Saturday, December 18, 2004 | 00:11
life as it was
My nose is stuffed. I hate it when that happens. And my eyes are starting to water terribly now.
Anyways, on to other news aside from my sudden deteriorating health situation here. I'm trying terribly hard to not sound sappy and all soppy here but after receiving my SAM results yesterday and going to college today to pick up the official certificate and result slip, it just hit me. This is the most pinnacle moment of my life by far. I mean deciding to attend the SAM course last year wasn't that big a deal to me as it may have been for some but now that I have to decide what my next course of action is, it's really bugging and exciting me at the same time.
I have to make a major decision that might just change my life forever. Choosing between option A and option B could lead to Life A and Life B. It's even more difficult to make a decision now that I can't dilly dally any longer on what I really want to do with my life. I've put it off long enough and now that I have to come to that crossroad, I have to make a choice.
I hate it when this happens too.
Basically, my mom said that with my results I should be able to get into a good university which is quite enlightening to me somewhat. However, when I visited my college this afternoon, and saw all the top scorers results staring me at my ogled face, I never realised the competition till that moment. I was like the bottom of the top 300 plus scorers in Taylor's College. This just scared me. Hopefully, all those mad geniuses are science geeks and nerds that will go for biotechnology or bioscience or something of that sort. (no offence meant for all the geniuses out there) It's just going to be tough getting a secured spot in a top university no matter where I plan or want to go to. Whether it be Melbourne Uni, Sydney Uni, or even London Uni, it's going to be like crawling and scratching your way to reach there. And that's not even counting the rest of the journey that one will have to go through after that gruelling session already.
I'm just racking my brain like crazy now. I don't know what to do. I can't force myself to make a major decision by tomorrow because I know that everyone else would have already known what to do and they're on their way to get that place now. It's killing me just thinking about it. Maybe that's why I'm becoming sick also.

Hopefully I'll get some revelation when I wake up in the morning and the light will instantly click in the back of my brain on what I really want to do with my practically non-existent life as of now.

On to other happy or on a more cheery note, after getting my aforementioned results, I head over to my cousin's house where we enjoyed an afternoon of unbridled LOTR filled fun. I pretty much finished exploring the DVD, like 60-70% of it, and so I decided to play Santa a bit and lent her the set.
[Non-LOTR fans; movies and readers, need not read the following paragraphs]
It's definitely much more fun watching the DVD with a LOTR fan like myself, rather than sitting in the living room with two brothers glancing over to the TV screen now and then to ask silly questions that seem totally duh to someone like me who has read the book, and oohing and aahing over a cool battle scene or when Legolas was doing that now famous oliphaunt stunt and when the camera pans over the massive and magnificent battle grounds swarmed by orcs, men, and horses. And at least I don't get stared at like some mad woman whenever I laugh at a funny scene which only I seem to be able to understand unlike my two brothers. It was awesome and breathtaking to re-watch the emotional and absolutely touching moments again like the ending scenes, and the sacrifice of Faramir. The music just tears me up immediately.
The appendices was a lot of fun to watch as well. The documentaries were definitely very informative where it explained a lot of why this happened and how this happened and so on. I still can't believe that Peter Jackson and company actually planned a battle sequence involving Aragorn and Sauron during the big battle scene at the Black Gate. They actually filmed it already but then at the last moment, Pete decided to change it and instead had Aragorn fight a giant troll in place of Sauron. There's a long reason behind this so I'm not going to get into it here. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the DVD as much as I did with the previous two. It's such a cool and riveting feeling to possess all three DVDs after 3 long years of being such a fan to the whole LOTR cast and crew and just relishing in the whole LOTR experience. In a word; amazing.

Amor Kana

I just discovered this cool little Japanese site above with loads of lovely songs, which are mostly instrumental but has so much emotion and feelings in them that you can't help but feel so touched and almost bordering on tears, for no apparent reason. Just click on the link that says 'Muzie' and after that you can actually download some songs from that link by clicking the MP3 button. I love the fact that it's free as well. Or if you just want to sample the songs, just click the MIDI link on the Amor Kana main website which will allow you to browse through the list of midis available for you listening pleasure. Just peruse the list on the left hand side and click on the appropriate numbers and names. As simple as that. I hope you enjoy this little piece of entertainment that I'd like to share with you. I feel so Santa-ish today.

This is a long blog entry isn't it? I should stop now so I'll be back tomorrow to report on my ongoing quest for that elusive surge of brain power that will lead me to my destiny.
Oh god, I sound so melodramatic. *runs away and gags herself*
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