Saturday, March 31, 2007 | 00:37
vivid cloudy mornings
The clock is ticking down to my usual slumber land departure. I had two sushi rolls and a bag of Starburst gummi sweets for dinner because I had a rather large substantial plateful of spicy belacan fried rice cooked by yours truly which tasted better than I thought it would because of the added sweetness from the softened fried onion and tangy soy sauce and white pepper whisked into the egg mixture.

It's been a while since I've been this happy with something as simple as fried rice with nary a vegetable or meat in sight or even in my tummy after the meal.

I've been caught in a bit of a Sudoku and word puzzle games frenzy lately due to boredom and residual impact from reading the daily news. Now who says reading isn't good for you? I do, as it detracts me from my usual routine of studying (occasionally), internet-ing (a whole lot more than I need to), and indulging in the weekly downloaded shows (at least five times a week owing to the amount of different and upcoming shows I follow).

I am happy for being gym-happy more than usual this week as I actually worked on the treadmill for half an hour and burned approximately 250 calories on that one particular day. Now to just up the ante a little and push myself further to run at least three times a week. Somehow I don't see
that happening anytime too soon. Well, at least yoga is coming along great even though the class is packed most of the times I've attended.

My mind must not have been listening to my subconscious thought when I signed up as a volunteer for the Run for the Kids Good Friday Appeal held by the Royal Children's Hospital. Not only is it a full on six hours event deal, which involves marshaling the runners to the starting points and setting up drink aid stations at the recovery areas, I have to be up at the crack of dawn (maybe before actually) and be at the place by 6.30 am to begin our volunteering work.

Incomprehensible actions and reasonable thoughts do not mix in my brain apparently.

I've been trying to get a part time job which hasn't worked so well. I guess it's mostly my fault as I've been pretty lax and not as enthusiastic about it as I should be or at least as a person looking for some extra cash should be. The pickiness and finickiness factors come into play as well because I really can be too fussy in my choice of work place and conditions of pay. And one really cannot be too choosy in this field of work. Well, I already submitted a resume to this candy shop and hopefully I do get called back about it. I really am considering working full time through the Easter break if I do get a real job somewhere nearby my place preferably. Maybe waitressing wouldn't be too bad after all. Yeah, me transporting mounds of delicate food on fragile heavy plates while trying to look elegant in my simple black shirt and musty food stained apron.

Sure why not. Now I just need someone to teach me the secret to stylish waitressing and how to dress the part like those perfectly combed and dressed waitresses in the movies oozing potential cum perfect bosoms.

Hmm, nice legs. Though I don't know if you're strong enough to handle all the panhandling that comes with the job.
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Sunday, March 25, 2007 | 10:58
zenith downward spiral
Once again due to inefficiencies in my time management plan and policies about completing work on time, I'm back here again to burn time in hopes that this guilt trip will push me to work doubly and hopefully triply hard at getting back into the grind stone.

Work piling up but nothing to do, I decided to come up with a totally impromptu lesson in lyric writing by changing a few lyrics to the 'Spider-man' theme song and incorporate my Corporate Finance's lecturer's name into it. It came out fairly alright considering I've never had any experience or hand in lyric writing before and he apparently liked it when I emailed him the finished product. So much so that he's offering a once-off prize for the best recorded version of the song that I wrote. Isn't there some royalty issues that are at hand here? I'm not a lawyer and don't proclaim to know much about the legalities in the music industry but I'm pretty sure I should get some form of compensation for creating it. Albeit it isn't an original lyric though since the score was created like in the 80's or something like that far back. I did record a one minute track for him as well but I hope he won't be cruel enough to distribute to the whole class of like a few hundred students to mock and listen to my crap singing.

I have four text books laid out in front of me waiting to get my hands and head into it but I'm too distracted to do any real work now.

Easter break is only two weeks away but I feel like that it's not going to be much of a break for me considering I have an assignment due thereafter and two mid semester tests to study for which make up a substantial portion of my total assessment. I'm probably going to be needing a break to recover from the Easter break more so then.

Yesterday I had my first Creative Writing session which is going to last for the next eight weeks excluding the Easter holidays. It was a good and creatively challenging first three-hours session where I had to scrap the bottom of the barrel for some morsel of creativeness when we had two practice writing sessions. Considering I haven't had a dash of writing involvement since high school and excluding blogging, I'd say I didn't do half bad except that the other eleven participants in the room had a very broad range of writing styles that I find refreshing and just urges me on to do better. The instructor or facilitator was a gentle and well spoken and read lady who made me feel really comfortable despite me being late for my first class. Tardiness seems to be a growing habit nowadays. We had homework as well on writing about your earliest childhood experience or drawing something from there and just creating some short prose about it. Hopefully I can come up with something better and creatively enticing than a story about my first day of school or my first lolly.

The FINA World Swimming Championships are here in Melbourne with all the swimming greats gathered on one stage or in this case swimming pool and I might not be able to experience it because the tickets cost a bomb and my mom would prefer if I'd use the money for something more exciting and interesting like 'The Phantom of the Opera' broadway show in July. It's such a downer that I'm actually right here where all the exciting action is happening yet I can't go for it. This sucks. It simply quite crudely, blows.

Then there's the footy (Australian Rules Football) season coming up and I will not leave Melbourne without experiencing a full on footy match at the coveted Telstra Dome or MCG. So many things to do, so little time. Or more likely too much time to burn and inefficiently utilizing the seconds and minutes and hours that seem to fly by too quickly for me to notice.

The weather in Melbourne is erratic as ever. 33 degrees weather one day and the next temperatures plunging to a chilly 20 degrees and below. You know you really have nothing else to say when one starts talking about the weather. Because I really do not and will leave the blogging virtual world behind for now. There's the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival festivities going on today with the event being 'Wicked Sunday' where an array of chocolates, coffee, sticky wines, pastries, and ice-creams will be featured at Federation Square and the public is invited to partake in this gourmet feast fit for the luscious and decadent taste buds. I really hope I can make it because I need some serious foodie therapy to calm my nerves down a bit before delving into the harsh reality once again.
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Sunday, March 18, 2007 | 16:22
rescind and repent
Couldn't be bothered to blog but am doing so for the sake of preserving my own posterity and narcissistic vain self for future references and namesake mockery.

Tomorrow I would be entering the fourth week of the first semester of my final year of university life. I'd rather skip all the typical and generic languishing over how time flies so fast and reminiscing about past events and all that stuff. Truth is, I really don't have much to blog these days and seem to be smothered in work thrown by jaded lecturers and even more jaded and often times sarcastic-in-your-face tutors. It's a daily and grueling affair to try to swim viciously through the insane amount of work that third years have to deal with now.

Wow, I just referred to myself as a third year. Old I am.

Anyway, it's like they expect you to be fully transformed into adult hood or something once you're past that second year phase and assume that we all know what we'd be in for in our final year, mostly excluding the double degree-ers who don't know when to stop studying or just trying to delay working life from coming too soon.

So, I'm getting ahead of myself again as I usually seem to be doing these few days. Living off campus is kind of fun in a cooking-and-cleaning-for-yourself kind of way where meal times are not dictated in a previous IH-fascist way and you get your own space to work, think, eat, sleep, and attempt working some more. It's somewhat bad as well since my meal times are erratic and inconstant resulting in binging and hunger pangs at 2 am. But overall the good outweighs the bad any day considering I save a whole lot by eating at home. Internet is relatively good, transporting or walking from university is accessible and easy going, and you can never go hungry where I'm staying as Safeway is like a block away, Boost Juice is right at my doorstep and an abundance of restaurants and cheap eats are a stone or stones throw away.

The flood gates are beckoning for me to open them soon and the pile of work to be completed before tomorrow 9 am tutorial is staring menacingly at me. What am I still doing here??? I really should hide my notebook away from my prying eyes and itching fingers for senseless online trawling.

Ta for now.
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Saturday, March 03, 2007 | 18:20
Damien Rice Live in Melbourne 2007
Finally the long awaited upload is done. After several tries of uploading on YouTube and then some editing of the video as well, here we have it.

Jill |

Thursday, March 01, 2007 | 12:28
comely tidings
Alright, so I've been back in the land of the raging and freakishly erratic weather otherwise known as Melbourne for more than a week now. Almost ten days at most but who's counting anyway.

I am really not at all bothered to recount the happenings from last week when my family came along for the ride as well but just for posterity and my own selfish reasons sake I'll try to do it best as I can.

So, arrived last Monday night at my new place on LaTrobe Street which is
probably one of the better location you can be at if you are uni student and don't want to be too far away from the city. My younger brother is also currently enrolled in UniMelb as well with him being just a year behind of me. And staying in the same apartment complex as well. Only just five floors below me. Convenience sake, closeness, however you want to put it.

So yes, family in Melbourne, what do you do? Where to take them? All these questions going round my head. We basically just traveled within the city actually and went shopping quite a bit and settling down in the new place. Loads of boxes to unpack, place to clean up, house supplies to be bought, room to be spruced up, and all that jazz. Had most meals out in various restaurants in Chinatown, around the city and Lygon. All in all a rather relaxing holiday for them not including me and my brother I think because we were more concerned about settling our uni stuff and enrollment amidst trying to satisfy the parents and the other younger younger brother as well.

Oh yeah, attended the Damien Rice show on February 20th last Tuesday night at the Palais Theatre at St. Kilda and it was awesome. Like really good. Better than record good. I took like a eight minute long video of the encore of the show where he performed the second last song of the night on the piano and it was understatedly incredible. I forgot that he was Irish until he started speaking. Which he sounded totally cute with that Irish accent thing and swearing every sentence or so. He was just being mostly random and mellow throughout the night where at the later part of the show he actually invited some random guy to come up on stage and take over for him for one song. Which he wasn't all that bad actually surprisingly.

Mental note: will try to upload the said video on YouTube as soon as I can for all to ravish at the performance that was and is Damien Rice.

Anyway the family sans my brother and I returned to KL on Saturday afternoon after a dim sum brunch which unfortunately didn't taste all that great but filled empty stomachs well. Thus it was then my brother and I left to fend for ourselves so to speak. Overall it was a rather uneventful weekend with just more cleaning up the apartment and getting things sorted and together. My house-mate arrived just two days ago actually where classes were already in the swing of things. Still it is only the first week so it can get better.

Am contemplating on joining this Creative Writing short course the university student union has on offer aside from the other myriad short courses available as well. It could very well put me back on track on my supposedly on-hiatus writing journey for almost three or four years now. Hopefully with fingers crossed.

Anyway, have to get ready for another two hour lecture later. And pay the monthly rent. And think of what to cook tonight for dinner. Man, this living out business thing is a lot different than what I thought it would be. Not difficult I mean, just a different environment than what I'm used to.

Oh, another mental note: Phantom of the Opera in July. Must get tickets. Really.
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