Friday, October 28, 2005 | 23:26
real world meets my world
Firstly, I'd like to express my wishes and gratitude towards my readers who cared enough to take your time to be shocked at last week's events. No, I really mean it. So, yeah, thanks.

Now, on to the topics of the week.

I was on a good reading streak during the weekend. I read three hardcover books in three days. I don't know whether it's because I've got so much time on my hands, if I'm just too bored and couldn't be arsed to read my Management book, or the books were really, really interesting enough to keep me reading on through the night. I'd like to think that it was the last possibility.

As you noticed from the lack of updates my week has been thoroughly and definitely boring and quite within the norm. No sudden midnight trips to Japan (though I wish I could), no emergency evacuation of house or from college due to fire (we got a one-time-use fire extinguisher now in light of recent events), and nothing out of the ordinary happening in and out of the house (unless you can call the sudden looseness of my jeans on me one).

Probably the next to most exciting thing I did this week was finally getting that Nick Hornby book I've been itching and achingly wanting to get since watching the movie and then several times more over. Not many people know about my infatuation with 'About a Boy' but I can honestly say that it is the ultimate movie for just chilling out and when you're feeling down and need a little pick-me-up. Aside the fact that Hugh Grant was awesome in it, everything else was just as brilliant. It's also annoying in my part because now that I have the book, I have to anxiously wait to actually read it after I'm done with my other reading commitments. Damn my inane stickler self for wanting everything to follow to plan and first-bought-first-read basis.

Highly perched on my must-read book list is also another Hornby creation; 'High Fidelity'. After reading a few pages of the first chapter I was instantly hooked but forced myself to save it for future reading pleasure. I think I'm on my way to becoming a loyal Hornby reader. It's about time I found someone new that I can obsess over for the next few months. Unhealthy it may be but at least it keeps me from being agitated due to unbridled inactiveness.

So, yeah, sadly but not too sadly, the most exciting thing I did this week was to catch Tim Burton's 'Corpse Bride'. If you liked 'Nightmare before Christmas' then you'll most likely love this movie too. It's not exactly on par with 'Nightmare' but nevertheless it was still good. Sweet, simple storyline with really pretty and macabre background and colours. You can't really expect anything less from a Tim Burton creation and I'm happy to say that I'm thoroughly satisfied with it. Go watch it! It's only 90 minutes of pure claymination joy.

The one week break began today and I'll be spending it on two assignments which are due by the time I return to college. This is the strangest semester I've ever attended. It doesn't feel like I'm actually studying really hard for college because it's only eight weeks long with no mid-semester exam and only one final exam. I'm only doing two subjects, both of which are reading-only subjects and I like the other as much as I hate the other. Pertaining to the lecturers, I like my Law lecturer and tutor as much as I hate my Management lecturer cum tutor. The Law tutor reminds me of House from 'House'. Those who know both of these characters will understand my sentiments. It's like I don't know whether to feel offended or entertained by his comments every time I enter the class. It seems the best thing about HELP are the funny and witty Law lecturers that they have who always somehow make the classes more interesting. Thank goodness for this small group of lecturers. I wouldn't know how I'd survive if there weren't a single teacher like them.

Wow, when was the last time I praised my lecturers this much? I don't think I ever did.

Well, I think I've gone on quite a bit already. Quitting time. Tomorrow's agenda include baking a banana loaf bread using our new microwave-oven and working on assignments. I'll try to get a picture of it up if it turns out alright. Taste-wise and appearance too.
Jill |

Thursday, October 20, 2005 | 18:47
fiery situation
After last night's incident, I don't know whether to feel relieved, sad, optimistic or unreal. It still feels very surreal that such a thing happened to this family in our very own house but it did. It's that sort of things that you never believe that it'll happen to you and when it does you start getting paranoid about everything else. Well, that's my mom actually but I'm trying to make a point here.

To get to the gist of it all, the house very nearly almost would've went up in smokes and flames if it hadn't been for my quick thinking to get the garden hose to flush out the fire or mini explosion that happened to the living room's air-conditioner unit. My mom switched it on upon deciding that the weather was getting too warm for her despite my plea not to because I was on the other hand feeling slightly chilly already. Then a sudden small blast popped and then in a matter of minutes, what we thought was just a random spark became a flaming air-con unit. Two brothers came running down only when I started screaming for help and I couldn't believe my words when I actually shouted, "The house is on fire!". We just started getting bottles of water to douse the flames but it kept getting bigger until I managed to calm myself down for a second or two and remembered about the garden hose outside that I never use. So, I immediately rushed out to grab it hoping that it'll be long enough to reach the fire and it did fortunately for everyone. Black and thick smoke began engulfing the house and I could barely breathe until the fire was put out. Everything within near proximity of the air-con unit was covered in black soot. It was all over within less than fifteen minutes, I wager. My dad only came into the picture to examine the damage after we called him and he promptly arrived as soon as he could.

The cleaning up process is nearly finished. I couldn't touch anything this morning without inspecting it for the tiniest dust or black soot. I almost didn't want to go for my Law lecture this morning but decided against it because I think I would have choked some more had I remained in the house because of the rancid stench. I can still feel some of the soot on me and I've been scrubbing my hands raw to get rid of the black dirt. The electrical appliances should be all dried up during the night and we can safely resume to TV-watching leisure.

I suppose there's a lesson ingrained in this somewhere but I can't seem to find one. Well, I guess the most important thing is that the house didn't burn to the ground and I think it was actually my materialistic self that pulled me through the crisis for getting the garden hose instead of jumping around like my mom did throughout the thing. For a brief moment I thought, "I can't let my room and everything in it go up in flames! There're too many precious stuff in it! My clothes! My notebook! My handphone! My books! Think, Jillian, think!" and then the light bulb in my brain lit up and off I went racing for the said hose. So, I suppose being materialistic in a way is a curse and a blessing. It was definitely a blessing to me at that moment because I could think rationally and didn't go running out of the house screaming for help and alerting any irrtitable neighbours.

The ceiling has definitely seen better days. Selfish as I may sound but I can't wait to really go away now after last night's accident. It's like how much more can things get screwed up. Sigh.

Okay, enough of the depressing recount and aftermath ponder of events. The new video iPod looks really good but 30GB sounds a bit too much for me. I'm still eyeing the U2 one and hopefully there'll be stocks around as it is limited in production. The new iBook G4 looks extremely tempting as well. It's highly unlikely that I will get it but it's always nice to dream about its cool and sleek white body and shape.

I need a shopping trip to ease my nerves. I think it's about time I get an exercise mat as well. The gym going thing just isn't working out.
Jill |

Tuesday, October 18, 2005 | 22:20
end of all things
Not really of all things but of most things to me.

For one thing, my universities applications are done and submitted already and I just have to wait patiently for the reply letters to arrive in the next three to four weeks. Hopefully they'll arrive earlier so that I can get my student visa done too in time. Will have to make another trip back to IDP to enquire about accomodations and lodgings when I do get my firm offer letter. Please let me get into Sydney, please.

Regarding my last entry, I was a bit not right in the head as I was partially awake then due to lack of solid food in my body at the time. I'm feeling much better now after several square meals and multiple doses of coffee and milo. The third semester started last week and tutorials begin this week. Assignments are soon due in less than a month and I have twelve hours of lectures and four hours of tutorials a week for the next eight months. How wonderful when you factor in the finals being scheduled in the first week of December. Sigh. Considering I only have to do two subjects; Business Law and Organisations and Management, it doesn't sound too bad, right? I couldn't be more wrong. I don't mind Law as most of the things being taught in class are what I already learned last semester and during SAM last year. However, MGT100 is a whole different matter. The moment I enter lectures, I instantly want to nod off and doze the whole three hours away. Me being the lazy girl that I am, actually convinced myself that I don't need to stay the whole lecture but leave after the first hour during break to go home. The lecturer hasn't suspected me and my accomplices ditching classes yet but I think I better start reading up on the material myself at home to make up for those lost hours. The text isn't any better except that I don't automatically want to sleep when I read about leadership or work delegation. If only I could get exempted from doing this subject. I have a bad premonition too about my grade regarding this subject. I can't seem to get on well with subjects whose codes start with M like MKT100 and MGT100. I only hope I don't fail for this one.

Right, enough of the ragging. I didn't manage to take the French lessons that I really would like to. My conscience just wouldn't let me forget about what might happen if I screw up Law in this semester. So, I'm hoping also at the same time that if, and only if, I get offered a scholarship I'd want to take up French lessons in the university itself. Sounds pretty silly but I feel that it would be a nice addition to my so-called future daily life in Australia. Damn it. I'm planning too far ahead again. But yeah, a scholarship would be really nice and accomodating so that my parents won't have to spend so much for me.

Do you think I should sponsor a child in India? The whole World Vision thing during the famine sort of got me feeling for those less fortunate there. I don't want to elaborate too much on it but I'd gladly tell you about it in person. I just have to fork out RM50 a month from my allowance to save a child. Wow, that whole fasting thing really changed me just that slightly from an indifferent individual to a less indifferent one with a more compassionate heart. What is happening to me? Next, I'll be volunteering at hospitals and animal shelters. That's a weird little scenario.

My iPod dream has not faded the least bit still. I've been saving up to get my hands on the black and red U2 one at the end of the year. My mission is to be happily listening to one before I depart for my yet to be really happening university life. Oh, and the Apple iBook is starting to look really enticing and attractive now that I've lost all faith in anything related to Microsoft. I'm convinced that Gates made a deal with the devil to become what he is today in return to make everyone's lives a living hell on earth using his products of destruction and mayhem. The glimmer of hope has evaporated and I swear that all those in agreement with me can understand my sentiments.

On a lighter note, I've been not very secretly watching JLU cartoons on Saturday mornings in which I purposely get up just slightly earlier than I normally would on weekends. It's a guilty pleasure of mine in which I hate to admit but it's always fun to watch Batman and company beat up the baddies in more ways than one once a week to lessen any stress that I've been penting up with if I ever do have any. Now, why did I just announce that to the whole world to read. Darn my inconspicuous nature to hang my dirty laundry to dry. Not literally of course since I don't even do my own laundry. Which I will have to when I start living on my own.
Jill |

Monday, October 17, 2005 | 00:44
It's been more than a week since my last post. Quite a fair bit has happened since then and I shall try to relate the interesting bits and pieces of the past week in chronological order.

Firstly, the reason for my none-posting and none-onlining to chat with the infamous cousin. The wifi thingy in my notebook which is apparently built in it, is on the fritz and no one knows how to rectify the problem. Not even those techy guys who apparently can fix anything but only know the sole solution to fixing a damn wifi connection problem is reformatting the entire hard disk. Thus, I will have to bear with the very slow dial-up connection for now or just don't go online as frequently as I used to before this. It's been really trying to use the dial-up as I hate waiting. Especially for web pages to load when it would just take less than two seconds to load with the streamyx. Sigh.

Okay, some good news. Got back my results and I managed to pull off a HD for Bus Stats, and 3Ds for Acc2, Eco2, and Intro to Law miraculously. I was actually expecting a Cr for FLAW but I'm not complaining and just feel glad that it turned out alright. I suppose I can start applying for unis now. The next nail-biting phase is next. Which uni will accept me? Damn.

Now, for some interesting short stories to be told. I think it would be appropriate to call me crazy if you will as I actually volunteered and participated in the 30-hour famine at HELP starting yesterday, 12 pm till 6 pm today. I've had my eating fill already and even though I think I ate relatively little to satisfy my hunger pangs, I feel like throwing up now. It's like my stomach can't get used to the idea of food after such a long fast. Strangely enough the roughly 200 plus fasters of us could get through the thing long enough before any one of us fainted. I didn't really feel hunger pangs yesterday as there were lots of activities that we could do and some local celebs visited us. To name a few, there was Datin Marina Mahathir officiating the event, Gloria Ting, Zen, Ashraf Sinclair, Carmen Soo, Juwita, Jay, Ian, Altered Frequency and some other bands which I didn't exactly stay on to watch till 3 am as my body was already shutting down at 12 midnight. Hopefully a newspaper of some sort will report this in a more accurate narrative as I can't seem to think exactly straight now.

It was really interesting and good to say the least as my little group of seven of us went to the KL Sentral station for a short mission of outreach awareness about HIV/AIDS. The main theme was about that and five of us wore these sandwich boards with various statements or questions on them. I didn't wear it but I passed out pamphlets. I don't think I do really well with being put on display so much but maybe next time.

If I could do it again next year, I think I would. Provided I can make it of course if I intend to be leaving for Aus and I definitely want to. I'll be at the IDP Aus Uni fair on Tuesday at Subang so hope to see some familiar faces there. My head feels very light now. I need some sleep. Okay fine, I have to admit something first. Ashraf was really cute but I didn't watch that futsal movie thing and I don't intend to even though he was in it. I just think he's cute. Oh and the cameraman filming throughout the event was not too bad either.

There, I said it! Being deprived of any nourishment except for plain water is enough to make anyone a little bit out of the normalities.
Jill |

Tuesday, October 04, 2005 | 23:00
et tu, everyone
It's official. I've finally joined the ranks of almost every single person in the world to have claimed and or have read 'The Da Vinci Code'. Unsurprisingly the book preceding this one was better than the one that followed. In movie terms, the sequel wasn't as good as the first one. I suppose reading DVC right after AND left me wanting and hungering for more of the same action and thrill that was so apparent in AND. Not that DVC wasn't good but just not as good and far less exciting. The ending just added to the letdown as the revelation wasn't as impactful as I had hoped it would be. Just hope that the movie will be a more fast-paced and adventurous ride than the book. AND would make a good '24'-esque type TV show. Just a thought.

I suppose I have myself only to blame for my jumpy mood swings and sorts due to my over-zealous all-knowingness of wanting to know about the past semester's results. My head is slowly and surely forming my "plans" for next year if I do (and I damn well pray) get into USyd, UMelb or UNSW. Experience has taught me not to be overly prepared in case something happens and all your hopes and dreams come crashing down on your crestfallen face so that the bomb won't hit as hard.

A couple of friends and I are planning on taking on French language lessons while finishing up the final semester of the year. We haven't really decided where to take them as it is a work in progress. It would be cool to learn and speak another language other than the lingua franca as we fluently converse in today. At the same time it is unorthodox that me being a Chinese should learn to speak the "mother" tongue first before going on to learning another language that will come in useful in the EU.

I was cruelly deceived by 8tv yesterday night into thinking that the channel was going to show the second season of 'Lost' which instead it was only the first season being broadcast. And 'Scrubs' wasn't on on Sunday.

It's the last week of the month long break. I need to ready myself once again for the onslaught of lectures and tutorials that will be abound come Monday.
Jill |

Sunday, October 02, 2005 | 23:38
feet so high
Exhaustion doesn't become me. I actually dozed off for several minutes on my bed reading 'The Da Vinci Code' for a while. The bedside lamp was shining directly in my face as the light fixture just above my point of reading view blew out this morning and I'm too lazy to replace it. It wasn't the lack of intrigue and interest in the book's content that bored me but the sheer lustreless brain of mine that refused to function after a day's day of walking up and down hilly roads and exploring a certain forgotten flea market after only less than six hours sleep the prevailing night.

Together once again with the posse that is Miss Tai and Goh and myself of course from our previous excursion, we actually were up as early as before seven to attend and participate in a walkathon for breast cancer awareness in Bangsar this morning. I suppose this was a pre-early warning for me that I would have to wake up early again come next Monday when the time comes for me to meet my fate and impending results. I have to admit again that the thought of such results is really making me feel edgier and tenser than usual. My voluntary participation in this morning's event surely is evident of that. Though it was the thought that counted of course. Don't get me wrong. I didn't not enjoy it as the conversations that continued almost unendingly throughout the walk took our minds of the road that lay ahead of us and the fact that we were walking about eight kilometres in distance. It was just really nice and appreciative to just talk about anything and everything and reminisce about the high school years. Well, for the most part concerning the last topic in question. Time really flies by when your mind is on anything other than the long path ahead of you at the present time. I should probably do something like that again. But not for a long while more.

Not since Harry Potter; the second last book, did I finish a novel so fast as I did with 'Angels and Demons' last night. I can't believe I didn't read it sooner. I should listen to my friends' persistent advice and encouragements more. Though I took everything I read with a grain of salt, well more like a whole tablespoon of it, I want to visit Rome now more than ever. Just to visit those places as described in the book. A novel can really change your perception on things as fast as that. I never held the city of God or the Vatican City in such a very high and mighty light. The only thing I knew about it was that it was the smallest country in the world and the Pope thing.

Humble apologies in advance if what I say is a desecration on your beliefs or whatnot but bear in mind that this is coming from a fairly ignorant but inquisitive and respectful youth.

Sure, the book posed a lot of controversial theories based on real hard facts but no one can deny that it was a damn good fiction novel. Unless you have an intense dislike for anything related to any religious beliefs in the world and the slightly confusing twists that are abundant in the book then no one should have problems disliking this book too much. Well, I suppose I should now pen down a long essay regarding on whether I hold as much belief in the Almighty one above as other staunch believers or that I place my faith more in the hands of scientists acting as God's hands and minds on earth displacing the mythical truths that is life one by one as we progress further on. I don't want and won't do that. Simply because I hold both those faiths close to me. I want to and do believe that there is a greater being beyond the threshold of what we can tangibly see as some mysteries really cannot be explained by any sciences but the pure fact that it is a miracle in some way. Births and deaths are miracles in their own rights and life is the ultimate mystery to be unraveled as the end of the cycle. At the same time, my principles of leaving our fates and destinies to a yet unconfirmed and scientifically proven being leaves a lot to be desired. I read the Bible very occasionally, sad to say, but the idea that He created the world and everything else in just seven days seems, crudely put, preposterous. The Big Bang theory just makes a lot more sense to me even though I don't quite understand it completely myself. So, yeah, I accept that there is a God and there is Science. Both coexisting at the same time to remind us that life isn't just a question but the only journey that a person takes in a lifetime.

Glad I got that off my chest. I guess it just took a long while for me to confirm what I truly believe in even though some people may not agree with me but to hell with them.
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