centre somewhere near PJ too so that I don't have to ferry myself up and down the highway every other day. It'll make my life and everyone else's so much better and easier on the environment as well. The waiting process continues as the bloody COE is still pending. I hate this whole waiting business and am starting to miss being all busied about and getting things straightened out. I think it's the adrenaline rush that I'm missing and not exactly the things that I have to do. I've basically gotten my stationery and papers and notebooks settled and bought so not much worries in that department. It's the clothes, bags, shoes and toiletries that's getting me uptight and wrinkling me up now. There is absolutely no way that I can fit the most or even the least of my stuff to be taken with me there. Officially speaking. I would need to dump more than half of it all to get it passed immigration and checking procedures. Woe is the girl with too much stuff to bring with her. I hate that I have too much to think of and deliberate on what I should take and what I should leave at home.

If there was only one teen movie you could watch in your entire life, make it 'The Breakfast Club'. Yes, it's an 80's movie. Yes, it's a teen high school movie. But it's probably the best damn teen high school movie ever made. And it was in the 80's. I know that teen movies are not the type of movies I ever watch and try to avoid them as much as I can since the 'American Pie' genre movies exploded into the scene so obscenely. But this one was different. They had bad fashion sense but it was probably the 'it' thing back then and just doesn't apply to any of us in this century. Bad fashion aside, I can see why this movie was really the pinnacle of teen movies and that really started the trend for all to follow but just doesn't emulate it as well or even comes close to. It has all the elements and slightly more that simply translates to a great movie on screen. I mean, I know I'm past my high school days already but it was and always will be fun and nice to relate back then. High school here is never and probably never will be like those as seen in the movies but there will always be some part that we can liken ourselves to them or a situation like that. Sure, the movie mainly revolves around the five characters that holds everything together. There's the jock, the brain, the prom queen, the criminal, and the outcast or misfit. What more could define the quintessential motley crew of a group of high school typecasts? I think I could be typecast as a misfit back then. Notwithstanding the pretty faces, I actually loved the cliched match-ups between the jock and the misfit and the criminal with the prom queen in the end. Oops, spoiler warning given too late.

Boy, those 80's directors sure knew what they were doing back then as compared to the paltry servings of movies we're being shoved into watching now. Sometimes I wish I can transport myself to those times when good movies were really good movies and not cheap junk that we are used to suffering through now. The point I'm trying to get to is to just watch this show and forget every other high school movie you've ever watched. I so have to scrounge for the vcd now. Wonder if there're any deleted scenes I should know about?

Still harpering on the topic of movies, 'King Kong' was good. I liked it. Seriously. You can really tell that it's a Pete Jackson work. The close-up shots, the comical moments, lavish backdrops, gross-out factors. All PJ's trademark. After watching the LOTR movies several ten's of times, it's hard not not to notice his style. But, yes. The point being it is a good movie and you should watch it when and if you can. A tad bit too long for my liking as the "fight" or rather chase scenes were too drawn out but when you push that aside, it is a fittingly satisfying movie.

Spending my late mornings to afternoons reading lazily and lounging around the couch and bed is my usual routine for now. After spending the last two weeks basically out of the house and hobnobbing around town shopping for last minute CNY stuff, I really need a break. I haven't been able to really laze around the house like I normally do during the holidays since exams were finished with and returning home from the China trip. That's almost a month ago. A month lost in non-lazing around the house. Yikes. Anyways, happy 2006 to everyone who bothers visiting my blog these days and thank you in advance for continuing to do so for the rest of the year.
Jill |


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