Tuesday, September 30, 2008 | 15:14
usurper of my reality
One of the reasons for my very long overdue update posting, is because of the advent of the return of the many, many shows after the very, very long hiatus. I miss them all. You name it, I probably am downloading them right now.

My two new favourite shows are 'Greek' and 'Entourage', which both are awesome in their own rights. But more importantly, it is the return of 'Gossip Girl' (XOXO!), 'Heroes' (Milo!), the CSI franchises (Grissom!), 'House' (Hugh Laurie!), and 'Supernatural' (El Deano and Darling Sammy!) that have me reeling from excitement and being all preoccupied by the too many shows bombarding me almost every day of the week now. Who doesn't love some drama, comedy, and scary sci fi looking stuff every week now, eh? TV is looking good this season around. There are other shows that I am keeping up to date with, like 'Prison Break', 'Monk', and 'Dexter'. And then some.

Anyways, things are floating around. Happenings, goings-on and stuff. I'm much too lazy and tired to recap them from the deep recesses of my brian brain so I'm just going to extol some shallow fangirling type writing to keep things light since I've already started the ball rolling about my fave shows this season.

OMFG GG XOXO!! I love, love the second season of 'Gossip Girl'! How much do you love their clothes, their cattiness and the sheer awesomeness that is GG? It's so over the top but you can't help but salivate over the insaneness and suck up all the craziness of it all. Half the things that they do don't even fathom in reality simply because underage kids for example can't just get a drink in a bar so easily in NYC. I don't care how rich they are, you just can't do that! In any case, then there's also the lavishness of their clothes, bags, heels, and hair which don't make any sense in a private school no matter how lax the dress code is. But I guess a girl has to make do with what little leeway that they can get out of making their uniform as slutty perverted individual as they are able to without being told to go home and change. And that without even mentioning yet the mad dramaness that these kids go through on a daily basis, from slutty blackmailing MILFs, an evil genius plotting a Queen Bee overthrow, and playing truant with fashion houses to sleeping around with toy boys and a stepson.

Dun dun dun, then there's 'Heroes'. The first episode of the new season doesn't seem to be as suspenseful and tight as they could have made it but nevertheless I am still going to be watching the show as closely as I can, only because of the hotness that is Milo and Weevil from 'Veronica Mars' making an appearance. Wee!

And of course, not forgetting my other love child, 'Supernatural'. God, it's been way too long Dean and Sam. You can't put down a Winchester kid for too long before an angel comes and pluck them out of the burning inferno down there. I can't believe it's taken them four seasons to finally come around to dealing with the concept of angels and God and the Devil. I can't wait for the supposed Apocalypse to come at the end of the season and see what happens to the kiddos and the world.

Okay, I think I've rattled off for way too long already. Time to get back to sucky reality where the pretty clothes are way too expensive, I don't get to fight evil bad guys who cut off the top of your head to look into your brain or black smoky demons who inhabit innocent peoples' bodies, and I don't live in West Hollywood or NYC to check out the fancy schmancy celebs at the local Coffee Bean or hip Greenwich Village.
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