Wednesday, June 01, 2005 | 21:54
Expletives and foul language ahead. Children and elderly like people are advised not to proceed reading this entry further than this. Don't say I didn't warn you.

First, I'd like to start off with some not-so-mild ranting and off-the-screen screaming matches with my notebook's screen. Went to college today hoping for just another uneventful and unfulfilling day considering what there is to do there other than listen to lecturers who hope that you listen to them at least half the time during the entire two hours. Settled some fee payment stuff. And discovered that I actually failed Marketing Principles. Yes. Failed. I have never failed anything in my life. Not even my driving test. Not nothing. Ever. Till today.

That is just the absolute fucked up result ever. I don't fail. Sorry for being all high and mighty but I just don't fail. I couldn't accept it. Considering I got a High Distinction for Accounting 1 and a Distinction for Microeconomics as tabulated in the final results release, a Fail is unacceptable! Even for Marketing Principles. It's fucking not acceptable at all. So, yes, after I breathed in very deeply for a few minutes and relaxed for a moment to take it all in, I decided to appeal to find out what happened. There has to be a stupid mistake made somewhere in the bloody computer system where some clerk probably got my results mixed up with another student's. I know I probably would not have done that well in my final exam but I think I'd deserve a Credit at the very least. I think as I recall I got a 6/10 for my first MKT assignment and a 32 or 33/40 for the second one. Making that maybe at the least 38/50 which constitutes for 50% of the total weightage of the subject. That means I could not possibly have gotten a meagre 11 out of 50 for my finals now could I? Even the most blur person couldn't have got that! Fuck again. I should get at least 30/50 for my finals which would make the final score a 62/100 at the least which is a Credit to my knowledge.

So, now I've got to apparently write a letter proposing that I deserve a better grade and pay RM100 on top of that. But if the grade changes I'll be refunded the money since it's their fault in the first place that I had to go through all the trouble to get my grade reviewed and changed. Wow, what a perfect way to start a semester, heh?

Fuck. And double hell.

I really hope and pray that the result changes to a Credit at the very least because I do not want to retake the subject again. And I sold off my text book as well anyway to another disenchanted student off to "enjoy" the world of marketing. I officially hate marketing now. I hated it before but now it's official. I think I should make a certificate for myself to officiate that.


That's done. Right. Going to watch Episode 3 tomorrow. Finally. And I am enjoying this semester's lectures a lot more than the previous first one. Mainly because of the lecturers' ability to keep me awake during lessons. They're not as boring as the previous ones and they definitely try to get right to the point during classes as well and not drag it along for some joyride. I think that's all really.

This whole entry was to basically release some anger at a more conducive outlet rather than bash someone's head or take a pill or have a smoke or anything of that sort. Excuse me now while I go pound on my pillows and scream myself hoarse.
Jill |

Anonymous Lane had this to say at 02 June, 2005 00:48
Oh ack.. honestly I am surprised too. It's true, you never fail anything! Have you talked to your lecturer yet? Maybe he/she could help.. especially since you did well in your assignments and stuff. You could find out what mistakes you made in the paper maybe.. and maybe you don't have the pay the 100 bucks and the lecturer can do something about it without going through the whole beauracratic process of letters and stuff. Anyways, good luck with that, really hope you don't have to retake it. That would suck majorly.

Also, on to um.. french... well, are you really into it? Are there any movies you wanted to see? We can go watch any one you're interested in too... but that Try To Remember thing I would quite like to watch. Haven't decided what time I want yet.. but I'm thinking the one next Sunday would be okay. You can go check out the schedules and stuff if you want. They all sound fairly interesting.

Blogger sharontai had this to say at 03 June, 2005 03:46
hey jill! gosh. definitely get the remark. somethin must have gone wrong. and u did pretty well for the other 50marks that you have already accumulated. its just not possible to faiL!! and btw, whoa you did AMAZINGLY well on ur accounts n microecons!! congrats!! my finals are next week and i am hoping to PASS econs (since both my assignments' marks were totally screwed by my strict markers). cheer up and i believe it will all turn out fine!! GO JILL!

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