Tuesday, December 21, 2004 | 19:14
joy to the world . . . and shopping as well
On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
1 Mitch Albom novel "The Five People You Meet In Heaven"
2 VCDs (The War of the Worlds original movie version & 'Weiss Kreuz Gluhen' anime box set)
3 A&W coney dogs and Mozza burger
4 accessories (3 badges and 1 chunky bracelet)
5 Christmas exchange gifts

Tweaking the lyrics from a famous and well known song always give me a sense of freedom that not even driving can. I'm feeling all Christmasy now. It's kinda gross actually since I'm not usually this cheerful. Just yesterday I was being all bah humbug and acting like the Grinch of Christmas. Anyways, I decided to visit 1Utama again, but by myself this time because I thought I needed some alone time away from the home and also just to shop on my own. I haven't done that for such a long time now. It's quite liberating actually except that you just got to watch your spending quota and also the purchases that you make. I almost went overboard and almost got another book which I know I definitely do not need. The Mitch Albom novel I got today is and will be my last book that I will buy in 2004. Hopefully I can keep that promise for another ten days before I can go book crazy again.
In all, I think I went on a shopping frenzy today. Hunting for the Christmas exchange gifts was quite fun but frustrating at the same time since I've been entrusted by my mom with the sacred duty of getting all the gifts this year. I have to think about gifts that would suit both genders and also whether it would be practical at all for the coming year. I have to admit that there was one gift that I would so much like to keep for myself but alas I spared myself of this joy and forced myself to play Santa. I'm so glad that this ordeal is over.
I'm relishing in the VCDs that I greedily got myself. It took so much of my will power to steer away from the Studio Ghibli DVD set that I desperately wanted to own. In the end I settled for this anime series called Weiss Kreuz Gluhen which I had intended to get a long time ago but absently forgot till today. The name's German I think hence the weird pronunciation. It was by pure randomness instinct that I picked up the 1952 movie adaptation of H.G. Wells's sci-fi 'The War of the Worlds' novel. I heard from the cyber grapevine that Hollywood is planning a future movie adaptation as well, so I thought that I should watch this archaic movie first before previewing the Hollywood-ised version of it.
It was a fairly happy and carefree shopping trip. I'm all set for the week. It seems that I need to get out of the house at least once a week or else I might just drop dead in my room with nary a notice from the members of the house.
I noticed something really odd when I was just carelessly browsing the shops today. I feel extremely self conscious whenever I check something out or when I just peek into a shop for a quick look. It seems that I attract werid stares and dirty looks from old frumpy women and grumpy looking uncles when I just glance at a book rack or a clothes shelf. They seem to look down on me with their obnoxious stares that just scream, "Stay away from me you primpy snobby girl or else I'll call the manager and have you out of here so fast you won't be able to curse me!"
Ok, maybe their looks don't exactly speak that long but that's what I feel. Can't a girl browse meaninglessly and gaily in a video store without getting disapprovingly looks from every Ah Pek, Ah Long and Ah Sam? I never bother them and yet they get the crazy idea that I might just snatch their purse or start ranting nonsensically to their delicate wrinkled ears. I'm not taking a stab at all the elders and forty-somethings out there, heaven forbid. I know of some really nice and extremely courteous ladies and gentlemen who just seem to be happy all the time. It's the minority group of these adults that occupy the space in shopping complexes that can really suck all the joy from you like a parasitic leech that won't come off for a week.

Well, I won't let these humanoid trolls ruin my Christmas week. Have a fun week and an early Christmas wish to all!
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