Saturday, March 12, 2005 | 23:40
nerd vision
I've sort of abandoned my glasses for a while now. I only wear them for when I'm driving (rarely) and in class when I sit in the sixth row and the lecturer's writing on the board looks like muddled squiggles. Nevertheless, I still feel like a nerd. I've been harping almost non-stop about my midterms, which consists of only two papers this term, and also about my assignments, which I have yet to begin on. Though I have been doing some research on my Marketing assignment. A little.

Briefly speaking, the assignment's about researching new products to be added on to Burger King's menu, and presenting it in this cool and professional report detailing on the new products and how to market them using all the "knowledge" that we've acquired since we started in this course. Creativeness is the key. Supposedly. So, yes. Research on this topic included visiting the competitors' websites, namely McD, KFC, Subway, 1901, and others. In reality, I've just been ogling at all the food porn. Until finally, I visited the nutritional values section. Just checking out the wide and extensive range of the products, in addition to the nutritional values, is enough to put me off fast food for the next ten years.

In the beginning I never really gave a damn about how fattening or calorie-ladden the food were but now I think I'm going to give that McDonald's fries a pass. It really wasn't the amount of calories that got me gagging but the amount of sodium and fat that was in it. Heart wrenching. I'm just glad that Subway's subs aren't all that bad. I think I'm gonna opt for more of Subway's "7 under 6" subs when and if there's a choice between Subway and KFC.

I've gotten myself into this big shpiel about food again. Talking about food. Bad. Food itself. Good.

I'm trying out this new shareware program called LimeWire. It's similar to Kazaa but it's supposed to be faster. We'll see if it really claims to that. If not, I'll be sticking to Kazaa. I feel so loyal. Mmm.

Update on the S'pore trip thing. I can go! Yeps. It's gonna be shopping haven and "hang-kaying" for us for three days and two nights come Wednesday. I just hope I don't blow all my cash before I want to get something I really want at the end of the trip. I'm acting all school girlish and childish now. Stop. Now.

Other things aside, I'm feeling older and younger at the same time. At the last MPH warehouse book sale, I got Aesop's Fables book and I perused it this afternoon and all those childhood memories of "The fox and the stork", "The wolf in sheep's clothing", "The fox and the grapes", "The lion and the mouse", and "The crow and the pitcher" just came rushing back to me. I think I first heard about them when I was at least 6 or 7. And this time, I know what those fables mean. Back then I just knew them as mildly interesting stories but now the intellectual impact of it just hit me. I think it takes a very mature child or a less mature adult to fully understand those fables and it's hidden meaning. They just mean so much more to me now than they did ten years ago.

My taste in music seems to be going the path of the oldies. I'm listening to more Disney songs and oldies than I do to those played in the radio. I need new and good music. Life is as bland as a pot of non-salted porridge without music. Music really is the spice of life.

While listening to Disney classic songs, I began thinking again. My mind can be a dangerous thing sometimes because I never know what I'm thinking or what I'll be thinking the next second. Thus, in my pondering moment, I've come to the conclusion that Disney movies can be classified into three categories. So far.

Classic classic, Modern classic, and Modern modern.

The "classic classic"s can include those really old movies that existed when Walt Disney was still around. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Fantasia, Peter Pan, Cinderella, The Fox and the Hound, The Aristocats, and Lady and the Tramp, can be considered in this category. My fave is Sleeping Beauty because it's still the most classic Disney fairy tale movie. The title says it all and it's uncomplicated making it the perfect lazy movie night with your kid. Not that I have any. Though I do like Peter Pan and Robin Hood (the one with the humananimals and not men in tights) too.

"Modern classic"s to me include the more contemporary Disney movies but still classic in its own sense. Beauty and the Beast is a prime example. It's my fave Disney movie over the lot. Sigh. Others would include The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules, The Lion King, Mulan and Pocahontas. Ariel and her sea friends come in a good second.

And then we come to the "modern modern"s. This list include those movies made after the year 2000. Lilo and Stitch, Monsters' Inc., A Bug's Life, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and last year's The Incredibles. They're all totally computer animated or CGI-ed with the exception of Lilo and Stitch. Though I haven't thought of an absolute fave out of this list, I'm kinda leaning towards Monsters' Inc., Finding Nemo and The Incredibles.

See, I'm turning into a real Disney nerd now. This is just wrong. So very wrong. I need to go back to reading my non-fairy tale books now. Accounting terms and Economics principles are never a good mix. Even though they are related to the other.

Hope you had a good weekend.
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