Sunday, February 27, 2005 | 23:19
signs of neglect
Observance pays off. Sometimes.

I've been feeling and being rather neglected and neglectful. Try saying "neglected" or "neglectful" five times. It's fun and rolls off your tongue.

Several things that I've not been attentive to.

1. My deviantArt account. I think I've lost all incentive and motivation to submit even the most mundane photo of anything lest even myself. Come on surge of creative energy!

2. My messy and unorganised wardrobe. There're t-shirts, shorts, pants, and skirts that I've never worn for years (and aged quite well I might say) and some that I just bought and have yet to wear.

3. My obsolete CD collection. Since the discovery of online music, the purchasing of CDs has become useless to me. Unless there's a certain type of collection album thing that I most certainly have to have like a certain Elvis Presley or The Beatles greatest hits collection, then I'll be rethinking that whole album hiatus.

4. My lack of makeup stuffs. Actually, I've never been very interested in makeup since, well, my first lipstick. The most I'd do is slab on some lip paint, a dab of eye shadow and blusher, and off I go. And that's just for fancy occasions like weddings or dances. I just don't do makeup. Ever.

5. My vast and rather drying up of nail polish collection. I've just been too lazy to stock up on new colours and bored of applying them to my nails.

6. Anime. Rurouni Kenshin is a bit wearing out on me now except for the major fights between Kenshin with Shishio and Soujirou and Aoshi. Money, or the shortage of it, is the issue at the moment for my non-purchasing of anime DVDs and movies. Donations are gratefully accepted by the anime-deprived-one.

7. My Lord of the Rings obsession. It's over. Period. HBO is showing the Return of the King now but I'm not that interested in it. But it could be due to the fact that I have the DVD. The Extended Edition one even. Go Peter Jackson!

8. My poster collection. The walls in my room must be revenging upon me by resisting the copious amounts of blue sticky stuff I stick onto them. The result is posters gathering dust under my bed.

I like making lists. Keeps me occupied from really ranting about anything substantial and freeing my mind of important things like my Economics and Marketing assignments, Mid-terms, future plans for further education. The like.
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Saturday, February 26, 2005 | 17:10
grubbing for more
I just committed a huge sin.

"Thou shalt not purchase more than five books at any given time."

Curses. It's all the MPH Warehouse Sale's fault. Made me grab more books than my book shelf can support or fit. Le sigh. I'm much too guilty to generate the list of books I got today so I'll just leave you with an artistic impression of me lugging around a stack of books in the warehouse while waiting for my turn to pay for them. The only good thing about this is that I didn't have to pay the full price for the books and I can probably start bugging my dad to get me a new book shelf for my room soon.

I think I'm putting on weight again. I'm such a binge eater. I can literally pack on the pounds in a day if I don't control myself by munching on Lays, cookies, Baskin Robbins ice-cream, peanut butter sandwiches, more CNY snacks, butter toasts, mango, apples and mandarins. And that's all in just one afternoon. Gluttony is a sin too.

So, I've devised some ideas as to how to keep myself occupied so that I don't binge eat again and start hunting for more munchies to stuff my face with.

1. Do more tutorial questions.

2. Study my Marketing Principles text book.

3. Rearrange my wardrobe, socks, and unmentionables.

4. Rearrange my book shelf for the umpteenth time.

5. Scour the web for more songs to download into my MP3 Player to keep me entertained on those boring mornings in the lecture hall.

6. Reread my Accounting and Economics notes.

7. Prepare for my upcoming Mid-terms in two weeks time.

8. Watch mindless hours of cartoons and movies while watching my parents trying to do push-ups and sit-ups in front of the television too.

9. Reruns, reruns, and more reruns.

So, yeah. Amazing how one can find things to do when you don't want to think about food. On the other hand, I can't wait for tonight's dinner at ZEN Restaurant. Sashimi would be fantastic to chow down but I think I shall try something more exotic like squid's ink or salmon's eggs. But then again, indigestion is probably not the best thing for me right now since I've got to pay attention to my books instead of my stomach.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005 | 20:35
I just returned from watching this documentary on the Discovery Channel about the fickle mindedness business of show business in Hollywood and beyond the glitzy silver screen. It's nothing new but just sort of a revelation that came to me as I stared down the boob tube in the last hour.

The name always sells. It's a fact of life. No matter how much you may want to deny it, it is the hard truth. I used to be so naive thinking that the above statement couldn't be true. I always prayed so hard that it was not the name that really drew in the movie-goers but the story, characters, the integrity that the movie held that called in the crowd. How very wrong I was. I have accepted the cruel fact of life and will not stand in the way of the cold hard cash pouring into the studio's thick, grubby, and "bling-bling" covered hands, to watch the next star-studded movie.

Perhaps, it's because of the recent Marketing lectures that I've been attending that just finally cracked some sense into me. I too have been a victim to many a star-studded film. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Shrek, X-Men, Spider-man, Pirates of the Caribbean, and others that I can hardly recall. It could be due to their less than lack-lustre film rating that I thought them duds rightfully deserve. But, I digress. Though the above films are just a handful of the gems in this contaminated ocean of movies that I actually enjoyed and occasionally rave about to innocent bystanders and friends who have to put up with me, I do try to stay away from what people call "mainstream movies". Shark Tale, Troy, Hulk, Tomb Raider, Charlie's Angels, Meet the Parents and Fockers, and loads more are just of the the diabetic and sugar-coated movies that really shoves money down the conglomerate studio big boys. Over the years, these MMs have gained a reputation for being mildly entertaining yet are money-suckers that attack gullible movie-lovers (like myself unfortunately) who will fork out good money to stare at some pretty faced girl or boy for some worthless 90 minutes. I can spell out tons of movies right now that just tarnish the reputation of good movies everywhere. But, I digress again. The fear of having those movie moguls coming after me with their knife-wielding producers and writers does not interest me in risking my neck just because I have a bone to pick with several tens of movies out there. I let the movie critics do that.

Lesser known movies sometimes prove otherwise that they can be better than those MMs. Big Fish, Finding Neverland, A Very Long Engagement, The Motorcyle Diaries, Mystic River, Garden State, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sideways, Spirited Away, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and probably loads more that I've yet to be exposed to. Please do let me know of any good untainted-by-Hollywood movies. Anywho, indie films as they're also known as, have somehow regained their reputation for producing good and watchable movies that actually challenge the viewer instead of melting certain people's already putrid brains to a further mushy grey pulp. Unpredictable plot, moving stories, occasionally witty scripts, and very character-driven movies that push the boundaries of what really make good and great movies. I miss the good old days, not that I've ever been there but I like to think that the good movies belonged to a different era from ours now. Ours are just filled with candy-laced backgrounds, stomach churning acting, predictable plots, and unfunny scripts that really makes me wonder and boggles me at how such movies ever did get the green light to go into production in the first place.

Then, there's the "middles". The movies that are generally good but did not reach that out-of-the-earth limits akin to that of Titanic. The Incredibles, Ray, The Aviator, Million Dollar Baby, Dodgeball, Face/Off, Bridget Jones, Mrs. Doubtfire, Liar Liar, and others which I am too weary to recall now. I generally enjoyed them though I've never watched the Aviator, Million Dollar Baby and Ray yet, but I still deem them as reputable movies that are notable enough to be in this list. These are the movies that raked in a substantial amount of moolah at the box office but did not manage to blow it big time like other well known cash cows and instead generated enough heat to remain close to many a viewers' must-watch list. Especially when the Oscars are drawing so close, it's become immensely more important than ever.

So, yes. The names can literally break or make a movie. Just by name dropping their first names almost everyone can sound off who's who. Brad, Julia, Jim, Nicole, Sean, Angelina, Orlando, Meryl, Robert, Cate, Leonardo, Natalie, Ewan, Catherine, Arnold, Kate, Johnny, Renee, Hugh, Halle, Keanu, Tom, and Tom. And others of course. People will just keep on coming to watch them as they continue to charm us with their good looks and smiles. The life of a Hollywood asset is never boring.

Exit. Stage left.
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Saturday, February 19, 2005 | 01:08
smoking kills
And so does an overdose of eye candy in the form of stoic Keanu Reeves donned in a simple black suit puffing away in almost every scene of the recent movie "Constantine" based on the "Hellblazer" comic book.
Honestly, I think I prefer Keanu as an anti-hero chain smoker kind of person that he portrayed in this movie, rather than his hero type "the One" as in the Matrix. Till, now I've never really liked the movies. Except maybe for the first one for its massive looking array of weaponry and cool blackish clothings. So, yeah, back to Constantine. His acting is still as wooden as ever but I have to admire his self-sacrifice in killing his lungs to do this movie. I'd give it a 6 out of 10 for its supernatural theme and also that I think I seem to be drawn to anti-hero type people. I don't like them being chain smokers too but it seems that society in general still has this perverse view that smoking is a cool habit. I've only really appreciated my lungs all the more after watching this movie. But I think passive smokers are also in danger of suffering lung failure as well. Generally, 90% or more of the world's population are probably going to die by lung cancer or something associated with nicotine related diseases. (It's not a scientific study that's been carried out by real scientists but just my take on this smoking issue.)

Pity the spider
I just can't emphasize enough on how bad smoking is
Another example of an anti-hero chain smoker

I think that the moral of this movie is that . . . smoking kills. Period.

Now back to reality. I'm being generous in my links feed today. Woopee for those who actually follow them. Anyways, I'm going to try to sum up my day in a sentence. Went out with Sharon, Yen, Kok Wei, to watch "Constantine" which the outing was later concluded with an early dinner consisted of calamari salad, carbonara pasta and chicken with spinach (yum!) with Adelynn at Itallini's. Yeaps. I think that's all I really have to report today.
I have to get back to my work now. Good night people.
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Friday, February 18, 2005 | 00:33
the passing of the angst
My first official week of lectures and tutorials is done and over with. I'm slightly relieved that my tutorials classes are finally settled with and that my schedule is pretty much fixed now. At least for this first semester and also with the occasional replacement and cancellation of lectures and tutorials that might occur throughout this period. I actually dozed off in one of my lectures this week. It's the first time ever that I've dozed off unknowingly for at least five to ten minutes in any class, lecture or even in school. Of course, in school, you wouldn't dare to do it but in the lecture hall the lecturer don't really get to see your face, sleeping or not, so dozing off in class is pretty easy. Except when you're sitting right in front of the lecturer of course then it's a different situation.

Honestly, I think some of the lecturers have this magical lullaby voice that could put almost any student to sleep once they start droning off for five minutes. Sigh. At least I have one lecturer that's managed to get my attention in class. So, I guess that's not really so bad in the end.

There's a assignment that I've got to hand in by Monday evening at 5 pm and I've yet to start on it. This procrastination habit of mine is beginning to develop very badly. Think I should start on it tonight. Yes. I should. I really hope so.

I'm listening to Michael Buble's "Home" now and his voice is just so soothing and smooth. I love.

Apart from the assignment, I've got some tutorial questions to do and also some reading and studying to complete this weekend as well. The load of work has just hit me. Eeps. Looks like uni life isn't as pretty as I've imagined it to be. Or maybe I'm still recovering from the one week break that I feel that this is a bit too much. I think that's it. Maybe. Got to pick up the pace now. No more slacking and no more fooling around.

On a lighter note, Carrie Underwood and Anthony Federo or Fede-something made it into the final 24 of American Idol. I hate to admit it but I actually rooted for these two to make it to the final from the day that they auditioned on day one. Woohoo. I can't believe that they actually made it. It's giving me this sense of pride that I sort of "predicted" that they made it in the end. Hopefully they make it to the final ten.

Anyways, nothing else to blog about. This is getting pathetic. I'm just making up any excuse to blog now. I'm not being exceptionally ranty or angry or feeling pissed over anything now, so there'll be no angsty rants for today as well.

Oh wait actually I do feel pissy over two things. One, my camera is not working right. I can't download pictures into my notebook and it's getting really annoying now. Two, my posters keep falling from my wall and now I'm left with three large gaping voids in my two once-posters-filled walls. I've kind of given up on sticking them back up there since they just fall back down again the next day. My walls need a fresh coat of paint badly. But I hate the smell of paint.
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Sunday, February 13, 2005 | 18:17
the one that got away
I'm blogging for the first time in the dead of afternoon. At least I think it's the first time that I'm posting in the midday.
I suppose one of the main reasons I'm blogging now is because I'll be too lazy and preoccupied with my other stuff like reading up on my Marketing notes and assignments, writing up some essay thing for the scholarship application and rearranging my wardrobe and straightening out my room when everyone departed the house last night. I forgot to mention that our neighbourhood experienced a blackout for about an hour plus last night as well and the relatives had to pack their stuff in the dark with the aid of flashlights and the night light as well. I suppose it wasn't the best ending to the family reunion/gathering this CNY but it was interesting. Thank goodness the lights came back on as I was sweating bullets already without the air-conditioning.

I was reading the newspaper today and I came across this article where this guy was describing his experience of studying at the university in Osaka, Japan. All expenses paid of course considering he's sent there based on scholarship. This sort of rekindled my fantasy/dream of studying there. In Japan I mean but in Kyoto. I've always loved the idea of studying in Japan and also learning stuff in their language. Sure, the standard's exceptionally and maybe ridiculously high there that students succumb to the pressure of exams and some even commit suicide but that's where all the experience comes in, I suppose. Not the suicide part of course. But there's also the looming thought of soaring fees and living expenses to think of. And Japan is notoriously infamous for its luxurious and extensively high cost of living. Taking into the account that you're a student hardly makes Japan the "ideal" place for any parents' child to be sent there. The language barrier is good point to think about as well. Though I have been sort of picking up a bit of Japanese here and there by watching all those anime. I guess watching the idiot box does pay off a little. Not in a big way but still good enough. But it would certainly be nice to go there. And applying for it wouldn't hurt at all, I suppose. Now if only I knew where to start.

So, yes. I think it's high time for me to seriously indulge and return to studying if I want to be able to make it to a reputable and good Aussie Uni by next year. It's not as easy it may seem at first as I've discovered a little too late. Maybe not too late if I start now. Sigh. I'm still waiting for my "fantasized" US scholarship invitation so that I'll be whisked away from the mundane life that is here. A Japan scholarship isn't too bad either.
This is silly talking like I could simply pick any scholarship from the bin as it's handed to me on a silver platter. Back to reality. I need a good jolt or shock to bring me back to the low lands.
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| 02:59
Phew. That's almost all I can really sum up my entire week of CNY. Or at least for the last five days.

Let's see what I did. Eat, eat, and ate some more. It was continuous feasting and munching and noshing all the way from breakfast till dinner. Thank goodness there wasn't any late night suppering. Or else I'd be looking like a bloated whale now. I think I must've gained at least three kilograms in just these few days. That must be a record.

Aside from the non-stop eating, the family ++ just lounged around and watched CNY specials on TV. We also deviated from the usual plan this CNY by staying two nights at the Palace of the Golden Horses; which were the first two days of CNY. It was quite fun actually staying in the suites and munching on the fruit platter which was readily served for us when we arrived. The best part about staying at the suites was that we got this special entrance of sorts to break our fast in the morning at the fourth floor. What's so unique about this fourth floor is that you need a key card to access this level. They call it the "Dignitaries Lounge". Or something like that.
I felt so posh and all VIP-like even though we weren't. But it's not bad to feel that way once in a while. It was quite private as there were only about ten or fifteen tables with each table seating four diners. And the food was not too bad actually. I wouldn't mind doing that whole VIP thing again any time soon.

8TV is showing Queer Eye reruns. They suck. Jai isn't even there.

Anyways, I think I managed to keep to my "resolution" of not snacking too much and over-gorging myself on cookies and goodies. But I developed a liking to mandarins which can't be so good as I think it's slightly addictive.

Tonight's dinner's desert was the healthiest of all dinners I've ever had. We were served this jelly thing with waterchesnut embedded in it and also hot soya bean with some sort of nuts and jelly mixed in it. It tasted good and quite healthy as well.

I have a new Japanese restaurant to frequent now. I think the ZEN restaurant at Sunway Pyramid is quite old but I only visited it just the day before today. It was a good change from the usual Chinese fare and I have to say that the food was really quite good. The sashimi was really good and fresh and so was the rest of the foodies. I love Japanese fare all over again.

The cousins seem to have changed slightly over just this one year. I don't know. It just felt different. Maybe it's me. So, yeah. I think it might be age as well. I feel old.

Sharon actually came earlier to pass me my birthday present. That was so nice and thoughtful. I'd go "aww" right now except that there's no one here to hear me say it. People kept on messaging me throughout the day wishing me and all. I feel loved. Hee. I think I'm being too smug about all this now. Got to remind myself that I'm getting old now so that I don't get too proud and stuff.

I think I've ranted a while already with no connection between the paragraphs at all. Tomorrow's going to be quite relaxing except for the fact that I've got to start exercising again and get back on my routine. I'm starting to feel the flab settle in already. Sigh. The house is so quiet and orderly now. I always feel awkward when suddenly the house is so empty and that the organised chaos has all desipated. It takes a while to get used to it again. Maybe about ten minutes actually. Heh.

Well, I think I've out-ranted for the day now. It's been the longest gap between posts. Woohoo.
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Wednesday, February 09, 2005 | 02:36
CNY: Come 'n Yawn
The relations are here. In the house. In my room. In my bed. Okay, so it doesn't sound as bad as I may make it out to be but that's the situation for the moment. The next four and a half days actually.

CNY Eve dinner was at the Ming Room at Bangsar Shopping Centre today. The dinner deviated from the traditional style of shark fins soup in a way that we had this soup thing with fish maw, veggie and a chicken fillet of some sort stuffed with shark fins. It tasted quite good actually and I'm glad that the traditional shark fins soup was not included in tonight's menu. The rest of the fare was rather stereotype and none too different from many of the restaurants in the country now doing all these CNY specials and stuff. I feel stuffed once again. What was that part again about not gorging myself at dinners? It must've flown out the car window as we were on our way there.

Everyone's settling in quite nicely here. My dad somehow got hold of some firecrackers and lighted away a ten-foot cracker thingy which probably woke up half the neighbourhood. Too bad we couldn't get fireworks because I prefer the colourful to the noisy ones anytime. As I'm writing this entry now, there're fireworks displays going off every five minutes or so. It's going to be mayhem once midnight strikes.

Everyone seems to have gotten cool new handphones for 2005. I'm not the only one after all so I don't feel all cool and mighty now. And it seems that some people have been dieting and exercising rather vigorously the past year to get into this year's CNY clothes. Now, I really don't feel acomplished and mighty at all. Not that I have been dieting crazily but there is a definite difference in dress sizes.

That's all for today's report. Now on to the rant for the day.

. . .

The rant for the day is postponed to a later undisclosed date. Apologies for the non-inconvenience caused. I have to confirm my sleeping arrangements for the night now before my brother can snatch away my place from the designated floor. Goodnight and happy CNY and all that hoohah.
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Monday, February 07, 2005 | 23:10
Not that much of a noob now, am I. I'm pretty chuffed about how my new layout came out. Very fresh looking and not so "garang" (as Sharon called it) as my previous devilish red one. I do have other layouts that I downloaded but this is a keeper for the moment as I'm too lazy to alter it and customize it to my liking. This process already took me almost the entire last night. I'm thinking of renaming my blog. But I've none ideas at the moment. Suggestions are very much welcomed.

I feel the pounds creeping into my body again. And with CNY just a few metres down the road, I can't afford to do that as I won't look half as good as I do when I wear my new clothes and dresses. Sigh. My superficial side of me is revealing itself to the world once more. But it's alright to let loose and be superficial once in a while. At least I don't act that way too often when I'm around people. At least I don't think I do.

CNY to me equals to greens aka cha-ching, noisy households, chattery adults, long-winded dinners, yee sang (not that I like it very much), dressing up to impress one another, and of course the obligatory smile and false happy face plastered on. I just like the smell of new clothes. I do not like stuffing my face senseless just because it's CNY, it doesn't give you the right to overeat and gorge on sugar-loaded goodies and cookies and cakes. Though I seem to have developed a liking to mandarins which I never enjoyed eating before 2005. I shall stick to mandarins and no one can force me to munch on needlessly on sugary snacks at midnight. I think I shall force myself to engage ravenously in my Marketing text book and delight myself with my notebook and sweet music. It's a whole lot healthier than the calorie-ladden cookies and lunches my family and relatives have planned for us all come this Wednesday.

Tonight's the last night till Saturday that I can have my room all to myself before it's hijacked by my aunt and uncle. Time to spend my time lavishly and as much as I can snuggling in my bed and covers. It doesn't sound that bad. It's just that I feel like I'm leaving on a vacation of sorts as I can't sleep in my own bed and have to share my parents' room. The idea of people other than myself sleeping in my bed does nothing to relax me either.

In other news, I received a call from HELP where it seems that I was offered a scholarship to study at Hong Kong. Strange. If it was a scholarship to go to the States, I'd accept it immediately. Forget about the biggest island in the world. As long as the fees and accomodation are all covered for, I'm there. So, yeah. I decided against going for it as my lack of proficiency in the Cantonese/Hokkien/Mandarin language is quite humiliating and will definitely hinder me from ever going anywhere while in HK. The only time I'll ever go there is with someone who can speak Chinese and solely for shopping and foodie galore purposes. Now, I'm just praying that someone will contact me to go to US to study for the next three years.

Nothing interesting to report. So, bye for now and don't wait up too long for my next post as it could be a while before I can log on and blog away peacefully before getting disturbed every now and then as my privacy would be stolen from me.
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Sunday, February 06, 2005 | 01:51
slow as a racehorse
The only reason you're still looking at this boring old blog layout is because I haven't been able to figure out to incorporate the new template with my old one. I actually found some really nice and new blog templates to fawn over and treat them like my new babies but so far all I managed to get is some jumbled html codes which translates to jibberish on the web page.

Miz Graphics and FullMoon Graphics are the two websites where I found those new layouts I'm dying to try out. Zeldman has some really unique icons to decorate your desktop with as well. I might download them all one day when I have absolutely nothing to do. Like now. Except that I'm watching TV and reading now so that doesn't exactly constitute as having-nothing-to-do stuff. I'm loving these websites I discovered today. Now if only I can learn how to change my layout too. It took me a whole day to customise my current one when I started blogging. I'm pretty fickle minded about things so that's why I need a change now. Since the holidays have begun (though short) I should be able to have the time to actually do it. I just wish I wasn't so template illiterate sometimes.

Today's another slow day. I'm going to apply for a scholarship at HELP. It's no big deal actually. I'm just hoping to get a partial fee waiver so that I don't feel so guilty for having my parents finance my education for me. It's the least I could do in any case. The thing is that I have to write this short essay about my career aspirations and things like that for the application. It feels strangely surreal. I mean it feels rather like those teen TV series where you watch these kids applying for scholarships and they have to write an essay or something like that to get that scholarship approved. Hmm. Anyways, yeah scholarships. Though if I can get a big deal scholarship like having me to study in Japan or US that would be fantastic. Everything covered for of course. I suppose that's the kind of thing I can only dream about at night.

That's all for today I suppose. I'm going to continue watching TV mindlessly and reading unconsciously till Queer Eye comes on. It's the last reality show that I can actually stand for so long now. Wow. Byes.
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Friday, February 04, 2005 | 02:11
bitching about
Feeling a bit bitchy today. Okay, a whole lot bitchy and ranty and just plain annoyed and irritated. Just a lot of negativity going on inside me today.

Today we had tutorial signing sessions. Horrific and unorganised tutorial signing sessions. I hate it when things get out of my control. I become flustered and sometimes can break down. Though today wasn't one of those moments but I was quite close to bursting a vein or two. I had all my tutorials and lectures carefully planned out and everything. And just one little slip up can misconstrue everything else. That's basically what happened today. With one tutorial class filled up, the rest of the tutorial times get totally screwed up and we had to rescheduled it AGAIN. I was so pissed when I found out that out second choice tutorial was filled up too. That was it. Just fcuk it. Expletives of all sorts run out of my mouth.

It took almost half an hour to finally settle down and carefully planned it all out again. Fortunately there was this nice and sweet lady helping us to get into this tutorial class that was actually filled up. I just hope I'm not living out some false hope here. It's going to be another week plus before I can actually get settled in comfortably in the tutorials and lectures. It is a bit harder to try to get into the tutorials that your group of friends are in. Since there's sort of four of us in our little posse, the difficulty for us all to be in one same tutorial class probably increased by tenfold. Not that I'm complaining or bitching for being in the same class as them, it just makes things a little more complicated. That's all. But imagine if there were like ten of us. That would be stepping into hell. Or maybe everyone would be going for their own personal gains only in the end. I'm just glad that our troupe helps each other out all the same.

Aah, to relive those glory days of old back in high school where not one within a clique of some sort couldn't bear to be departed from another. This may sound very shallow but I sometimes feel that cliques is not that such a bad thing. Of course there will be the bad eggs but along with them you've got the fresh ones too. There's a sense of belonging. A sense of being accepted. That's obviously very important in high school. Any living person can tell you that. I'd like to innocently deny any claims made of me that I belonged to any clique in my heydays. I do have my group of friends whom I go have breaks or lunches with but I don't exactly call ourselves a clique. We do mix with other people and we don't discriminate. Except on those rare occasions where he/she is a definite no-no.

Note: I'd like to express my sincerest apologies to anyone who felt offended by my words above. I don't usually go on and rant about tales and sensitive issues like this but it just suddenly felt right for me that I should express my views on this once and for all.

It feels good to get that out of my system. I'm still feeling stuffed from that 6 inch Subway sandwich I had for lunch today. I had to skip dinner as my stomach was still digesting the overload of veggies stuffed into my turkey ham sandwich topped with mustard and barbeque sauce. I like their parmesan cheese bread. Though I wished that it was heated up first before serving it to us cold. Luckily the veggies was fresh or else I would've puked it all out right at that table.

Woot! No lectures for me tomorrow. That means the CNY holidays officially starts in a few hours for me. Even though it is only for a week it still means a lot to me as I've got loads of book crunching to do. My text books aren't exactly light and short on words so I'd better start hitting them as soon as possible. We've even got out Marketing assignments to do. Though we don't have to hand it immediately the following week after CNY week, it's still a burden hovering over my head. Just nine more months of this and I'll be free as a bird again till I fly away to Aussieland. I can't believe I'm being all psyched up about going to Australia. Just a few months ago, I actually contemplated about abandoning this whole Aussie plan and just try to get me a scholarship to study in the States. Looks like that's going to be a farawar dream from now onwards. The next time I get to visit the States will probably be when I get a high paying job and be sent there for meetings and sorts. And that's going to be a long way from now. Probably never too.
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Wednesday, February 02, 2005 | 00:52
a vain pot
The laziness of me updating my blog daily is finally settling in. Before I know it it'll be once a week instead of every other day. Time will only soon tell.

Did I mention that I got the British India bag already? I think I did. Anyways, due to popular demand I present you THE bag.

Well, the lighting in my room doesn't really do the bag justice but it's actually made of leather and some other woven material and feels extremely soft to the touch. I could sleep on a comforter made of that material alone. This is called hyperboling. The sling in just nice and thank goodness for that too as it can't be adjusted. I think the size of the bag should be just nice to fit one text book, a note book and all my other stuff in it. It's not the biggest bag in the world of course but then again which bag is. I dare anyone to find me the perfect bag. One that is just as it's pretty, soft, cool, stylish, big enough to hold everything you have yet be doesn't look like a hobo bag. Plus make it affordable too. I seem to be demanding too much now.

I think I've been bitten by the bag crazy bug. I seem to be drooling and oohing and aahing over almost every designer and branded bag I come across in the magazine. I'm currently sort of obsessing over Paul Smith stuff. There's this floral motif print on a purse and a bag that I saw in a magazine this month but unfortunately it's not featured in the website. Hmm. Wonder why. Maybe it's an old season design or something. Oh, but this candy coloured wallet doesn't look too bad as well. But so far I can only stare and salivate over it and dream about it at night. It's not healthy to dwell on unatainable things.

I can honestly say that I'm not planning to watch Vanity Fair the second time round. The first time already had me in a whirl and a bore. Melissa, Huai Yi, and I went to watch it today at One Utama. I made the bad call on this one though. I am so sorry for my poor choice of movie today and also apologies for not wanting to catch that "free" movie. I'm not very game for horror movies except maybe only if they're not all jump-out-scare-you kind of movies. I think I'd give it a 2 and a half out of five. The only thing I really liked from the whole movie was their beautiful costumes and setting. I was fairly disappointed by the whole affair, to summise it. The ending was just weird. I haven't read the book so I don't know how much is fact or made up. Sigh. I shall pay close attention to movie critics more in future. They know what they're talking about and spares the rest of the movie-watching community the horrors of a bad flick.

I finally finished the Chronicles of Narnia! Hooray for me! Go me! Enough of self praise. It's good. Very imaginative as most classic authors are. Lewis is definitely in one of my top ten authors list now. Even though I've only read this series by him. I just started on "The Cider House Rules" by John Irving. I thought that after such fantasy-esque themed books I should go for something more grounded and less out-there. Just hope it won't disappoint me towards the end.

Nothing much to report on. Got to wake up early tomorrow again for tutorial and then lectures in the afternoon. It's going to be another long day. I can't see myself doing this for the whole year. But I'll just have to try. Now, to browse through my newly bought text books like a "studious" girl should. Yucks. My nerdy side is revolting.

P.S: Nic, sorry that I can't post those photos of my handphone that you want to see so much. They came out quite bad in my cam as I can't keep my one hand very steady. Sigh. The promos and ads that you see is quite likened to the real thing. And I should be holding on to this phone for quite a few more years, so you can still see it soon. Hopefully I will in any case.
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