Monday, April 30, 2007 | 20:26
cracked glass house
Beckoning thine seat and recycled paper bound together.
Cajoled by the menace that is providence end.
Alarming it is reality that waken the depths beneath.

The poetic life has long been sapped out of my soul for far too long. I really need to get back into writing considering that the end of my Creative Writing short course is coming to a close soon with a reading and cheese wine session capping off an enjoyable and inspiring course. I've only got through two pages of my supposed "work" to be presented at the end of the course and has not been touched since I began it several weeks ago. I think it was the adrenaline and gusto coming from the beginning of something cool and interesting that got me going more than anything else. Now, it's just moulding in that corner of my desktop and not being worked on. I suck.

I can't believe it's almost May already. Where did all the days and weeks and months go to? Damn woman! Pull yourself together!

What have I accomplished?
Nothing that significant; just some assignments.
Did I achieve my objectives for the semester so far?
Can't think of any of the top of my head yet.
Have I faltered in my morals yet?
No of course not! Heaven forbid!

Life's just been flowing by and I feel like the wind ebbing and floating, being carried by its current and taking me along wherever it goes.

Yeah I'm in a bit of a reflective mood today. Not good. That means my words won't make much sense to anyone reading this. Ah well not that I meant for it to be that way in any case.

Just a piece of exciting news. Well to me at least. If all goes well, I could be heading for the Big Apple, the home to Times Square, Grand Central Station, the Brooklyn Bridge, Radio City Music Hall, Central Park, Trump Towers, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and MTV's TRL, come July.

Yes that's right.

It's New York City! If you haven't guessed it already.

I. Am. Excited.

If you can see the look on my face right now, I'm idiotically grinning from ear to ear. You have no idea how long I've been waiting to return to NYC for another big great bite from the Big Apple (Bad pun I know). I mean other than Japan being the other country that I want to visit again, NYC has got to be the highest one up there on anyone's list of places to visit before they die. The last time I was at the Rockefeller Center in front of that huge ass Christmas tree by the ice lake, I was barely in my teens I think. The whole experience of NYC didn't impress so much then considering I was way too young to appreciate the cultural depths and variety that the city has so much to offer. Now that I'm older, wiser (maybe not that wise), and a lot more experienced to appreciate the finer things in life, the second time round to New York would probably be a lot more enriching and fulfilling to me.

The cousin will be abroad at said city and she WILL have to take me around and explore the inner alleyways (then again maybe not), the little things I would ordinarily miss if I was a gullible tourist trying to do the New York touristy thing and basically just show me around her new found home town.

Did I mention that I can't wait for the 5th of July? It cannot come any sooner.

But for the moment and the rest of the next one and a half months, I'll have to be focusing all my energies and concentration to being a lot more studious and hardworking enough to get through all my subjects this semester. My exam timetable is ridiculous but I am glad that I get to finish earlier than most people. This'll give me hopefully ample time to go home and get my visa approved to allow me to enter the United States of America.

This is one of the worst planned holiday trip I've ever had to embark on yet. My tickets are barely confirmed and or booked and bought. I do not have a confirmed or even moderately tentative place to bunk in during my stay in NYC. And the cousin could be holding down a job then too which leaves very limited time for her to show me around the city.

Great planning. Anyone up for a holiday, just come to me for advice on ensuring the best vacation experience ever!
Jill |

Thursday, April 12, 2007 | 09:58
guilt trotting
Short post ahead. Guilt trip taking over embodying and compelling me to get off my ass and pick up a book.

Past few days have been spent gym-hopping and running, flight ticket hunting, cooking up a storm using three or four basic ingredients, and not studying as much as I'd like to.

I blame C.S.I. and the Internet for taking me away from my real life and distracting me from what I should be doing.

The Easter break is coming to a close pretty soon. One week is not enough to recover from a half semester full of mind numbing work to cram into that mid semester tests in the next two weeks and a presentation to work on during the weekend.

Living by my lonesome without the housemate does get pretty boring and really quiet when you have no one in close proximity to talk to when you just feel like saying the odd thing and expressing some tension and anger. Not that I get angry often alright.

I guess this just proves that I can't live alone and hopefully never will.

Um, it's getting cold again after several days of warmer than usual days. And it's already autumn or fall whichever part of the world you're from. Coffee mixed with the essence of Milo is my drug. And Boost. Not forgetting Boost of course.
Jill |

Saturday, April 07, 2007 | 11:48
pots and pans
It is ALIVE!

My new blog that is. In commemoration of my new Jamie Oliver cook book, I've decided to set up a new blog where I can chronicle my cooking journey even though I think I started this about two or three years too late. Head on over to Lick Thy Fingers for my first post on Oyakodon which I made for dinner last night.

I've actually been contemplating on setting up a food slash cook blog for some time now but just never got around to doing it because I thought it would take up too much of my time. But I guess it'll be worth it in the long run when I can look back and see how I've progressed in my cooking skills and food presentation.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not really aspiring to be a world class chef or celebrity cookery personality. I just love cooking and all that but maybe some time (long more time) in the future I'd like to set up a restaurant or bakery shop. The only downside of cooking that I loathe is the washing up part. Would someone like to volunteer or offer their washing up services? You get a free meal out of it.
Jill |

Wednesday, April 04, 2007 | 15:32
culinary sin
Now I've gone and done it. I've allowed myself to fall from grace and plunge into the ultimate grandiose sin of purchasing a cook book. And not just any cook book. Oh no.

It had to be THAT one.

I guess I should have seen this coming. The finale, the closure, the icing on the cake of the beginning of my culinary adventure and moving on to amateurish cook and experimental pastry connoisseur. Being an avid follower of his TV shows and religiously (almost) trying to imitate his too-easy-to-be-true food preparation and cooking style, it was about time that I got my hands on some tangible assets of the Oliver corporation.

I've not been a big fan of cook books I have to admit so actually getting this one is a big step for me. It's not that I have anything against Jamie but more to do with the cook book concept of it all. I guess I have this inherent preconceived notion that all cook books are just a way for celebrity chefs to cash in on their fame despite the hyped up recipes which really do not need some detailed and overly descriptive paragraph on it.

Jamie Oliver is the epitome of all gourmet cheesiness, indulgence, and crass. And I mean it in the most affectionate way possible. What started out as an ordinary late morning walk to my Body Balance class quickly detoured into a one way crash landing of myself gravitating towards Borders Carlton. After taking a once over browse through the store, I was faced with the decision to walk away empty handed or procure the shiny book in front of me. Before I knew it I ended up forking over almost AUD$45 to get a piece of Jamie into my home and clutching the glossy matte finish book in my grubby hands, smirked to myself over my new vanity purchase.

I guess I'm stuck with this bad boy for now. Easter is coming up so don't forget to treat yourself to some delicious hot cross buns wherever you can get it. I had a full lunch earlier and found myself munching on one of those babies while reading the introduction pages of 'Cook with Jamie' shortly after. The warm aroma wafting through the house is enough to get me going on and on about hot cross buns. No matter how sinful they may be. Hopefully I'll be able to spare some time to try out some of his recipes during this break.

Back to mundane college work and poor diets contradicted by four days a week group fitness classes.
Jill |


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