Sunday, July 20, 2008 | 15:29
the films you want to watch
Including the food you want to eat, but I'll save that for another time.

I've been on an Edward Norton films kick lately. They're all pretty old movies except for 'The Incredible Hulk' but I've watched 'Fight Club', ''American History X', and '25th Hour' in the last two days excluding 'Hulk' which was about three weeks ago.

Actually it kinda all started with 'Hulk' and then it went on to 'Fight Club' which I absolutely loved and cannot believe I missed out on watching such an awesome movie for so long until now. Ed Norton is unbelievable in his character and Brad Pitt's performance was simply riveting. I've already watched it almost half a dozen times already since last week and I can go on about this movie forever but I won't since it's Edward Norton and his movies that I wanted to concentrate on.

There are of course other movies like 'Death to Smoochy', 'The Italian Job', and 'The Illusionist' which are really good. I would really like to watch 'Primal Fear' which was Ed's breakout role and allowed him to do all the other great movies that followed. All of his performances so far have been nothing short of amazing and just so mesmerizing to witness. I've loved all of his movies that I've seen so far and aching to watch more of his older ones.

I've been an Ed Norton fan for a very long time already, way before Milo V., all the three Hughs that I go ape for, Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. He has always been the shiny actor's actor that I wished all actors could be. I think he was my first celebrity crush. Or maybe that title belongs to Johnny Depp.

Anyways, the point is that all his movies (or at least 90% of the time) have always surprised, intrigued, inspired and awed me. He has this aura of those smart, witty and charismatic people that they carry with them, which naturally attracts other people to them without you realizing it. He has managed to act in such a wide range of characters from a reformed Neo-Nazi skinhead, a DPD affected white collar worker, a children's show animal host, an illusionist, a Brit doctor, a green hulking superhero and a troubled cop including many others more in his wide ranging career thus far.

I never tire of watching him on screen and really don't care that other people can't understand why or how I can come to be a fan of this enigmatic man. I'm sure Ed Norton fans all over will concur.

There have always been actors and celebrity people who walk in and out of a person's obsessive compulsive life (or maybe that just applies to me). But Edward's status has never wavered and I am a firm fan and supporter of his works and whatever he does in his life. Most people know about his strict privacy life and really nothing much is known about what he does, what he eats, who he dates, which music he listens to, who he dislikes or likes. In spite of all the crazy and insane celebrity goings-on that can consume actors, he's always managed to maintain a level head and remain cool and calm.

I don't know how he really deals with all the craziness that must sometimes take a toll on him but I really admire his guts in not falling into the whole celebrity business shit end of the stick. He has a new movie out later this year called 'Pride and Glory' which he co-stars with Colin Farrell and I must watch it. I know nothing about the movie except that Ed is in it and that is all I ever need to know about any film that has him in it.

Watch out for my dissertation on 'Fight Club' coming to a blog post near you. Very soon hopefully.
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