Friday, September 21, 2007 | 21:11
break me down, fix me up
Blah blah update on life.

To quote a fellow anonymous blogger, "I am so sick of update blogging and am just going to blog whatever the hell I want because it's much more fun."

Just don't take that literally into context because I do sometimes like update blogging but can get tedious definitely.

It's almost a week into the two weeks break already and I've not been very productive though a good piece of news. I have joined the ranks of the student part-timers everywhere!

Yay for $XX per hour for two four-hour shifts! Sorry I don't want to reveal the actual wages they pay me because I think that's quite confidential. What do I do? I sell puzzles and board games created by Mind Challenge and the Dr. Wood company with the Kaleidoscope Classic being their maiden game and the main puzzle game that we're supposed to sell. In all there's eight games that I along with the other Games Consultants (GCs) as we're called, are supposed to pitch our sales lingo too and reel them in. Sounds cheesy and manipulative but it's fun.

So anyway, I'm really happy to get this job actually. It's the first time I really kind of feel accomplished and all and I finally don't have to rely too much on the parents for cash inflow. I won't feel so guilty spending on shopping and teach myself about time management at the same time. Hopefully this won't interfere with my school work too much but I think I just really need to do this even though I think I can foresee myself stressing out some days in the future.

That's why I really need to buck up and get down and dirty with the pile of books that I've barely touched for the past several weeks.


When was the last time you experienced this gut feeling that you had to do something but there's this other nagging part of you that was trying to put doubt into your thoughts to prevent you from going ahead with this gut feeling?

Do you:

a) Ignore that gut feeling and let that doubt eat you inside out till you convince yourself that you did the right thing.
b) Follow that gut feeling blindly and let the wind take you away like a flower child.
c) Take the plunge and go with the gut feeling but take along a life jacket just in case you can pull out if you went in too deep.
d) Do the accountant and be conservative and stick by the rules.

You can stop trying to decipher where this question applies to in my life right now. I think it just generally applies ubiquitously to every aspect in our lives whether it be jobs, relationships, family, friends, spiritually and even materialistically.

I think I made the right choice.

Did you?


A bit more update blogging before I log off and continue the slogging of the work and working on my hook-line-and sinker sale pitches for tomorrow's first day of work at Westfield Fountain Gate. I am so not looking forward to the hour long train ride there. The next week's agenda includes a birthday dinner and "surprise" karaoke session and later on a three days and two nights church camp at Philip Island.

I'm getting lazier to bake but I should. Perhaps brownies or chocolate pudding cake or decadent chocolate muffins which everyone and any sane person likes.
Jill |

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 | 08:49
killing me softly
I think my brain is slowly turning to mush. If it hasn't already melted out of my ears that is.

One last test to go and editing an assignment tonight which is due tomorrow. Why am I still here? Go forth and multiply! I mean, procreate. No, wait that's not right.

Gain Knowledge!
Jill |

Saturday, September 08, 2007 | 11:49
yonder calling
I can't be bothered to post something up so just go over to my cook and bake blog for any updates recently.

My dream blog appears to be rather dead for the longest time so if the Sandman would you please sprinkle some fairy dust over my head and allow me to dream so that I can post something up on that dust gathering blog o' mine. Anything at all would do. Even dreaming myself falling into the arms of the ever so hot and sexy Milo Ventimiglia on 'Heroes' would be more than enough.

Anyway, back to the books and trying to adjust myself to Melbourne's temperamental attitude in transitioning into spring.
Jill |


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