Monday, August 22, 2005 | 22:40
what's in a name?
One of my main pet peeves is, well, actually I have a lot of pet peeves but I'm going to talk about this particular one that got me quite riled up today.

Silly names bestowed upon unfortunate children.

It sounds slightly over the top but I believe a name should be something sacred. Something very personal that no one should defile or make vile of. But it gets pretty difficult not to tempt that dark side of anyone to not make fun or faint and passing comments about a funny name.

Names like Robin, Clark, Lillian, Will, Sharon, Nicole, Bruce, Jasmine, Aaron, and even Zach or Paris are all fine and pretty normal names. But throw in Apple, Peach, Romeo, Espn, Daisy Boo-Boo, and god knows what else these crazed parents have conjured up. Soon, there's going to be Dhl, London, Gilly, Moo-Moo, oh and heaven forbid, Melon, for a girl. Romeo was fine during Shakespeare's time, and so was Leonardo and Antoinette, but no one really names any children those names now. Except for maybe Leo and Ann.

I mean, I can understand if you don't want your child growing up with some plain Jane name or have your kid being like any Tom, Dick or Harry. Nonetheless, naming your child some out of this world name isn't going to help him anymore from being tormented and traumatised by his younger peers with less weird names. Even kids with normal names have suffered some less than pleasant name-calling before at least once in their lifetime so why burden them some more with names that could easily attach to them like a parasite and suck the joy of childhood.

So, where is the defining line between a normal and less than ordinary name to be drawn? To be honest, I don't really know. I feel that it goes with the times. Names that could be so odd now could be just as normal as Donald in fifty years time. It takes time for them to be embraced like a change in something as simple as a car or internet. My mom told me she never heard of my name before until my dad gave it to me. And I still have people spelling my name with a G and not J. It's not that Anderson, damn it!

I have always had a particular fondness for the name, Aki, for some reason. I know it's a Japanese name and that it is unisex. Maybe I should move to Japan and have a kid there one day so that he or she wouldn't feel so out of place. Then whenever she or he goes anywhere outside of Japan, they can always fall back on that they're Japanese and so you can't nitpick about it.

Oh, and Armand as well. I just love uttering it. Ar(roll the r)-mand. And just some other names I like as well which mostly would be unheard of in daily life:
  • Arwen - Fine, so I like her name. That does not make me a dork.
  • Rinoa - It's unlike anything you've heard but it feels strangely familiar to me.
  • Damien or Daemon - Anyone who's read BJT would understand.
  • Lucivar - Refer above.
  • Winter - Because I like the cold. But I draw the line at the other seasons.
Oh, my kid is so going to have such a tough time if I ever give them any one of these names. I seem to have an affinity and bias towards A names.

And doesn't anyone realise it but whenever you have a slightly odder name compared to others, they just decide that you're too high and mighty for them and immediately dislike you based on that assed assumption itself. That's bloody discrimination on however grounds you base that on. I try not to tease people about their names unless they're very comfortable about it and they're friends I've known for quite a while. Other than that, I refrain from doing all that childish acts of nicknaming a person and publicly humiliating them.

I think I'm about done now.

The meaning of my first name from two websites.
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Blogger sharontai had this to say at 23 August, 2005 03:24
i know i am weird....but speaking of names, if i have a daughter or two next time, i wanna name them 1.danielle and 2. estee(errr....i just dunno why. maybe i'll change my mind when i can think of something more unique) and i cant remember what i wanted to call my sons if i am gonna have any. guess i am just real keen on having girls. hehe. btw...jap names r cooL!! even better if the kid looks exotic =P

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