Thursday, March 10, 2005 | 23:05
to cap it off
Finally the stress and weight and burden of that Econs assignment on my shoulders is finally off. I can sort of relax more now. The thought of my Marketing assignment hasn't thrown me off my concentration for now but it will in the next two weeks. All I have to really stress about now is my midterms. Even though it's just two papers which I have to sit, exams are still exams and the stress that comes with it is real as any major exam. Whether it be SPM or SAM, I always hate the last ten minutes before the test starts. My voice will seem to have gone done my wind pipe and won't come back up for at least another hour. I literally freeze up. Though, I hope that'll never happen to me in the exam hall.

I'm kinda glad to be blogging again after that long break. Back to plain old ranting and nonsensical pondering again.

The S'pore trip seems to be on. It's planned out like this. Three days and two nights from Wednesday to Friday. It's a weekday trip so it shouldn't be too congested or bad to travel then. It'll be only my second time riding the bus on long journey rides if I get to go then. The first was from Sungai Petani to Thailand. I think it's going to be seven of us in all going for this thing. That is if I get to make it. Though I am optimistic about me finally being able to go off on my own for like the first time ever with just my friends and no parents. I think it's just something every person should get to experience once in their life when you're still a teenager. Sure, I'm going to Australia next year by myself, but I'll be twenty then. I'm past my teenage prime. That's old. Old enough for me anyway. So, yes. Really excited and all, blah, blah, blah.

I've noticed a few things that we seem to be take for granted or just don't realise how odd it actually is in our lives. We probably are surrounded by them so much that we don't notice it but it is very apparent and real for each and every one of us.

1. The Tooth Fairy is a perverse animal. I mean, it's a winged guy or woman creeping inside your room in the dead of night and reaching under your pillow for a rotten teeth. Who knows what else he or she might do aside from putting a quarter or a dollar under your head for the rotted molar. It's just plain spooky. Tooth fairies all around the world should be arrested and thrown in jail for that.

2. The principles of marketing governs almost every aspect of our lives. We don't realise it but it's true and real. I just managed to notice it this morning, that's all. And recalling back all those points my lecturer made this morning is much too exhausting for me to do it now. Another time when I'm feeling more enthusiastic.

3. University isn't all it's cracked up to be. The rolling hills, clipped lawns and hedges. They're all a figment of your imagination. The unis are in cahoots with Hollywood to imbedd that image of how uni life is and will be once you reach 18. It's a lie! Nevertheless, we still go for it because of all that education hoohah. Pfft.

4. Cartoons are more real than daytime soaps. I've mentioned this before but I love reiterating stuff I mentioned before. Just to ingrain it all inside everyone's mind who reads this stuff anyway. Most of the time I have a harder time believing the stuff that the soaps (which I do not watch!) try to portray to us, the viewers, in trying to convince us that that is life and how it should be. We're being brainwashed without knowing it all our lives. However, cartoons are honest and most of the times unrealistic. They're supposed to be unrealistic in the way that life isn't always all sugar and spice and everything nice. They're just metaphors of the real issues that real people like us face everyday. Like racial integration (Static Shock), sisterhood (PPG), being young and carefree (Fairly Odd Parents), upholding honour (Samurai Jack), and doing the right thing (Teen Titans). Well most of the time anyways.

5. Dieting is for wimps. No offense to anyone actually dieting for real but I still believe that exercise plus dieting is the best combination to actually losing weight and keeping fit. Exercising takes up more energy and determination to do it. Dieting is just cutting out important food groups from your every day three square meals. Sometimes, throwing up is part of it as well. And no matter how much you may deny you're "not" bulimic, forcefully purging yourself in any way is an eating disorder. Okay, I think this isn't much of an observation thing since everything I mentioned is really quite obvious, but I just needed to state this again.

I think my observations for the day is done. Damn, without knowing it I made another list again. I've got to stop this list-making thing. Maybe it'll pass soon.

On another note, the guy and girl I'm rooting for in American Idol made it into the top twelve. Yay for Anthony Federov and Carrie Underwood!
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