Saturday, November 25, 2006 | 20:17
hung out to dry
Less than six hours of sleep on the night that you arrive back home after a sleepless eight hours flight drains anyone.

True to my own nature of inability to sleep on airplane flights unless I'm really, really tired or have not slept for a day and a half, I spent of the waking eight hours watching movies such as 'Cars' and half of 'West Side Story' and an episode each of 'Prison Break', 'Supernatural', 'Family Guy', 'Simpsons', 'Everybody Loves Raymond', 'Futurama', and shamelessly 'Justice League Unlimited'. I went against my better judgment of not watching 'Prison Break' provided by the in-flight entertainment services for fear that they might show some spoilers but I was pleasantly not too "spoiled"(?).

I just want more Wentworth Miller to ogle at. Oh and I suppose the first season of 'Prison Break' would be an added bonus too. No, but seriously, aside from the incredibly delicious looking Wentworth Miller/Michael Scofield, the show is exciting, refreshing and definitely my kind of TV series where 'Lost' and '24' also fall within that category therein. Mmm, Wentworth Miller.

'Supernatural' is another show which will have me glued to the screen once I get my hands on the first season episodes. Two hot guys(Re: Wentworth Miller) chasing and vanquishing ghosts, angry spirits, and evil demons; sounds like an interesting premise for an ogle fest to me.

Slipping away from TV-lala-land and returning to reality-bites-world, the morning and night before the flight was spent packing, moving the boxes to the basement, sealing and resealing the boxes, labeling and more relabeling, and finally packing my luggage for home while worrying that my bags would go over the weight limit again. And again it did but it was alright as I will explain later on. The morning was spent specifically paying up the one month rent in advance and securing the new abode for next year. I feel so independent now. Yet not really.

Upon return to IH, there wasn't really much to reflect upon the fact that it would be the last ever that I'd be in IH as an IH-er until next year when I'd be an ex-IH-er returning to see old friends and possibly meet new IH-ers. Half an hour prior to our departure from IH in the cab taking us to the airport, lots of well wishes were wished, contact details exchanged, last minute checking of belongings done, warm hugs all around ensued and finally the last farewell from IH as we wave goodbye to the friends that sent us off. There were several people whom I didn't get to say goodbye too but I'd see next year and some who won't be returning which I regret not having a proper goodbye said. Forgotten contacts to get from dearly homeward bound friends.

The sending off was the lock that sealed the end of my IH year. The memories will always be with me. The friendships I made will always be treasured. The small things that may seem to go unnoticed I'll never forget. No matter what, I promise myself to visit IH at least once a week to not forget the place that I called home for a whole year where friends were just a door away where you can talk to any time and any place. There's too much to say about how much IH has given me despite some disparates, the good times more than make up for the sour.

The rest of the day/flight just went by in a blur of bad food, small TV screens, and sleepless flight. Everything else went smoothly by where I said my final, final farewell upon landing on home soil before being taken home in a daze and humid weather. Supper consisted of takeaway noodles from my favourite coffee shop place and watching 'Death Note' till 3 in the morning. I put the blame on my brother for making it so accessible for me to watch those first seven episodes which I could hardly tear myself away from.

Now that I'm back in my room and home, it actually feels like I never left home. Everything is at the exact same place as I'd left it the last winter break. Just cleaner.

Believe it or not I have an interview for an internship position at L'Oreal Malaysia on Monday 9am. It was such a random and spontaneous decision of mine to submit my resume via email to the HR manager. I had zero expectations to actually land the job lest even a reply from them. And now I have an appointment for an interview on Monday at 9 in the morning. Am I supposed to wear stylish work wear and put on makeup? The power suits and pantsuit I can handle but I hate putting on makeup. Even applying lipstick is difficult for me. Not that I don't know how, I just don't like the whole makeup-putting-it-on business. And I'm supposed to go for an interview with one of the largest makeup specialist company in the world. How much more contradictory can I get myself into?

In addition, the mom and I are supposed to go for a Europe bound holiday some time in mid December though unconfirmed as tour dates and tickets go by. I just want a break from anything that seems remotely familiar and toss myself into some foreign country where I don't have to prove myself for once.

There's still unpacking of clothes to be done and that issue thing about the work clothes and stuff. Good night for now.

Am home and loving *cough*Wentworth Miller*cough* it.
Jill |

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 | 23:32
excess baggage
Situation almost critical:

Day Two: Packing progress 10%.

House hunting progress: 90% complete with high possibility of staying in an apartment right smack in the city with shopping, Safeway, and Hungry Jack's just a stone's throw away.

Am happy but tired. Oh so very tired. Being on your feet for five days straight out scouting for places and settling packing and moving issues is not fun. It's an experience but so not fun.

72 hours till home soil.
Jill |

Sunday, November 19, 2006 | 23:47
memo: remind me of the memories
Over. Finito. Done.

For the rest of the year till February 2007 when the whole process begins again. Except in a whole new atmosphere and environment. Out of IH but no place to call home as of yet. Moving is such a bitch.

Anyway, I was planning on blogging immediately after my last paper but with outings and drinking sessions getting a tiny bit out of hand it's not really my fault for this delayed post. Okay, partly my fault for agreeing to drinking three shots within five minutes at 2 am on Saturday morning. Followed by a few more shots and champagne that tasted like cough syrup. Well at least I didn't puke unlike a certain someone whose name is unmentionable for fear that I'll get the beating down later. But it does make for a good blackmailing opportunity should the need arise. The dinner before that was good followed by supper which all combined has made me a very chubby piggy.

Saturday afternoon and evening (the morning after didn't happen considering there wasn't any morning to wake up to) was spent stoning and watching O-week audition videos and Cafe videos from previous years. Dinner was taken out again with me smelling of barbecued meat and late night shopping at Safeway for biscuits and chocolates to haul back home for family and friends. Just four of us shopping then could have opened a shop back home selling Tim Tams and choccies. Supper was cooked again for another group of us chilling and talking about random things and the night before with nary a worry naught for the few who still had tests.

St. Kilda was the order of the day today with the exploration of the oh-so-famous arts and crafts market where I got a stainless steel and chrome like stand for hanging my earrings and jewelery. Cost a bit but I think it should be worth it. It was a good weekend spent I dare say.

Tomorrow begins the real work of apartment hunting and securing a place before we head back home on Friday. I'm actually a bit nervous about this considering I've never done this before and it's all so new to me. But it's a new experience and I shouldn't be too intimidated by it even though I evidently am.

It's been a long time since I actually wrote a daily recount of the events that happened to me. It's always some sort of emo post about me grumbling about some incoherent and incomprehensible event which most would not know unless you were within the inner circle.

Aside from that, will be busy getting last minute autographs and contact details from the stragglers who are still here before I leave. Like I said, it's the people whom I'll miss the most from IH here. Everything else is replaceable except for the memories, events, late night suppers and chats, drinking sessions, and the multi faceted groups of people who made it all happen including all the good and bad times.

Laundry is awaiting for me to be fetched. Reminiscence episode to come in the future. Watch (or read) out for it.
Jill |

Monday, November 13, 2006 | 23:53
frolics inhibitied
When life gives you exams, make like a pro and procrastinate.

Okay, I never make lame jokes on my blog so that will be the first and last ever time I'll do that.

Facebook is evil. MSN is the harbringer of all things evil and procrastination. And Wikipedia doesn't widen my general knowledge, it just takes up the brain power space up there which I would have otherwise utilised for something more useful like studying for my Cost Management test this Friday afternoon.

As you can tell from my lack of in-depth writing prowess and inhibited non-ability for joke-telling, I am bored.

It's not that I don't have anything to do but more like I don't want to do the things that I am supposed to be doing. In fact I do have lots of things to cover before Friday and yet I'm here. Perhaps I should list blogging as another procrastination vice as well.

It's pretty amazing in spite of my random ramblings throughout the year that I'll be back home again in ten days and ten nights. Too much has happened this year and to compress the memories into a paragraph or two of summarised anecdotes and tales would do no justice to them.

Therefore I'll leave it to next time I do decide to waste some spare time that I do have to spare unless it's been taken up by cleaning up my room and packing my belongings into boxes to be stored away for the summer holidays.

Ta for now.
Jill |

Thursday, November 09, 2006 | 16:57
rocking in step
It's actually over. The marathon is finally done with. Just one last paper to go before it's end of term holidays and back home with warm weather, indoor air-conditioning and yummy fattening food to fill you up.

There are six days of preparation to be done before my final and last exam of the year on which I have not started on it at all since the official end of the semester teaching period. Audio lectures, here I come.

The house hunting process continues possibly this weekend if I want to slack off take a break but most probably next week only after the 17th.

I wish I did have some awesome and exciting tales to regale you about with but I really don't considering the ongoing exam period with most people burying their heads in the books and the lack of outgoingness most people seem to associate with at this time. My dreams seem to be more exciting than my daily goings-on. Eye bags, stress relievers (or lack thereof), and binging tend to bring out the good and bad sides of people easily.

Sleep is the word of the day and night.
Jill |


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