Sunday, July 23, 2006 | 23:03
jeopardy calls
It's an odd and compeling feeling of mine not to reminiscent about the past month of pure nothingness and indulging in narssistic pleasure. I'm beginning to miss those adolescent days of joyful thoughtlessness and obsessing over life's little pleasures that come in the most ubiquitious of packages and tiniest of blessings. Barely a day has passed and I still feel like I can return to the comfort and safety of my room and bed and sheltered parental residence. I suppose this sort of things take time to adjust and I really should allow myself some time off to get back into the mood and swing of things in IH.

It was another ordinary night of picking at my spaghetti meatballs during dinner and people watching in the foyer while getting to know a smattering of freshers made up of forty plus eager looking estrogen or testosterone filled bodies as they navigate through the fascinating and quirkily themed Pajamas Party held in the JCR. Can't blame them though. I was just like that a few months back. Oh hell, I can declare myself a senior now. I feel ancient.

I'll be attending my first and only lecture tomorrow afternoon on a Monday. How fitting is it that it should be tomorrow and that it's a Corporate Law lecture at that. On top of that I need to recharge my prepaid local Aus number before people are unable to contact me. The cousin is here as well. In Melbourne, yes. And get some required reading and studying materials from the uni bookshop as well. First week of uni always feels relaxed and carefree. Then before you know it, it'll be finals and potential disaster repeating itself again. Not this time. Not anymore.

There're going to be more events and goings-on happening within IH with the CIA week coming to a rather unique close with the Booze Cruise on Saturday night. Come dressed as anything starting with the letter 'P' and you'll be all set for a raucous and raving night of drinking and partying. I don't know and don't think that I'll be dressing as anything close to a pirate, prostitute, Powerpuff Girl, pimp, princess, or even a pony. Just should be an interesting night to see how active and realistic one's imagination can be.

My eyes are getting and have been getting heavier by the hour since I touched down this morning at 7.15 with barely four hours sleep to get by this whole day or reconnecting with friends, cleaning the room, and unpacking belongings. Time for some rest. Night all.
Jill |

Saturday, July 15, 2006 | 23:47
full of myself
Really couldn't be bothered to detail the past events and happenings that have been going on for the last week or so but for the sake of some readers who actually bother to visit and take a peek into my life as is, the following paragraphs are just a quick and very brief run through.

Last weekend was spent at a rented bungalow in Port Dickson where the family and relatives frolicked in the sun, sea, and sand, indulging in some isolated relaxed time, played card games and mahjong and had a barbeque on top of that. It was fun and cool. Not the most exciting thing ever but I kind of enjoyed it except for the mosquitoes biting us all in different places and lack of good television shows. That's the isolated life for you.

And just two days ago, I returned from a shopping escapade in Singapore with my mom and the cousin. Tiring but satisfying. Fullfiling yet exhaustive. Nabbed some good and delicious booty from the island down south which included a brand new pair of jeans, hand-painted shoes, three tops which I don't actually need but want coincidentally, underwear, a bright green iPod leather case, and brownies. Doesn't sound like much but it really was when you cross the coast with less than half a hand luggage bag and return home with it almost full to the brim.

So now I'm back and ready for some more expediting. Going to hit a few shopping malls that have been longing for my return, download the last bit of my new obsession called FMA, complete the resonant and complicated watching experience that is House, and begin on repacking and repackaging my life again to be flown back to the land down under this time in seven days.

The fun never stops now.
Jill |

Sunday, July 02, 2006 | 14:00
happy days
Suppose now is a good time as any to return to the blogging routine after a week long break since being back home.

And what have I been up to for the whole week when I was not up and about flitting from shopping mall to flea market to visiting people; well KH2 of course. Odd isn't it. The first thing to get my whole mind and body wrapped upon is this particular PS2 game. It just ate up a whole week's worth of my precious time which could've been spent shopping, getting reacquainted with old friends, lounging round the house watching long awaited unwatched movies and television shows, and just relaxing to the fullest I can get out of this month long break before having to return for another semester worth of IH goings-on, tests, assignments, late night phone calls and IM-ing, and cramming sessions. I'm almost done with the game as you can tell since I actually have time to blog instead of spending hours just seated on the couch and trying to get past mindless minions of Heartless.

I was really supposed to begin my shopping venture today but due to a detour of having my wisdom tooth surgically removed yesterday, it's being postponed to another day. The right side of my face is pratically swollen to the point that I can hardly open my mouth without my whole jaw partially hurting as well. If I talk too fast, it even hurts as well to laugh. I'm being put on a partial liquid diet for the next few days till I get the stiches out next week which is when my results will be out too. The jitter bugs are getting to me already but I'm not going to let the nerves deter me from having a fulfilling second week of pure nothingness.

Alright so Spain got kicked out by France but there're still Portugal and the Italians to support. But I'm only approaching this with half-heartedness since the Spaniards are unfortunately out. The World Cup experience is almost over for me as of now. Ah well. That's football for you.

Relishing the precious moments I get to spend in my room now. Numerous items of mine are strewn all across the room as I have yet to fully clear them all and put them in their rightful places nor really settled into being "home" as of yet. I'm actually kind of missing the IH feeling where there're people around you all the time and that there's always something going on every hour in someone's room or in the JCR or dining hall or outside of IH walls. I'm only going to be away from IH for a month but it feels strangely longer than that. Imagine me getting all sentimental about not being in Melbourne. Weirder things have happened though. It's just a bit disconcerting to be in a place with only five other people around you when you've had about a hundred or so other people within walking distance of you for the past four months.

Most of the presents brough back have been given away already leaving a rather satisfied taste in my mouth. I felt a bit like Santa Claus then.

So far, the weather's been quite patient with me or maybe I'm the one who's being patient with the sweltering heat of day and night. I got a new camera to replace my old one. It's nice to feel slightly spoiled once in a while. Will be putting it to good use and fun when I get back to Melbourne life once more.

Anyway, time to leave you loyal and faithful readers of mine to your own lifes to be contented with now. Will be back with more news and hopefully better life stories to regale about.
Jill |


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