Thursday, July 14, 2005 | 21:57
worlds apart
Well, today was a rather fruitful day. Not very but rather. I'm feeling quite shopped out considering I got not one, not two, but three on-sale tops from MNG in less than one week. All bought on separate occasions of course. And I'm quite happy with procuring that high-tops I've been secretly desiring for some time now yesterday. It's all white with little flower and strawberry detail prints on it! I'm sounding like a total school girl now but I can't help gushing over new stuff. I'm so glad I waited for the sale or I'd be strangling myself for getting it at retail price back then instead of the discounted one now.

Visited the new GSC place at the new wing at 1Utama and it looked so cool. It was so new and spick and span and shiny. The seating was even better with more leg room, comfy cushioned seats and wider screen. I'm never going back to TGV now with GSC's presence there now.

Finally managed to watch WOW today with two college mates. One wasn't too pleased with the ending but the other one and I were quite okay with it. It's not fair too since I actually know how it's going to end but it was quite nice to watch it in that whole cinematic environment and the setting and characters being all quite different. Surprisingly, me being all "Oh, I'm not going to get scared and frightened out of my wits," actually got quite several a few shocks during the movie. It's definitely very unlike the 1950-something movie I watched a few months ago, reviewed in a previous post. This one was very different in terms of special effects, characters, mood, setting, and the aliens too. I just realised that throughout the entire movie itself, the word 'alien' never popped out once. Not once at all. There were a few scenes which I shamely admit got me gripping the edge of my seat. It wasn't all horror-type scary but more like shock-type scary.

I remembered thinking the other day too that if I hear or watch even one more interview or show or making-of of Tom Cruise, I swear I wouldn't watch it at all. Not even if it kills me. It's got to the point that I can't even bear to listen to his voice anymore. Now, when I even get any warning whatsoever of a Cruise interview or whatnot I just switch the channel to something more palatable for my stomach and me. Thankfully, he didn't ruin the show for me as much as I thought he would. Though there were two scenes which I thought was overdoing it, playing him up as some local hero of sorts. Not that he was celebrated of course but very narrowly still. I'd give the movie a 7.5 out of 10 for acting, story, and being able to actually scare me as I hate to think I scare easily.

48 hours from now, I'll be snug as a bug in my room, reading HBP vicariously and shutting myself off from civilisation until I finish it. I try not thinking about it but I can't. I'm getting giddy just thinking about the moment when the book touches my hands and breathing in that new book smell. Don't you just love the smell of new things?

Oh wow, I'm actually done. Usually I'd want to say more than what I can say but I seem quite satiated tonight. 'Lost' is on later and I've got some short stories to read and finish by Saturday afternoon. Ta for now.
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