Thursday, January 13, 2005 | 02:09
gone are the years
The years of adolescent teenage angst and rage seem a million miles and years away now that most of my peers and me have reached this so-called height of maturity. The little insecurities and angst ridden feelings towards parents, teachers, lecturers and molly-coddling adults have not yet gone but at least have dwindled down significantly so that they don't affect one so much anymore.
I just realised that I am one month away from celebrating my 19th birthday. Not that that's such a fantastic or great number even but I really am getting, dare I say it, old. No more cartoon watching and laughing at nonsensical and witty comments made by animated figures in the television. Withered are the happy days of sleeping in on Sunday and Saturday mornings like a tired old horse after a hard day's work at the race track. (Okay, I'm terrible at making clever and cute analogues.) I have responsibilites now.
I'm an adult.
Well, I've been an adult for quite a while already actually, but in Japan, a girl is not considered an adult till she reaches twenty. Anyway, that's beside the point.
Reflecting back on past tween years and on those bordering years of teenage-ism where you're not a girl but not yet lady, I noticed how childish I really was back then. Whining and pining about being slightly chubby or short or too tall or wearing glasses or braces. I don't understand how our parents tolerated those damned teenage years. I think I'd've gone crazy if I were faced with one of my own. I supppose that's why they're called parents. Yucks.
Now that I'm here now, all those things seem so trivial and small and insignificant that I don't understand myself anymore about why I bothered with those things in the beginning. Everything was all overblown and preposterous and immature. Gossips and tattle tales about who's with who and who broke up with who. Thank goodness I was not one of those people who those people talked about. At least I hope I wasn't. Since you never really know, do you?
We've come a long way since those crazy and mad high school years. Ludicrous. That's how I would sum up high schoool in a word. Fun, mad, crazy and absolutely ludricous. Maybe six words, would be more adequate. Those days have passed now. Time to push them aside. Time to seal those thoughts and recollect them from dog-eared yearbooks and yellowing pages of timeless nostalgic memories.

I have no clue what I was thinking spewing out all that gunk above. Forgive this horrendous act of allowing myself to force you to swallow that nonsense. Please proceed to purge those words out of your memory right now or forever be scarred.

Mindless bantering in session now. Is it just me or is Jude Law just so darn cute? Watching the "Alfie" trailer on MTV Screen earlier this evening, I couldn't help noticing his enticingly cute smile and deep eyes. NO!! I'm transforming into another one of those zombie fangirls now. Get it off! Get it off!
*Proceeds to purge all images of Jude Law's charming smug of a face*
Phew. That's over with now. I'm much too lazy and pig-headed to continue telling about my non-exhaustive day. Just that I'm craving for more carbonara sauce right now. Yummers!
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