Friday, December 31, 2004 | 00:09
senseless rants
It's the eve of New Year's Eve! Gosh, I've always wanted to say that too.
Well, I predict it's going to be another quiet New Year's countdown this year too. The party that's going to be held in the house is actually held on Jan 1st 2005, which I find a bit weird honestly but I suppose I wouldn't want people crashing our place at 12 midnight and chugging down alcohol or god knows what else till the wee hours of the morning with parents watching over us like hawks.
It's going to be a small affair in any case with several pizzas and brownies for dessert, washed down with regular soft drinks. I don't think we'll be having alcohol but if you really want to do it then I suggest doing it in your own house or visit a club where you can buy your own overpriced drinks. I have to say that I dislike beer because it stinks and it's bitter but I love wine and champagne. I sound like such a snobbish brat, don't I? Hopefully, there'll be Queer Eye on Saturday night too because there wasn't last week which left me feeling slightly empty and awkward.
So, 2005 is just at the end of the week. Resolutions, resolutions, and more resolutions will be made and some broken unduly.
I haven't exactly made a list yet but I do have some at the back of my mind. I just wish that I could keep some of them as most of them will probably be broken by the second day of the new year or something like that. Let's see; keep books-purchasing-on-impulse to a minimum of 3 books a month, maintain exercise regime without the extra munchies, experiment with more new and outrageous homemade foods, keep balanced diet of power bars, chocs, cookies, pasta and veggies, read all my newly bought books that's been in storage for half a year by the end of 2005, stop buying jeans, and start getting more tops. I think that should be enough resolutions to keep me going for the next week or so.
I so need to rebond my hair very soon. It's getting way too frizzy and poofy. Hopefully when it's straightened I won't look too flat or sullen as I've seen in magazines and those people with short and iron-straight hair. I am so tempted to get my hair dyed or streaked. But everyone keeps on saying that I shouldn't. I'm so torn. Like 50-50 torn apart. I guess that's what somehow lead to my urge and finally decision to chop off my hair. I might even decide to keep my hair short if I like it straightened. But we'll see what happens.
I continued making more raviolis today. But with minimal success. The dough I rolled out was too thin making it difficult to actually mould the ravioli into place without the filling spilling out in all directions. Storing it was a nightmare because it was incredibly sticky, I have no idea why. I actually destroyed one where the thinly rolled dough tore and the cheese and spinach went spilling out like a volcano erupting. Oh well, but at least I still have twenty pieces of it left stored in the freezer ready to be boiled and dunked in delicious spaghetti or carbonara sauce. I'm really quite proud of myself for attempting somethine like this. Considering I've never handled dough of this proportion before till now and also getting these ingredients that I'll never eat on a usual day, I think I'm ready for more challenging foods.
I think homemade roti canai and dhall curry sound good.
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Thursday, December 30, 2004 | 02:29
raviolis and mangoes
I don't know how to spell the plural sense of mango.
Today was quite a day unlike any other day.
Today was the day Nicole and I made the cheese and spinach ravioli from scratch. As in from the dough to the filling with flour all over the place and cheese smells stuck in the fingers. It was quite tiresome but I'm glad that it actually came out alright.
We had to make the dough twice because the first time was a total bomb. The second time was not perfect but nonetheless okay. The dough came out pretty tough though because we didn't get to roll it thinly enough, what with my not owning a rolling pin. But I got one today so I'm planning to make more tomorrow and let it keep. Sharon dropped by the house too today and we had her test the first ravioli topped with Prego's mushroom tomato sauce. It tasted quite well actually with the sauce. So, I'm planning to test them out with the carbonara sauce soon. I'm quite proud of the raviolis actually, which is really saying something as most of my hand made eateries aren't exactly edible or tasty enough for me at least. Some of the flaws I had with the raviolis were that the fillings were too watery and I was scared that it would actually leak out when I was boiling it. I actually had to boil it for almost twenty minutes before the dough was actually edible enough for our stomaches to handle it. I have to learn how to use a rolling pin now.
My next cooking rendevous will probably not involve any more flour or eggs or stretchy and hard dough for a long while more. Maybe something like sauce making would be good.
We had dinner with Kim, Sean, and Addie at Ming Tien later on but I had to forgoe eating a bowl of noodles or rice on my own because my stomach couldn't handle any more food after stuffing myself with porridge, ravioli and mango for lunch and tea. It was a cool outing with friends that I haven't seen in a fair while and had fun hanging out together. It was very nice I have to admit. Let's go out more often!
Sayonara for now. And I still want more anime DVDs.
And I think I'm 80% steering towards HELP now and 20% towards Monash.

P.S: I don't know how to let you taste my hand made raviolis, Laine, but I'll figure something out soon. I just hope that it doesn't get too frozen or hard by the time the square lumps make it to your hands.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2004 | 23:38
one in half
Don't bother cracking your head over the title of today. I just needed something to headline today's entry.
I think that there are two sides of me. Like the yin and yang sign. There's the light side and then there's the dark side. This is becoming to sound very star wars-esque. Well, I tend to have a split personality disorder sometimes. The weird thing is that I can control it while some people who really suffer this problem can't.
I can be totally hyper about something and gush and go absolutely madly in full girlish form at times. Then, almost immediately, I can become this sombre, almost zombified figure and just not want to do anything. At all. Nothing could've made me come out of this melancholic stupor.
So, yeah. This sometimes confuse me, as I don't know which is the real me. Which can get a bit bothersome at times when I want to describe myself in 100 words or less and I get stuck at it. It frustrates me and I just give up most of the time.

Describe yourself in 100 words or less.
18 year old going on 19. Female. Single. Loves watching movies and listening to music no one listens to. Likes the occasional anime obssessing fetish. Wants to do more photography and learn the guitar and cook more Italian and Thai food. Enjoys shopping and getting great deals on bags, clothes, accessories and browsing through flea markets with great bargains. Prefers holing up in my room with a comfy book and bed with blanket rather than gorging myself on midnight strolls in a redlight district.

Less than 100 words. Ah well. I don't like beating round the bush as well but I'm too lazy to add that in. Now you can see that I struggle with that description thing Blogger asks of us blogger type people.
Well, nothing much. To sum up my day, lunch with two ex-school mates at a mamak restaurant followed by the third KLCC trip in two weeks with Nicole and then back home downloading oldies for me mum.
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Monday, December 27, 2004 | 13:21
I didn't blog yesterday. That's a surprise. Actually, I was just too lazy to get out of my ass to blog something.
Well, Nic's here. In my house. Bunking in with the family. It's going quite well actually. I just hope I don't bore her too much with my inactivity in and around the house. Anyways, will be spending a fair bit more time out of the house catching up with old friends and just hanging out.
And also I need to really think hard and long now about what I plan to do in the coming year. It's less than five days now till 2005. Sigh. And triple sigh again.
Nothing else to report. I just hope my lack of exercise this week won't bunch me up and lump me again in fats. Ah well.

A short blog today due to sleepiness and tiredness. May return to normal blogging rate tomorrow.
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Sunday, December 26, 2004 | 01:04
tis the season to be jolli
Well, in less than 2 hours, Christmas is going to be over. Spent it sleeping, stuffing my face with nasi kandar topped with loads of curry and chili, (mmm...curry) watching TV and also grocery shopping at Giant.
Yeah, I was supposed to take a break from overeating but the temptation was too much. I could eat the Kayu Nasi Kandar curry sauce with just rice and I'll be a happy person for the rest of the night. My mouth's drooling just thinking about it.
Anyways, nothing too exciting happened. I've never celebrated Christmas in a big way for as long as I can remember because my family's more of a Chinese New Year people. So, come this February, it's munchies and more munchies time again.
Still brooding over my decision on what I'm going to do next year. Gotta make a choice very soon. I hate making these life changing decisions and choices thing.
The house is going to get another addition to the family soon. No, it's not a baby. I don't think I'll be able to live through it, even though I do enjoy looking and playing with them. Nicole's coming to bunk over in my room and home for the next two weeks or so. So, there's going to be more noise than usual in the house since we're more of a quiet bunch. Not that I'm really complaining or anything.
I want to straighten my hair. Again. I hate my poofy and rough-age hair. I think it's like dying your hair. Once you start, you can't stop. So, either I can invent a hair shampoo formula that'll keep my hair silky straight and smooth all the time, or I'll be heading back to the hair saloon for that rebonding session every year. Sigh.
I'm going broke too on a side note. Me mom's going to start giving me allowance again in January so that's good news. I want (need) more DVDs! And books too.
I want to learn how to cook. Not just eggs and instant noodles but real stuff. Like chicken curry, make my own pasta and sauce, marinade chicken wings and barbecue them, and toss pizzas. Ok maybe not pizzas because I don't even own an oven so that's a no on the baking too. So yeah. My mom has impregnated this idea in my brain on how to fill up my spare time before I start university.
Cooking and cook books.
Ah well. Jay Leno is up soon.
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Saturday, December 25, 2004 | 02:59
vodka walnut and x'mas presents
The latter was what the family, relatives and I got to enjoy while the former is actually what 'the cousin' calls the mocha walnut cake I chose for dessert after tonight's overstuffed dinner.

I'm still feeling stuffed from an array of foods I chowed down today. They included spaghetti carbonara, fried chicken wings, fried dumplings and crab sticks, curry chicken, yummy spare ribs (I think), and topped it all off with a huge piece (rather than a slice) of mocha walnut cake from Secret Recipe. The vodka walnut thing was just a slight misunderstanding where the cousin misheard me saying "mocha walnut" and not "vodka walnut". But they do sound alike, which I never noticed before. The walnuts tasted particularly delish by the way and I've never eaten this cake before, so go me for picking out the right cake. Though I'm not so sure my mom, who dislikes anything nuts, would agree with that. I've never eaten so much in one sitting for a long time now. The last time I did that was at my birthday I think. Got to work hard tomorrow to burn off the excess calories. Well, there's New Year to look forward too, so hopefully I won't stuff myself too much next week as well.
We had a lucky draw kind of exchange presents thing, and I got a handphone holder. It's a cool little furry pouch with the black and white cow prints on it and really soft too. Finally, a place to keep my handphone in one place. I got back my LOTR: ROTK DVD! I missed it for a while so now I can finally finish exploring it gleefully. There's really not much else for me to watch but for fun, I might just decide to watch the rest of the commentaries by Pete Jackson and the producers, if I don't have anything else better to do.

I have yet to watch my "The War of the Worlds" VCD. I really hope I can watch it soon though. Sigh. Well, not much else to say but to wish everyone who's celebrating Christmas, a very Merry and Happy Christmas! May you get cool presents and enjoy the food and festivities!
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Friday, December 24, 2004 | 16:22
powerpuff girls 2 movie
I had the freakiest and realistic dream last night. No, I don't know or care that Cartoon Network is producing or thinking about the second installment of another Powerpuff Girls movie. It's just that I had a dream about the PPG2 movie that I'm afraid might become a reality someday.

Please proceed to my dream blog to know more about my wonderful dream.

Forgive the childlike vocabulary but I thought that retelling my dream in a story mode would be more appropriate. I felt like that was the actual setup of the next PPG movie, if there ever is going to be one. Which I would find incredibly creepy and scary if they actually made one that was akin to my dream. I am quite a PPG fan but dreaming about them was just plain . . . unreal. That's all for this morning.

Editor's note: I just created a dream blog to record all future dreams that I may experience. I realised that it can a bit irritating if I post erratic dreams now and then. I may even tend to believe that those dreams are real thus crossing the thin line between reality and fiction. Hitherto, I decided to start this dreamer's log which I won't promise will be updated every day or even every month.
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| 02:20
the eve of christmas eve
I always wanted to say or write something like that.

Now with the formalities over with I can be less, well, formal. Right.
I just noticed that my notebook's keypads are all scratched out. Must've been my fingernails. Oh well.
I can't say that I had the most exciting day of my life but it's generally not too bad overall. Watched TV again as usual. I'm developing a really bad habit of couching out in the living hall while snacking away greedily. This habit's got to stop by next year.
I'm seriously considering going to HELP next year to do my first year of Bachelor's Degree in Commerce before departing for Australia for the second year. Trouble is, I don't know yet whether the university of my choice will have available the major I want to do there. That's my big problem now. Loud sigh.
I feel like doing something really radical. I mean crazy. I feel like going jogging tomorrow morning. Early morning like 6 or 7 am. I think I'm going light in the head.
I'm more than half way through reading the children's classic tale of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. I want to watch 'Finding Neverland' which stars Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. Speaking of Depp, Oprah Prime Time is having him and Kate on her show this Sunday. It's showing on Starworld at 8pm if anyone's interested in watching it. I realised today that I actually enjoy watchin Oprah. Just a little. Ok, ok, fine, more than a little. I never realised how interesting some of the episodes are. I always have this impression of the Oprah Winfrey show being all motherly or cutesy and drama-like and overly emotional. It's actually quite informative and it doesn't make you sick in an appalling kind of way. Surprising but true. There was this episode yesterday where she interviewed this guy who left his baby son in the car accidentally and forgot about it after a few hours. But it was already too late because it happened in the middle of this hot summer and the baby got totally fried and it was really sad too. This reminded me of an episode on CSI, the Vegas one with Gil Grissom, where I think they actually based that episode on this particular case. Except that in the CSI modified version of it, the baby was intentionally left in the heated up car because this sadistic mother was all mad and stuff and asked the dad to do it.
Wow, it's like one thing leads to another. I'm just ranting again because I got nothing else better to report. Oh, I visited the pasar malam at Chow Yang, SS2 today with Sharon picking me up from my house and then going there. It was kinda fun. But I forgot just how really hot it was there and was sweating bullets. Yikes.
That's all for tonight. Tomorrow's the Christmas Eve party at my grandmother's place and also the Christmas exchange gift thing. Will report back with what I got.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2004 | 23:56
we suffer to live
Or do we live to suffer? It seems that the world is becoming more sadistic and sardonic every day. We love to see people, especially strangers, suffer. It is a known fact. It's in our nature. We can't help ourselves relishing in other people's misery and watch from afar in the sidelines. Our empathy means nothing to these sufferers in silence. We may stare at them with our doleful eyes and speak with mourning voices but I don't believe that most of us actually mean it. No matter how nice that person is, he will always be attracted to the wretchedness of human lives. Even the poorest of the poor probably enjoy seeing others like him suffer the same fate as another beggar. We give caringly, meaningfully and wistfully to the less fortunate. But how often do we actually feel for them, instead of feeling sorry for them? We feel sorry for people too many times already. I'm sorry that we possess such (in)humane feelings.

Everyone seems to have a sad past. A bitter memory that you wish you could forget but just can't. If only there was a way where you could erase that significant memory and everything would return to its original state before your life became a living hell. Seems exciting doesn't it? That's what I feel whenever I watch a show, whether it be an anime, TV series, drama, sitcom, or movie. Every character always seem to have a painful past and agenda that we love to see them overcome or suffer in their own distressing situation. I never realised how sadistic I really am till today. I actually enjoy watching people suffer from some emotional scarring. This has probably been going on for years already but I never took time to actually sit and grasp this reality. I feel so disgusted with myself. I feel sorry for these fictional characters wallowing in their self pity and yet I can't tear my eyes away from them and force myself to snap back into the real world. In the real world, hardly everyone actually has to deal with such a painful past or a bitter memory that would leave them so scarred that they would resort to dealing out their own brand of justice or taking one's own life. We constantly watch these happen in the idiot box without a blink of an eye or even think, "Hey, that's too ridiculous! No one can actually suffer that much and yet still be sane." It's become practically a norm. And yet not normal when we encounter such events in our own real tangible lives.

There. I got it out of my system. It's been brooding in me for the past few hours already that if I didn't have a constructive outlet to express myself, I think I might've exploded. And imagine, watching a totally fictional anime show actually made me realise this. I've watched several alike shows like this in the past but it finally struck me today. I'm a hypocrite. We're all hypocrites. Whether you agree with my views or not, I don't really give a damn. Excuse me, because I have to watch Horatio Caine wrestle with his internal pining for the woman he knows he can never love openly in CSI: Miami.

I think I've developed an embarrassingly gushing crush on this extremely good looking bishounen. (it's Japanese slang for a good looking anime male character like Aya from Weiss Kreuz; the guy above) I wish my hair could stay like that.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2004 | 19:14
joy to the world . . . and shopping as well
On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
1 Mitch Albom novel "The Five People You Meet In Heaven"
2 VCDs (The War of the Worlds original movie version & 'Weiss Kreuz Gluhen' anime box set)
3 A&W coney dogs and Mozza burger
4 accessories (3 badges and 1 chunky bracelet)
5 Christmas exchange gifts

Tweaking the lyrics from a famous and well known song always give me a sense of freedom that not even driving can. I'm feeling all Christmasy now. It's kinda gross actually since I'm not usually this cheerful. Just yesterday I was being all bah humbug and acting like the Grinch of Christmas. Anyways, I decided to visit 1Utama again, but by myself this time because I thought I needed some alone time away from the home and also just to shop on my own. I haven't done that for such a long time now. It's quite liberating actually except that you just got to watch your spending quota and also the purchases that you make. I almost went overboard and almost got another book which I know I definitely do not need. The Mitch Albom novel I got today is and will be my last book that I will buy in 2004. Hopefully I can keep that promise for another ten days before I can go book crazy again.
In all, I think I went on a shopping frenzy today. Hunting for the Christmas exchange gifts was quite fun but frustrating at the same time since I've been entrusted by my mom with the sacred duty of getting all the gifts this year. I have to think about gifts that would suit both genders and also whether it would be practical at all for the coming year. I have to admit that there was one gift that I would so much like to keep for myself but alas I spared myself of this joy and forced myself to play Santa. I'm so glad that this ordeal is over.
I'm relishing in the VCDs that I greedily got myself. It took so much of my will power to steer away from the Studio Ghibli DVD set that I desperately wanted to own. In the end I settled for this anime series called Weiss Kreuz Gluhen which I had intended to get a long time ago but absently forgot till today. The name's German I think hence the weird pronunciation. It was by pure randomness instinct that I picked up the 1952 movie adaptation of H.G. Wells's sci-fi 'The War of the Worlds' novel. I heard from the cyber grapevine that Hollywood is planning a future movie adaptation as well, so I thought that I should watch this archaic movie first before previewing the Hollywood-ised version of it.
It was a fairly happy and carefree shopping trip. I'm all set for the week. It seems that I need to get out of the house at least once a week or else I might just drop dead in my room with nary a notice from the members of the house.
I noticed something really odd when I was just carelessly browsing the shops today. I feel extremely self conscious whenever I check something out or when I just peek into a shop for a quick look. It seems that I attract werid stares and dirty looks from old frumpy women and grumpy looking uncles when I just glance at a book rack or a clothes shelf. They seem to look down on me with their obnoxious stares that just scream, "Stay away from me you primpy snobby girl or else I'll call the manager and have you out of here so fast you won't be able to curse me!"
Ok, maybe their looks don't exactly speak that long but that's what I feel. Can't a girl browse meaninglessly and gaily in a video store without getting disapprovingly looks from every Ah Pek, Ah Long and Ah Sam? I never bother them and yet they get the crazy idea that I might just snatch their purse or start ranting nonsensically to their delicate wrinkled ears. I'm not taking a stab at all the elders and forty-somethings out there, heaven forbid. I know of some really nice and extremely courteous ladies and gentlemen who just seem to be happy all the time. It's the minority group of these adults that occupy the space in shopping complexes that can really suck all the joy from you like a parasitic leech that won't come off for a week.

Well, I won't let these humanoid trolls ruin my Christmas week. Have a fun week and an early Christmas wish to all!
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Monday, December 20, 2004 | 23:56
the dream aviator's christmas wish
What a way to start the week than with some light house chores, followed by a second viewing of 'The Incredibles' and then a quick lunch adjourned with 'The Village'.
I have just summarised my entire day in one sentence.
I never realised how much I actually enjoy watching cartoons, animated movies and the like, until I willfully let myself to watch 'The Incredibles' again. Truthfully, it was an enjoyable film fit for the family or in this instance, me. I really like the style of animation in this film. It's all so clean and simple and so colourful. And Violet's hair is really shiny and oh-so-silky. I wish I had natural hair like that, without needing to straighten it. I seem to prefer watching cartoons and anime shows better than those other conventional and life actors and actresses kind. This cannot be a good sign. True, there are things that non-animated characters on screen can't do but soon they will. And I can't wait to watch that happen.
Christmas is in five days time and I don't feel the holiday spirit seeping into my body at all. I tend to like Christmas as the next person, but the feelings just seem to be buried somewhere in my body now. O' Saint Nick, will you please exhume it from my humble abode of flesh and soul? I feel so guilty at the same time for not feeling all 'ho ho ho' and joyful as I should be when everyone else is happily celebrating the season with hardly a frown. Maybe, this will come rolling in just in time for Christmas Eve and I can start indulging in all the commerciality and television sponsorship that is Father Christmas Day.
I was thinking of starting a dream blog. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I said was,
"I dreamt of Superman's evil sister and Smallville's version of Superman."
Yeah, that youngish looking Clark Kent and not the late Christopher Reeves. Does Superman even have a sister, lest even an evil one? I think her name was Supergirl or something like that. But that's not the point. I recalled that Superman's sister wanted to get revenge on someone and that she was plotting to take over the world or something of that sort. And also Superman had all these conflicted feelings because he is Superman and a superhero but also that he had a relation to this mad woman who is an evil mad genius and wants to be the all ruling Queen of Earth. And as I remember, the evil sister looked like Lana from Smallville. I don't even watch Smallville except for that one time when I accidentally switched to Starworld and also when I had nothing else to watch on that forsaken night.
So, yeah when I have anymore dreams in the next few nights, I think I should start a dream blog. Just simply to have a place where I can share my weird and ridiculous dreams with anyone who's interested in what I think about when I go into slumberland.
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Sunday, December 19, 2004 | 18:18
not myself
Some bug has bitten me when I woke up this morning. I'm feeling strangely lethargic, my nose is stuffy and my head hurts. I need sleep.
My mom and me went to the Mont Kiara flea market around 11am this morning. As usual there were loads of people hanging around shopping and mingling with the crowd while browsing through the nick nacks on display for sale. The array of necklaces and bracelets and earrings became too much for me at one point where I just couldn't stop at another one anymore. Amazingly, as I was carelessly browsing through one of the clothes rack displaying flowy and pretty sundresses, I actually chanced upon one which I liked. Really liked too. It's a white sleeveless, or halter if you might call it that, dress with little black detailed flowers sewed all over it. Very flowy like and actually fitted me nicely when I tried it on. I hardly ever buy or even look at dresses so this was very unlike me in a way. Well, my mom thought that it was too transparent but it's really alright. At least I got a Chinese New Year dress ready so that's one down and maybe two more to go. Aside from that, I also got two cute little pouches to keep my keys and sorts in and the other for toileteries when I travel. I don't actually need the last one but it was just too cute to pass up.
And that was my ever so exciting outing for the day. Came back, did some housework, read a little, munched a little, and now I'm here typing a little. I need to sleep a lot after this. My head needs its beauty sleep while my brain continues to buzz around about which path I'm going to take next year.
Good night and good day.
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Saturday, December 18, 2004 | 19:29
taking the road less traveled
I couldn't think of a better title so there.

Anyway, I just returned from my escapade to Sunway University College and HELP Institute. At first, I only intended to visit the Monash campus at Sunway to dig for some information regarding the business course available and also about their transfer programs to other universities in Australia. The whole package seems very attractive except for the fees which just surprised me totally. Well, then after that, I suggested to try HELP because I heard that they also offered a business course too and also allows you to transfer to the 'Group of Eight' which is the titular title given to the top eight universities in Australia. They are, as I just found out today, Uni. of Melbourne, Uni. of Queensland, Australian National University, Uni. of Western Australia, Uni. of Sydney, Uni. of Adelaide, Uni. of New South Wales, and Monash Uni. Six of them are state unis. which are supposed to be the better ones while the other two are non-state unis. but still good all the same. It seemed that HELP was more flexible in terms of its transfer programs where they are affiliated with all of the Group of Eight universities except for Monash because Monash already have their own established campus at Sunway so it will seem kind of pointless. There are of course other universities that one can choose to transfer too but I think that these are the more popular ones per se. In addition, the HELP fees per semester is so much cheaper in comparison to Monash's. I know that for a fact that loads of Taylor's College SAM graduates will usually go for the Monash pathway, so by taking the HELP pathway, I'll actually be taking the less traveled route. Hence, the reiterated blog title.
Basically the subjects that I'm going to be studying in HELP and Monash are about the same or similar to one another so there shouldn't be a problem. The only difference is that Monash's program begins in the second or third week of February 2005, if I'm not mistaken, while HELP's one starts in 24th January 2005. Either way I'll have to find something substantial to fill up my time or else I'm going to rot at home and never see daylight till that time comes.

So, what about the law path that I was thinking and meandering about before?
Well, based on my SAM results, it seems that Legal Studies appeared to be my weakest subject. Which is really ironic because Accounting Studies was my strongest subject even though I hate it, while I actually enjoy reading law, much to my amazement. So, it seems that I should go for accounting or something along that line which takes me back to the business route that I intended to go for in the beginning. By opting to go this path, I would probably have to give up studying law completely unless I can study business law which is actually what I would really love because it's the combination of both areas that I can do and like doing at the same time.
It seems that my future legal practice and litigation plans are going down the abyss as I begin to see the light. I have a week to think this thoroughly and ponder even more before I register with the university of my future.

I still can't believe that this new phase in my life is already beginning. My dad even asked me if I wanted to go to Australia next year and do the whole three year program right there and then. I don't think I'm ready at all for that lest even starting university life in Malaysia. I know I should be more than ready now but it's all a little too much for me to take it all in just yet. I'm such a whiner.
My life is pretty much revolving around these few issues currently so don't hope for fun stuff anytime soon.
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| 14:39
shrewd or shady
The brain blast didn't come this morning as I'd've hoped for. I woke up just staring into the ceiling above me littered with the specks of colourful and oddly patterned stick-on stars and assortments with not a blip on what I actually planned on doing for the next 3 or 4 years of my life. It was a depressing morning this was. It's almost time for me to make up my muddled up mind and move on to the exciting phase of my life.
University life.
It sounded exciting to me when I was in secondary school as a pre-teen and prepubescent teenager later on. But now that I'm here, I don't get that feeling anymore. It's just dissipated into thin air. Now that's plain self-pity.
Anyway, I think after some long and hard thinking and pondering while watching Saturday morning cartoons and downing a large mug of coffee, I've pretty much made up my mind already. It's either a shrewd and cunning life in the dog-eat-dog world of business management or marketing and communications or the shady underground world of legal practice and litigation where everything is not as it seems.
Whatever it is, I'll just have to face up to it when the time finally arrives. This is almost as tough as making a choice between spaghetti carbonara and spaghetti bolognaise. They both seem the same and yet not the same.

Please ignore my lame attempt to sound utterly philosophical. The coffee must be diluting my brain to the size of a tissue pulp while the images of Dexter and DeeDee fighting are slowly siphoning away what's left of my consciousness.

Go visit Lemony Snicket's official book website if you're interested in the upcoming weirded out movie or just curious about what the books are about. Bye for now.
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life as it was
My nose is stuffed. I hate it when that happens. And my eyes are starting to water terribly now.
Anyways, on to other news aside from my sudden deteriorating health situation here. I'm trying terribly hard to not sound sappy and all soppy here but after receiving my SAM results yesterday and going to college today to pick up the official certificate and result slip, it just hit me. This is the most pinnacle moment of my life by far. I mean deciding to attend the SAM course last year wasn't that big a deal to me as it may have been for some but now that I have to decide what my next course of action is, it's really bugging and exciting me at the same time.
I have to make a major decision that might just change my life forever. Choosing between option A and option B could lead to Life A and Life B. It's even more difficult to make a decision now that I can't dilly dally any longer on what I really want to do with my life. I've put it off long enough and now that I have to come to that crossroad, I have to make a choice.
I hate it when this happens too.
Basically, my mom said that with my results I should be able to get into a good university which is quite enlightening to me somewhat. However, when I visited my college this afternoon, and saw all the top scorers results staring me at my ogled face, I never realised the competition till that moment. I was like the bottom of the top 300 plus scorers in Taylor's College. This just scared me. Hopefully, all those mad geniuses are science geeks and nerds that will go for biotechnology or bioscience or something of that sort. (no offence meant for all the geniuses out there) It's just going to be tough getting a secured spot in a top university no matter where I plan or want to go to. Whether it be Melbourne Uni, Sydney Uni, or even London Uni, it's going to be like crawling and scratching your way to reach there. And that's not even counting the rest of the journey that one will have to go through after that gruelling session already.
I'm just racking my brain like crazy now. I don't know what to do. I can't force myself to make a major decision by tomorrow because I know that everyone else would have already known what to do and they're on their way to get that place now. It's killing me just thinking about it. Maybe that's why I'm becoming sick also.

Hopefully I'll get some revelation when I wake up in the morning and the light will instantly click in the back of my brain on what I really want to do with my practically non-existent life as of now.

On to other happy or on a more cheery note, after getting my aforementioned results, I head over to my cousin's house where we enjoyed an afternoon of unbridled LOTR filled fun. I pretty much finished exploring the DVD, like 60-70% of it, and so I decided to play Santa a bit and lent her the set.
[Non-LOTR fans; movies and readers, need not read the following paragraphs]
It's definitely much more fun watching the DVD with a LOTR fan like myself, rather than sitting in the living room with two brothers glancing over to the TV screen now and then to ask silly questions that seem totally duh to someone like me who has read the book, and oohing and aahing over a cool battle scene or when Legolas was doing that now famous oliphaunt stunt and when the camera pans over the massive and magnificent battle grounds swarmed by orcs, men, and horses. And at least I don't get stared at like some mad woman whenever I laugh at a funny scene which only I seem to be able to understand unlike my two brothers. It was awesome and breathtaking to re-watch the emotional and absolutely touching moments again like the ending scenes, and the sacrifice of Faramir. The music just tears me up immediately.
The appendices was a lot of fun to watch as well. The documentaries were definitely very informative where it explained a lot of why this happened and how this happened and so on. I still can't believe that Peter Jackson and company actually planned a battle sequence involving Aragorn and Sauron during the big battle scene at the Black Gate. They actually filmed it already but then at the last moment, Pete decided to change it and instead had Aragorn fight a giant troll in place of Sauron. There's a long reason behind this so I'm not going to get into it here. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the DVD as much as I did with the previous two. It's such a cool and riveting feeling to possess all three DVDs after 3 long years of being such a fan to the whole LOTR cast and crew and just relishing in the whole LOTR experience. In a word; amazing.

Amor Kana

I just discovered this cool little Japanese site above with loads of lovely songs, which are mostly instrumental but has so much emotion and feelings in them that you can't help but feel so touched and almost bordering on tears, for no apparent reason. Just click on the link that says 'Muzie' and after that you can actually download some songs from that link by clicking the MP3 button. I love the fact that it's free as well. Or if you just want to sample the songs, just click the MIDI link on the Amor Kana main website which will allow you to browse through the list of midis available for you listening pleasure. Just peruse the list on the left hand side and click on the appropriate numbers and names. As simple as that. I hope you enjoy this little piece of entertainment that I'd like to share with you. I feel so Santa-ish today.

This is a long blog entry isn't it? I should stop now so I'll be back tomorrow to report on my ongoing quest for that elusive surge of brain power that will lead me to my destiny.
Oh god, I sound so melodramatic. *runs away and gags herself*
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Thursday, December 16, 2004 | 11:34
sam results
I'm awake at 8:30 which has never happened since . . . forever. So, I wake up, had my morning cup of java and logged onto the SSABSA website. I almost threw up the giant cup of coffee still swimming in my stomach when I saw this.

Results for Liew Jiun Tzu Jillian

YearCodeSubjectResultAchievement ScoreStatus
20042ACS2Accounting StudiesSA18Completed
20042ESP2English as Second Language StudiesSA16Completed
20042LGS2Legal StudiesSA16Completed
20042MSU2Mathematical StudiesSA16Completed

I have no idea how I can get another 16 for my ESL. Each of the scores are over 20 fyi. 20-17 is an A while 16-14 is a B, and so on.
I am really shocked at my ACC score.
Below is the rest of the details of my TER and so on.

Tertiary Entrance for Liew Jiun Tzu Jillian

University Entrance

The Tertiary Entrance Rank (TER) indicates how well you have performed relative to others in the population, taking into account variations in student participation from year to year.

Tertiary Entrance Rank: 91.30

The TER is derived from the university aggregate, which is calculated by totalling the tertiary entrance points for your best four subjects and adding half the tertiary entrance points for your fifth best subject.

Individual tertiary institutions may award bonus points to aggregates for entrance to their courses. Any such bonus points are not shown here.

University Aggregate: 76.00

The aggregate was calculated from the Tertiary Entrance Points as follows:

  1. 2004:2ACS2 18.0
  2. 2004:2MSU2 17.0
  3. 2004:2ECO2 17.0
  4. 2004:2ESP2 16.0
  5. 2004:2LGS2 16.0
    Contribution: 8.0

TAFE Entrance

For TAFE courses that use a score based on performance in the SACE, the TAFE selection score is calculated by totalling the tertiary entrance points for your best three Stage 2 subjects.

TAFE Aggregate: 52.00

The aggregate was calculated from the Tertiary Entrance Points as follows:

  1. 2004:2ACS2 18.0
  2. 2004:2MSU2 17.0
  3. 2004:2ECO2 17.0

Can anyone tell me if my TAFE Aggregate is good or bad? I'm too numb to do any research on it now. I have just watched the first DVD of the LOTR: ROTK EE DVD so I'm off to watch the ending. Good night and good morning.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2004 | 17:52
my preciousss
That is so lame. My blog title for today, I mean. Anyways, you can probably guess from my title that I've finally gotten the thing I've been craving and aching for the past weeks. Yes, it is . . . drumroll please !


I feel happy, which is the ultimate understatement of the year.

I just returned from my shopping trip to 1Utama with Sharon. It was a fun outing as we got talking and chatting as usual, ranging from various topics of Zara, Armani Exchange, shopping, food, friends and our SAM results. They're being released tomorrow at 8 am Australian time which is 6 am Malaysian time! I'm so freaked out now. It's a conspiracy against me to rob me of my happiness of enjoying the LOTR DVD. Just when I finally got it, they had to release the bloody results the day after. This sucks.
Some of my friends are planning to go to Taylor's College tomorrow to get the official result slip but I'm not too sure whether I should or not. Maybe I should go on Friday when everything has settled down a little. I don't think I'd like getting my results shoved into my face by logging into the official SSABSA website. It'll be too much of a shock to me. I might just drop dead on my notebook when I see those numbers staring at me back from the screen. Well, we'll see what happens now won't we? In any case, I'll publish my results here if it's good and if it's not then you won't see it here. And that's that.

Besides, our attention being averted to the SAM results, I got two tank tops from FOS for about RM40 together. Not bad I think. In addition to the LOTR DVD, I also managed to get a hold on Hayao Miyazaki's 'My Neighbour Totoro'. I've heard really good reviews about so yea, I'm glad I got it in the end. As of today, I have three of Miyazaki-san's movies; 'My Neighbour Totoro', 'Mononoke Hime' or Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away. I'm contented.

The chicken pie I had for lunch was quite yummy too. We stopped at this restaurant type cafe called Zuup or something like that. (can't really recall the name)

Well, that's all for today. I'm going to bury myself now in a deep and dark room (ala Misty Mountains) where I can be happily holed up with my LOTR DVD which I will savour for the next day or so. Don't expect me to come out of hiding unless it's for my SAM results.
Bye now.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2004 | 23:13
chobits [part 2]
I have finished a 26 episodes anime series in just two days. Wow. I've never done that before.
*puts that in her feats list and smiles smugly*

Anyways, what do I think about it? Truthfully I don't really know. I really loved some parts and certain episodes of the series but didn't really like some of them at the same time. I suppose loving and hating certain parts of a show is part and parcel in watching and appreciating a show. Overall, I'd rate it a 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. The story was what really drew me in but I actually found Hideki's character kinda annoying during a few times so that put me off a little. Chii is also not the most likable character of all time, even though she may be extremely cute or kawaii as some may call her. I actually like Hideki's friend and neighbour, Shinbo, character better and his Persocon, Sumomo, is hilarious! I'd actually like to be a bit like Minoru more because he's really quite a boy genius and extremely polite and courteous.
I'm not going to tell the whole story here in one extra, extra long blog entry as it would take several pages.
Sigh. It would be nice to have a persocon, wouldn't it? For those who don't know what that is, I suggest reading my previous blog, yesterday, and follow the link provided to understand what I'm going on about. Well, I don't think I'd want to be a persocon too in any case. A world filled with humans and persocons is a scary at every I look at it, nevertheless. As much as I'd like a persocon to be like my personal assistant, messenger, answering machine, someone to run my errands, someone to pour my heart into, complain about anything to, and even be just there to talk to when I'm alone, a world where my only interaction with anyone has reduced to just conversing with a persocon, would probably just kill me. No matter, how beautiful, intelligent, comforting and the most comfortable person you could be with, that persocon is, there are certainly some things that a human can do that a persocon could never replace or do.
A persocon's voice, no matter how soft, tender and loving it is to our ears, could never take the place of a lover's whisper or a parent's caressing lullaby.
A persocon's touch, no matter how gentle and comforting, could never replace a mother's lovely hug, or that kiss with another human.
They just can't.
But then again, there will always be one that will defy the conventional and natural thinking and moralities set by society. And that's when your whole world will come crashing down when you fall in love with a robot or in this case, a persocon. But a persocon's memory or database can always be erased or modified. How then when the persocon's memory of you has been erased completely from his or her database? You will never forget the persocon, no matter how hard you try, because it will always hurt you whenever you see the persocon.
A persocon, no matter how real and close the human may be to him or her, is after all just a computer with a human outlook. Then again, there will come a persocon who will also defy this natural order and even learn to feel emotions and register them the way a normal human being would. The persocon might even come to realise his or her own feelings toward the human owner and grow more attached to the owner, day by day.

Damn, I'm ranting again. Sorry if I did bored you too much. There was so much going on in the last few episodes of the show that I just had to let it all go somewhere.

Well, that's all for my Chobits ranting.

Nothing much also happened today except for my rendevous as explaing above. I ate really quite little today as well in comparison to other days. A half bowl of cornflakes was my breakfast and another for my lunch. I had a green apple for a snack in the afternoon, followed by dinner with fish, vegetables and some weird concoction made of shredded chicken, fishcakes and tang hoon noodles. Well, seeing as the maid is off, my mom had our dinner catered for this month and it's like we get 3 mystery dishes every weekday for only RM150 per person. But my mom had the lady prepare the food for only 3 persons and it feeds the family quite enough for the day because the homecooked meals come in quite large portions. Well, I'm stuffed and I need some sweets to sweeten my tummy. Tomorrow, I'll be going to 1Utama with Sharon. No idea what we're actually going to do there but I got some stuff to buy so that's my agenda for tomorrow. We might catch a movie too if we're able and lucky to get good seats. I actually want to watch Alexander despite the bad reviews, simply because of Colin Farrell. I feel so ashamed for my display of fangirl-ism for him. I have to stop this.
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Monday, December 13, 2004 | 20:01
fahrenheit 451 review
I did mention that I was in a movie watching mood.

Anyway, I have just returned from the living room where I finally scoured the DVD and learned a whole bunch of stuff about the movie and about the author Ray Bradbury. There was so much I learned from it but I'm just going to reiterate my favourite parts from it only.
  • The temperature at which book paper burns really is at 451 fahrenheit and that was where Ray got the title for his book from a fireman. He just switched the two words around. I have to agree with that it is very catchy.
  • The director, Francois Truffaut, and main lead actor, Oskar Werner, were constantly at each other's throats, that in the last few scenes of the movie, Oskar actually had his hair cut differently so that there would be a continuity error throughout the ending of the movie. This was just to show his intense dislike for Truffaut because of their differences in how both of them wanted the main character, Guy Montag, to be portrayed in the movie.
  • The female lead actress, Julie Christie, actually played two roles in the movie; one as Montag's conformist wife, Linda, and the other as Montag's free-spirited neighbour, Clarisse. I have to commend her performance to be able to pull it off like that so well.
  • Truffaut and Oskar had great difficulty working together on the movie, so much so that they didn't even speak to each other at one time for weeks. I found this very weird since I always imagined that the relationship between the director and his main actor had to be quite a flawless and almost wonderful relationship for the movie to be quite a success. Evidently, it was not so for these two "artistically different" people.
  • The ending of the movie was one of the best endings of a movie that I've ever seen because it was so perfect. If I type anything here, there'll be major spoilers so go watch it if you can get your hands on the DVD.
Well, those were just some of the memorable parts from the 'Making Of' section of the DVD, which I thoroughly enjoyed. That's all for now. I'm really getting the hang of blogging now and it is quite fun, even though I don't really want to admit it because I used to be those people who scoffed at bloggers and now look at me. (no offense meant to anyone)

However, I would like to know something from my fellow reader(s). Just answer as spontaneously as you can.

If you could be any book that you've read in your life so far, what would it be and why?

I think I'd like to be Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist'. Simply because it is one of the most beautiful book that you can ever read and I do encourage everyone to read it at least once. You won't regret it. JRR Tolkien's LOTR book would be the second choice for me but I don't think I'd like to be such a long and tedious book now.
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| 17:29
I'm in my anime watching mood again. Just finished watching the first DVD of Chobits which is really starting to pique my interest into watching more anime again. I haven't been this excited about anime since Rurouni Kenshin had its second run on Astro AXN like months ago. After watching it I immediately went searching for more information on this show and found this really informative website. It's called Anime Chobits. I'm not going to spill all the details on the show here because I still have 2 more DVDs to go but basically the story is about this 18 year old farm boy (or jakun as we would call people like them in Malaysia) who moves into the big city aka Tokyo to continue his tertiary studies in cram school. The world is supposed to be really futuristic where almost everyone, except him, has a Persocon, which is somewhat like a human but actually a robot or android. Think the movie, A.I. and you'll understand what I mean. So he's kinda in awe with all these Persocons in Tokyo and soon yearns to get one too except that it costs way more than a regular working student can afford. And how lucky he is, when he finds one in the trash one day. Hence the story of Chobits begin when he finds or meets Chii, the mysterious Persocon or Chobit, he found on that fateful day.
It's really hilarious for the first few episodes and Hideki is just too cute because he's quite innocent and gullible in a way. Almost naive sometimes.
Well, that's all for this afternoon. Oh, I mopped again this morning and am quite deserving of some rest. I might think of continuing the second DVD later but I don't whether I'm up for it. In any case, the LOTR:ROTK EE DVD is supposed to be out tomorrow but I think I'm going on Wednesday to get it only. Yay, 2 more days!!

Oh, do you have think I should get my navel pierced? I really want to but I'm feeling kinda apprehensive about it now. Share your thoughts if you will.
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Sunday, December 12, 2004 | 23:52
jackson browne
Has anyone ever heard of the guy I mentioned in the title? I've never heard of hime till I watched today's episode of the Simpsons on StarWorld. To cut the story short, at the ending, Homer had this guy, Jackson Browne serenade Marge on his piano and his voice wasn't half bad at all. So now, I'm kinda hunting for this song he sang on today's episode on Kazaa. I've no idea what the title is so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I'll try not to type so many blog entries in one day. Damn, my cousin's right. Blogging is addictive. I'll try to keep it down to at the most two entries a day. If it was me, I'd feel kinda irritated to have to read so many entries in just one day.
That's all for now. Oh, I didn't get to eat my waffles for dinner (darn it) but I did get to have this red bean mixed with crushed ice drink with a scoop of ice-cream in it from Ming Tien and stole some salad from my brother's (Jesse) chicken chop with ham western meal. The salad tasted strangely good with the chicken chop sauce. Yummm . . .
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shopaholics unite
I like to think myself as one but unfortunately I don't have the cash or credit to be one. Me mom, brother (Joshua) and I left for KLCC at around 10.30 am and reached about 11 am. Took us long enough even though there was no jam leading to the complex.
Anyways, I think I had a good run since I returned with a pair of darling earrings with 40% discount for Isetan card members, which I fell in love with the moment I saw it, a maroon suede jacket from Diesel (20% off and oh so soft) and a formal looking button-down and collared pinkish, purplish and white, striped top from Isetan. I'm happy. Can't remember the last time I shopped so happily like this.
For lunch, we stopped at the food court. I got myself a crepe from this joint called Robert Harris's or something like that. Inside was tuna filling with chilli sauce. Yum! I was so tempted to get a super sandwich or a delish baked potato with sour cream and bacon bits on top but I wasn't feeling that greedy today. The baked potato was just begging to be eaten!
We went back after that escapade and of all things, get stuck in this massive traffic jam leading away from KLCC. It was bumper to bumper for a full 20 minutes or more maybe. Joshua and I kept dozing off in the car while my mom kept cursing and scolding the construction people, who were doing some work on the roads, for not finishing it sooner so that we all wouldn't have to waste our time sitting in the car listening to crappy radio music when I can be at home in less than 15 minutes if not for the jam watching movies or catching up on my reading. I'm so pissed now. Jams put me in a crabby mood. I feel sorry for all those KL-ites who have to take that road everyday to work. Thank goodness for the LRT. We should've taken it today instead of drive to KL.
If I somehow ended up studying at ATC Kemayan, located along Petaling Street, I'll never, ever drive even if you wanted to pay me to. That's how horrible driving a car in KL is. Let's all support public transportation! LRT! LRT! It really amazes me how some people can tolerate all that driving.
Nothing more can be said, I suppose. I had a good shopping day off and next week I'm gonna tackle the Mont Kiara flea market and maybe Cat's Whiskers if my mom can stand up for it. I need some new pants because some of mine seem to be a little loose around the waist. I hope that means I've lost weight and not that my pants have become worn out. Ooh, two more days till the LOTR: ROTK DVD is in my hands!

*hums the Happy Tree Friends theme song*

I'm still kinda stuffed from eating that crepe thingy. Maybe I'll just skip dinner tonight or have something really light. Like waffles! But without the ice-cream.
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| 13:01
Woke up this morning to the lovely barking of my dog, Tanya, that probably woke up half the neighbourhood, if not all. Isn't it nice to get a wake-up call? Well, had my morning cup o' coffee as usual and to my horror I realised that I had to do housework today! Well, my mom's contractual maid has gone back home to the Phillipines for the Christmas holidays this month, leaving the household to pick up after ourselves, which shamefully, has not done since eons ago. I mopped the floor after catching up on some news and my daily fill of comics (Zits and Garfield were particularly funny today) with my back screaming in pain after the 15 minutes torture session. I have to admit that housework is a gruelling task which most of us take for granted since a majority of us have maids to wash, clean, mop, iron the clothes and serve us our meals everyday. Fortunately for us, my grandmother was happy to oblige us with lending us her second maid to do the housework for us from Tuesdays to Fridays. That left quite a big relief on me because I couldn't bear to do this more than once a day or a week even. I sound like such a whiner.

covers her face and drags feet away in embarrassment . . .
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| 02:47
teevee and moovies
I'm back home from what seemed like a hard day's work or non-work outside. Actually I've been back home for a few hours already but been a bit busy watching movies. Watched two movies today actually. Quite a feat that I've never done for a long time already. 'Collateral' was okay I guess. It was pretty much all talk and no action during the first hour but after that it got kinda interesting with Tom Cruise as Vincent and Jamie Foxx as Max doing this cat and mouse game. I watched this movie in the afternoon so that got me started in the movie watching mood. Just a few hours ago, I watched 'Fahrenheit 451' which I borrowed from my cousin in the evening. It was really a different film that I've never watched before. It had a strange 80's feel to it with this distorted view of how the future would look in the eyes of this director. Since this was a fairly old movie, I felt that this was how Francois Truffaut viewed the future to look like back in 1966 when the movie was made. Visit the IMDB or just follow the link above to know more about it. Briefly, it's about this different world where all books are banned and reading is considered a crime. It revolves around this guy, a fireman, just that the firemen in this world don't put out fires but they actually go round to destroy any books that they find. The title comes from the fact that the temperature that books burn is at fahrenheit 451. I'm not really sure how true that is but that's what they propose. I can't really imagine how such a world could exist but according to this movie, it seemed such a scary time and place to live in. I don't think I could survive in such a world.
Anyways, after that I watched Sex and the City which was quite an interesting episode today. Damn, I've been watching too much TV and movies lately. I'm going to get the LOTR: ROTK EE DVD soon too which I'll be holed up in my living room just savouring every second of it. I sound like such a LOTR freak aren't I? In addition, my cousin also just lent me this anime show called 'Chobits'. It's comprised of 3 DVDs with 9 episodes each. So that's supposed to keep me occupied for the next week or so when I have nothing else to watch or just don't feel like reading anymore.
The latest news I heard from my visit to the Taylor's College today was that our SAM results is supposed to be released on 13th Dec which is this Monday!! That just freaked me out. I almost fainted in front of the counsellor. I hope it isn't true though. We can check it out though at the official SSABSA website for the results if we can't wait to collect it from the college. GAH!!

Anyways, it's the Fab Five coming out soon, so got to go get ready. Cheers people!
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Saturday, December 11, 2004 | 01:42
clubbing and ice cream
No, I didn't go clubbing in KL or anything. Besides it's too early and the fun doesn't even start till after 12, from what I've heard. I've never entered a club in KL or anywhere else for that matter before and I'm proud to say that I'm not that ashamed of it anymore. I was initially, seeing how so many of my former classmates in SAM were so accustomed to the night scene that it seemed almost dull to them. Nevertheless, they still make their way to the dimly lit and happening nightlife of KL. After all, it is Friday night.

I just returned from my living room watching Simple Plan perform in Zouk, KL on MTV. Obviously the show was recorded and most of you know that the group did come down to weedle Malaysia not too long ago I think. I'm not that big a fan of them but from what I watched it seemed like a rather fun performance. As usual everyone was on their feet and jumping around, seemingly intoxicated from drinking, or maybe just the euphoria of the boys performing, I suppose. It's been a very, very long time since I've been to a concert or anything of that nature. I so need to get out more. Well, the show was like a half hour programme but I'm hoping for the sake of the people who attended their rock show, it lasted longer than that. I'd be pretty pissed if it really was just 30 minutes long.

Aside from that, I know of several people who do indulge in this night time activity and those who don't. There were mixed thoughts and feelings about the whole clubbing scene. It's like we're separated into two groups of people; those who absolutely love clubbing and those who just don't like it at all and never want to do it again. I wouldn't know where I belong because I've never had the chance to do it. So, I suppose everyone has had to try it once in their lifetime to just soak up the atmosphere and experience first hand themselves. I just hope I'd be able to do it before I hit 20. I think it'd suck if I couldn't just get to experience it for myself when I'm actually legally allowed to. It's this rebellious nature in me who's pushing me forward to just do it.

I guess it's the same thing when I got my driver's license. I just wanted to do it so fast and get that feeling of being free and able to go where ever I wanted. But now after driving for more than a year already, all that feelings' gone down the drain. I hope it won't be the same with this clubbing thing too.

Let's see, updates on my life as of now. I read a few chapters more of HP & the Goblet of Fire. I'm kinda taking my time reading it, seeing as I've read it like 4 or 5 times already. I always get excited reading the Quidditch World Cup chapter. I can't wait to see it being brought to the silver screen soon. I reckon they're all going to be much more mature looking. Maybe even older looking than 14 year olds are supposed to be. Anyways, not much else happened, except that I finally finished off that last sinful scoop of Baskin Robbin's Chocolate Mousse Royale for dessert, not regrettably of course since it tasted just divine!

That's all for now. Tomorrow, I'll be visiting Taylor's College and Sunway University College together with my brother to see which degree courses or pre-u courses he's interested to enroll in next year. Better rememeber to ask for the exact date of our SAM results being released. Hopefully, I can bump into that "certain cousin" too when we come visit the deserted Sunway Uni. College too.

Muahahahaha . . . trails off with feet shuffling behind her.

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Friday, December 10, 2004 | 13:19
another day cometh
Another day, another boring day actually. Sigh . . . The tree cuttters didn't do their job this morning. No idea what's wrong with them where it's so easy to just trim the branches off the two trees in front of our house. Sometimes, it's like talking to a brick wall when you're trying to tell these people what you really want them to do even though you've given them thorough instructions. It's like they don't want to listen to you or they just don't understand you or some other unknown reason.
It's going to be another pretty unadventurous day for me. Reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and just watching TV and movies. Gotta get in some exercise for me as well. Don't wanna go all chubby and plump.
Cheers for now!
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| 00:01
just ranting
You may not notice it but I made a few more small changes to the layout and now I'm finally contented with its current face. That is until I decide to change it again due to my undecisive and flitty nature.

Anyways, it was a pretty much normal college-less and carefree day. The thing that broke this norm of mine for the past 2 weeks was Sharon dropping by my house at around 2 pm. We watched a movie; 'Duplex' and snacked a little and talked as well. The movie was ok; it was starred by Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore. Quite a dark comedy but fairly funny all the same.
I found out from her that Junda was coming back from Australia tomorrow which doesn't really affect me a whole lot but it did to her. I won't talk much more about it here as it is her personal business and she should only allow her friends to talk about it as she see fits. I don't feel comfortable mentioning it here either.
Also, our SAM results is reportedly being released on Dec 17 or 18. That freaked me out a lot. I mean it's only a week away from now! I haven't even decided on which course I'll be pursuing next year or where I want to go. The pressure is really on, hence I suppose this is a good outlet for me to let off some of that steam.
Gah!! What am I going to do? I'm really leaning towards doing law at either ATC Kemayan or HELP. The downside of pursuing a career in law is that I have to go to UK to get my degree in either my second or third year. Education in UK does not come cheap as everyone knows and I don't actually fancy London or anywhere else in Britain as well. But at the same time, I kinda want to do business law or just business at Monash, then transferring to either Sydney Uni, Monash, or Melbourne Uni in Australia. It's cheaper than UK and closer to home at the same time. However, I just have this thing against Australia. Maybe it's because I feel that it's so common and not exactly as glamourous as before. Not that I am such a person to favour a country because of its glamour factor, but to me Australia has lost its appeal that it had to me years ago. (I am not taking a stab at the country or Britain, as everyone has their own views and opinions, thank you very much)

On a lighter note, I can't wait for the Lord of the Rings: Return of the Kind Extended Edition DVD to come out on Dec 14. It's over 4 hours long and stuffed with loads of extra extras that can fill up the next 24 hours of my life when I get that DVD. I'm such a LOTR freak and yes, I am kinda embarrassed by that fact.
Well, got to go for now. It's the "4400" on AXN now. It's a really interesting show.
Jill |

Thursday, December 09, 2004 | 16:17
new template
As you can already see, I have changed my blog template with mucho thanks to Blogger Templates.
I may just change it again when I've become tiresome of this red and black colour scheme so watch out for it.

That's basically all for now. Thanks for staying with me.

Jill |

| 13:05
start snacking
Well, here I am at last.

After much apprehension and some persuasion from friends and a certain cousin, I finally started my new and latest blog. Or online jounal as I'd like to call it.

This is probably my third or fourth blog that I've set up in the last few years so let's cross our fingers that this one will beat my record of 7 days keeping a blog alive.

A little intro should be in order but I won't drown you in facts and nuances about everything in my life just yet as I've got a long way to go before I can indulge that in my blog.

First things first; why my username, NickNackSnak. It's because I feel that we don't enjoy enough of the time spent in our lives. We grab a snack and rush off to our next appointment and rarely get to savour the taste, smell, and feeling of that morsel in a slice of time. So I suppose a blog can serve this purpose of an outlet to express ourselves more emotionally, willingly, and most importantly, we can get to relish in that particular piece of memory without the worry of forgetting it or letting it slip through the delicate fragments of our own thoughts.

Sheesh, I sound like some psychiatric person, which I am truly not. Anyway, this is all for now and I'll be happily looking forward to my next blog entry in the not too distant future. I'd be glad if someone would be so kind to remind me that I have a blog to take care and nuture from time to time as I tend to be forgetful.
Jill |


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