Saturday, July 15, 2006 | 23:47
full of myself
Really couldn't be bothered to detail the past events and happenings that have been going on for the last week or so but for the sake of some readers who actually bother to visit and take a peek into my life as is, the following paragraphs are just a quick and very brief run through.

Last weekend was spent at a rented bungalow in Port Dickson where the family and relatives frolicked in the sun, sea, and sand, indulging in some isolated relaxed time, played card games and mahjong and had a barbeque on top of that. It was fun and cool. Not the most exciting thing ever but I kind of enjoyed it except for the mosquitoes biting us all in different places and lack of good television shows. That's the isolated life for you.

And just two days ago, I returned from a shopping escapade in Singapore with my mom and the cousin. Tiring but satisfying. Fullfiling yet exhaustive. Nabbed some good and delicious booty from the island down south which included a brand new pair of jeans, hand-painted shoes, three tops which I don't actually need but want coincidentally, underwear, a bright green iPod leather case, and brownies. Doesn't sound like much but it really was when you cross the coast with less than half a hand luggage bag and return home with it almost full to the brim.

So now I'm back and ready for some more expediting. Going to hit a few shopping malls that have been longing for my return, download the last bit of my new obsession called FMA, complete the resonant and complicated watching experience that is House, and begin on repacking and repackaging my life again to be flown back to the land down under this time in seven days.

The fun never stops now.
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