Monday, May 02, 2005 | 01:50
wedding and a lot of pounds
I'm getting pretty sick of my own lamentations of being and getting plump again what with me pigging out the whole today and not doing much at all, not even studying in between. I feel bad.

Anyways, the wedding dinner tonight was nice. Seriously. It wasn't over the top nor was it exceptionally boring like other wedding dinners. Of course it was boring at some times, especially the beginning, but what dinners aren't? I'm actually still slightly hungry now because I didn't really eat much due to the diluted array of dishes served. Not that it was bad or anything but I just found it too boring for my liking anymore and refused to eat it at all or not eat much of it in the end. In summary, it was nice and the emcee was funny for once. But not too funny in that cheesy and lame kind of way. Funny enough to keep the patrons entertained throughout the dinner.

Finals officially start on Tuesday but my first paper is actually on Wednesday, so that's kind of good news. It's just that I don't think I've prepared enough for it so I just pray for some miracle that the papers will be easy enough for me to get Distinctions for all three subjects I'm taking this semester. A HD for even one seem so far away now. But I heard that Melbourne Uni only require a minimum average Distinctions for six or seven subjects out of nine subjects. So, that's not too bad right?

Be thankful that I don't have any random thoughts in my mind now to ramble on about it tonight. I feel like having a steaming mug of coffee or hot chocoloate or Milo now. Night all.
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