Saturday, May 26, 2007 | 11:06
full circle
I'm in the library blogging on my personal portable computer otherwise known as a MacBook when I really should be studying and not throwing away precious time down the drain like indulging in things like this.

I've reached the end of my second last semester of my uni life. I don't want to talk about it yet I do want to think about it and eschew the lessons I've learned and yet to learn from from experiences so far in my very brief uni life. It's too soon. Everything I love and want to do more is ending way too soon and passing by too fast and quick for me to digest the goings-on of it all.

I've forged new friendships and strengthened old ones. Learned new things that I thought I'd forgotten and lost over the years. Met people whom I wished I'd never met only because I'd hate to say goodbye to them so soon. Am placing myself in fate's hands that I'd meet some of the new ones I'd met over the semester again in future because they really are great people.

Damn I really dislike getting all reminiscent and touchy feely about things like this. Maybe it's because I can be a bit cold at times and distant also but I just don't see the point in pretending you are unless you really are that weepy and soft and have a heart of gold.

Not that I don't do good deeds and all but that's just me.

Readers have reportedly commented that my blog is too difficult for them to understand so in future I will try to make my writing as readable as possible but no guarantees as I like the idea that my writing is incomprehensible so that means it leaves me much room for twisting my words and putting some weird spin on things that only I can understand much to chagrin of others.

So much for trying to be more accessible eh.

My TV-tubing days are coming to a close. At quite possibly could be the most appropriate time as well what with the exams looming over the horizon. 'Heroes', 'Lost', 'Supernatural', and 'C.S.I.' have ended their run of the latest season and half having mind-blowing cliff hangers and leaving us viewers begging for more. Too bad we have to wait till many more moons and months before our insatiable appetites are whetted and filled.

How can I live when such great shows are no longer airing and I'm stuck with crappy and overblown summer blockbuster movies which are tagged with cliches but I still will inevitably watch.

Goodbye sanity, hello world.
Jill |

Sunday, May 13, 2007 | 01:15
A funny thing happened on my way to school today.

Okay fine so it didn't happen on my way to school and it happened tonight and not during the day. But it was kind of funny. In an odd and strangely new kind of way.

The walls separating my apartment unit and the neighbour aren't very thick lest it being sound proof. Halfway through working on my assignment and watching CSI mid way as well the incessant and mind-numbingly annoying techno music was blasting through my walls from the neighbours' unit. It went on for almost an hour when we decided to confront the neighbours.

We banged on the door pretty loudly because we thought that maybe they couldn't hear our knocks. Our efforts was to no avail after all but we persevered. After a few more times of trying to get them to shut down the bloody music and to no success, we decided to make a bold move.

We made an emergency call.

As in to the police. The shiny vehicle roaming the streets to keep them safe kind.

It was a rather unique and interesting experience talking to the person on the phone as they sounded quite amused with our "emergency" and even asked as to what type of music they were playing.

After explaining our situation a few minutes later as luck would have it, the music stopped as the tenant apparently returned home and actually had mistakenly left the radio on blasting for the night when they left the place. Quite a while later on, the police arrived at our place and talked to us for a while about this disturbance of ours.

They were actually quite friendly and found the whole thing rather amusing. I suppose they don't get quite a lot of calls of this nature other than noisy parties and drunkards disturbing the peace of the community. They basically just advised on how to go about this type of situation again should it arise in future and were very nice about the whole thing.

I should have taken a photo with them. Commemoration of a one-off incident which I hope won't happen too soon again.
Jill |

Wednesday, May 09, 2007 | 15:01
ails that heal
Really don't want to do this anymore. Blogging I mean. It's not that I dislike my blog. It's the work that I put into this blog that gets me sometimes. There should be like an automatic blogging software where lazy bloggers like myself can just type in key words, scenarios, dialogue, names, places and a whole post can be instantly generated and after a little tweaks here and there, it can be posted into the world wide wed almost instantaneously.

God that would be nice.

Anyway, places to be, things to do, errands to run, work to be due soon, and plenty of affairs boggling the mind.

The brother was sick today. Really sick. Took him to the university health service clinic this morning and he was prescribed some tablets. I cooked some bland looking fish porridge for him as well but he threw them all up half an hour later just like he did with all the other food he ingested since last night. I don't know if I'm going about this whole surrogate mother thing all right but I'm doing my best for now. Hope he'll get better soon considering it's closing towards the end of the semester.

Speaking of the end of semester, time is definitely passing by too fast. Way too fast. I'm not ready for anything. Literally. Panic. Attack. Commencing. Now.

In other news, life goes along swimmingly. Nonchalantly and unabatedly regardless of whether you're ready for the things that it throws your way or not. All we can do is to face them headlong and headstrong and with perseverance.

Downloading and watching the latest exploits of my favourite telly shows seem to be only escapism I have from reality. Nonetheless most of them are ending soon with Heroes, House, and Lost airing their last few episodes in the following weeks before that void in my TV viewing habit has to be filled.

Myopic as it sounds, I really can't wait for the one month break to arrive even though I know there's a long real life waiting for me ahead. Just as long as I don't come crashing down before that happens first.
Jill |


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