Saturday, June 11, 2005 | 00:35
choir boy
I think I found myself a new toy boy to gush over. But I feel like such a paedophile for oohing and ahhing over a 15 year old. Nevertheless, when you actually see him on screen you wouldn't not think I'm crazy and deluded.

Well, I spent the entire day out today from 10 in the morning till 8 just a few hours ago. The main highlight of the day was of course the movie watching of 'Les Choristes' or 'The Choir'. Generic storyline where a teacher comes to a delinquent rundown school and with the power of music manages to tame the rowdy boys to change them into a choir of singing sensation. But I like it nonetheless. Jean-Baptiste Maunier as Pierre Morhange is a living breathing angel. Honestly, I think I could not stop staring at him throughout the movie. He's the perfect likeness of a gorgeous and beautiful Bottecelli angel with a youthful and haunting voice to match too. His most striking features have to be his almost too perfect looking sharp facial structure and deep-set eyes. His photos somehow doesn't do him justice as in the film. I have to find the DVD now. The only reason I'd see the movie again would be just to look at him. I think I'm teetering on the edge of being an obsessed temp fan. But the other kid; Perrin, Maxence as Pepinot was really cute too. And the music was good as well. What can you really expect from a choir of young boys with unbroken voices?

Am I the only person in awe with him? God, I'm weird.

I think the worst part of it all is that once Jean-Baptiste's voice breaks, he's going to be just another French teen with raging hormones and a former child star rep to go with it. I just hope he doesn't go down the same road as some other child *cough*Macaulay-Culkin*cough* star.

Yeah, this post today was basically just a platform for me to gush over the said boy. Pertaining to my real life, I've spontaneously volunteered to offer my "services" at a French Music Festival next week on June 19th, which is a Sunday, to do some so-called dubbed 'roadie' work. I have absolutely no idea what I'll exactly be doing but I hope it doesn't involve lugging around heavy sound equipments or handing out water bottles or anything of that sort. It would be nice if I could sneak into backstage and mingle with the music people. I can dream, can't I. But yes, anyone interested in a music fest, come down to Bukit Bintang, KL then. I'll be there from 12 to 6 pm.

And I have to get started on my tutorial questions and assignments too. Soon. More like tomorrow and Sunday if I want to go out the following week. Go catch a French language film by this Sunday at Mid Valley as it's the last day. More specifically, go watch 'Les Choristes' if not for the boy.
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